Wiltshire black ice causes 55 road accidents

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Media captionBBC reporter Scott Ellis spoke to Adrian Hampton at Wiltshire County Council about gritting provisions in the county

Wiltshire Police dealt with 55 accidents caused by black ice on the county's roads early on Monday.

Insp Paul Hawkins said none of the crashes involved serious or life-threatening injuries but he urged motorists to "take extreme care".

Many of the incidents were in villages, including Everleigh, Yatton Keynell, Chilton Foliat, Atworth and Crudwell.

Accidents also happened in Swindon, on the A3102 in Chippenham and on the A4 in Marlborough.

The incidents happened between 05:30 and 09:00 GMT.

Five of the cars hit hedges, 17 ended up off the road or in a ditch, one hit a pub and six hit trees.

'Grit washed away'

Wiltshire Police said black ice had appeared on most of the roads in the county.

Black ice is a glaze that forms on roads and pathways that is actually transparent, allowing the black road beneath to be seen through it.

It is particularly dangerous as it can be invisible to drivers.

Police are liaising with the Highways Agency and Wiltshire Council to work on the worst areas affected.

Supt Nick Ashley said: "We have had an unprecedented number of road traffic accidents this morning.

"Thankfully, although there have been some injuries, these have not been serious. But it is only a matter of time if motorists do not take care on the roads.

"After the heavy rain most of the grit that was placed on the roads during the snow has been washed away. This has then frozen and left black ice all over the roads.

"This can make roads extremely dangerous."

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