Cancer fight inspires Brighton band to release single


A Brighton-based band will release a charity single to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Absent Elk will release 'Comfort or Amuse' as a non-profit single.

The inspiration for the release came from lead vocalist, Kjetil Morland, whose mother was diagnosed with cancer.

He said: "I'm sure most people know somebody who has had, or still has cancer.

"Often it's difficult to know how to relate to a person who's become fatally ill. We're very often afraid to say something wrong.

"Some people need empathy and comfort, while others need happiness and amusement to help keep a positive spirit."

The single will be released on 16 May as a non-profit release, with all sales income and royalties generated being donated to Cancer Research.

According to Kjetil, who is Norwegian, the single was recorded in an old garage in north London.

"We took all the microphones out to this garage next to the studio, as we really liked the echo in the room," he said.

"It really added a vintage character to the recording."

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