Surrey church fundraising plea over 14th Century bells

A fundraising appeal has started at a Surrey church to repair bells dating back to the Middle Ages.

St John the Evangelist in Wotton has three bells, two from the 14th Century and one from the 17th Century.

The Reverend Pam Robson said work to restore the bells and to mend one, which is cracked, at the church near Dorking will cost £15,000.

She said the bells were of historic importance and it was crucial they were restored.

Ms Robson said two of the bells were dated 1375, and one of those was cracked, and the third was dated 1602.

She also said the bells were operated from a wooden frame with three levers inside the church, called a clavier that was installed about a hundred years ago.

"I'm not sure how they managed before that, whether they actually had ropes. But it's an interesting design," she said.

"We've been told the bells are of historic significance, so we feel it's important they are taken care of.

"We will try at some point to repair the cracked bell and to make them well again so they can ring out over these beautiful hills."

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