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Scarborough's depressed penguins 'recover from ordeal'

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Media captionTwo couples have produced eggs which are due to hatch later this year

Penguins given anti-depressants after a break-in left them stressed have gone on to make a full recovery.

A trespasser broke into their enclosure at Scarborough's Sea Life Centre and chased them in April 2011.

Staff at the centre said the birds had been left "frightened" following the incident and needed medication.

The birds have recovered and two couples have produced eggs which are due to hatch later this year, curators at the centre said.

'Good sign'

Lyndsey Crawford, displays curator, said the fact that the penguins were producing eggs was a good indication that they had fully recovered.

She said: "Penguins only lay eggs when they feel happy enough to do so. This is a really good sign particularly as this is the first time for each couple."

Ms Crawford said the chances of the eggs hatching could be low but staff remained hopeful that chicks would emerge later in the year.

Penguins are particularly vulnerable to any change of routine which was why the incident last year had proved so upsetting for them, she explained.

"We are just so pleased that our penguins have recovered from their ordeal from last year and thank everyone for their support," she said.

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