Queen's Baton Relay: Suffolk

Key Points

  • The Queen's Baton Relay is the main curtain raiser for the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow between 23 July and 3 August
  • The baton is the Commonwealth Games version of the Olympic torch and carries a sealed, secret message written by the Queen
  • The baton relay journeys around England for 14 days and crosses the border into Scotland on 14 June
  • In Suffolk the baton relay is visiting Claremont Pier in Lowestoft, Newmarket's Rowley Mile Racecourse, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich
  • While in Suffolk the baton will travel about 120 miles and will be seen by an estimated 10,000 people, says the county council
  • Local baton-bearers include Olympic bronze medal boxer Anthony Ogogo and Commonwealth and Paralympic power lifter Zoe Newson

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    Queen's Baton comes to Suffolk 08:00: Richard Haugh BBC News

    Good morning everyone. The sun is shining, the beach looks like it could be in Baywatch, and Olympic medal-winning boxer Anthony Ogogo is entertaining the crowds.

    We're talking Lowestoft, where the Queen's Baton Relay starts today on day 10 of its two-week tour of England.

    We'll be following its progress as it works its way around Suffolk - so stay with us, and please send us your photos, comments etc to radiosuffolk@bbc.co.uk or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcbatonrelay.

    Ogogo ready 08:10:

    Anthony Ogogo is going to be carrying the baton through his hometown of Lowestoft.

    The boxer won silver at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010 and bronze at the 2012 Olympics but has since turned professional, so will not be competing in Glasgow next month.

    Anthony Ogogo and Etholle George

    He told BBC Radio Suffolk's Etholle George that he was "honoured and excited" to be carrying the baton.

    Crowd frenzy 08:20: Ben Truslove BBC News

    The scene as the crowd awaits the arrival of the baton in Lowestoft carried by Anthony Ogogo.

    Kipper the mascot in Lowestoft

    A mascot called Kipper is working the crowd into a frenzy.

    Baton arrives 08:25: Richard Haugh BBC News

    With a big smile on his face, Anthony Ogogo carries the Queen's Baton through the streets of Lowestoft.

    Anthony Ogogo with the baton in Lowestoft

    BBC Radio Suffolk presenter Etholle George said: "I know I'm an emotional old thing but I did get a bit of a tear in my eye when I saw Anthony run in, proud as punch, carrying that baton."

    Baton fun run 08:35: Ben Truslove BBC News

    The fun run down Lowestoft beach has just been started by the mayor, not sure the runners know that though.

    Fun run on Lowestoft beach

    The baton's visit to Lowestoft marks the start of a day of sporting activity on the beach.

    Ogogo wedding 08:45: Ben Truslove BBC News

    The biggest cheer of the morning so far was probably for @AnthonyOgogo when it was revealed he has just got engaged. Congratulations.

    Baton schedule 09:00: Richard Haugh BBC News

    After the fun runs in Lowestoft, here's the schedule for the baton's time in Suffolk today:

    10:00 - 13:00 Newmarket

    A schools fun run at the Rowley Mile Racecourse and baton-bearers Ron Wallwork MBE (Commonwealth Games race walking gold medallist) and jockey Ryan Moore.

    13:30 - 15:30 Bury St Edmunds

    Super 8's athletics competition at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, involving over 400 school children.

    The baton will be carried by England under-19 cricketer Elizabeth Reynolds.

    Baton schedule 09:01: Richard Haugh BBC News

    16:00 - 18:00 Ipswich

    The baton will then arrive at Northgate Sports Centre for a QuadKids athletics competition involving 700 children.

    British handballer Louise Jukes will carry the baton, before Ken Webb will take it to Christchurch Park for a big public event with live music and a 'sports village'.

    Paralympic powerlifter Zoe Newson will welcome the baton onto the stage and start a fun run.

    'Great start' 09:05:

    Commonwealth Game Eng tweets: Great start to the day in Lowestoft today. Fun run done and now it's time for the sports park. #TeamEngland

    Team England banner
    Ogogo 'invigorated' 09:15:

    Anthony Ogogo told Etholle George on BBC Radio Suffolk he felt "really invigorated" after carrying the baton through Lowestoft.

    "It's been a lovely morning, such a wonderful turnout," he said. "I feel really happy and really proud."

    Antony Ogogo on Lowestoft beach with BBC Radio Suffolk

    He also elaborated on his proposal to his long-term girlfriend, Katie.

    "She was my childhood sweetheart," he said. "Luckily she said yes, she'll have me. We look forward to getting married in a couple of years' time."

    Farewell Lowestoft 09:25: Ben Truslove BBC News

    Thanks Lowestoft, you've been grand. To the batonmobile and on to Newmarket and a relay involving about 500 young people.

    Anthony Ogogo with the baton on Lowestoft beach
    Baton united 09:35:

    Andy Bate, Commonwealth Games England, said the baton had unified people everywhere it had been.

    "It brings a sense of excitement," he told Kate Arkell on BBC Radio Suffolk. "It's a real symbol of togetherness of the Commonwealth community.

    "It's been fantastic today, right from the off, and we've only just started."

    Beach fun runs 09:45:

    The fun runs on Lowestoft beach haven't just been for children.

    Daniel and Jackie were two of the participants in the "nice slow walk" that was an event for adults.

    Fun run on Lowestoft beach

    "We're community support officers in Beccles," Jackie told BBC Radio Suffolk. "It was a lovely event."

    Daniel added: "There are a lot of good people here today, doing good things for the community. It's been good fun."

    Baton v Stick of Rock 09:55:

    QBR Police Events tweets: A stick of rock or the #QBR at Lowestoft seafront with @AnthonyOgogo ?! @Batonrelay2014 @weRengland pic.twitter.com/ixBFIpVuzy

    Anthony Ogogo on Lowestoft beach
    Active in Suffolk 10:05:

    Speaking about the baton's arrival, Alan Murray, the county council's cabinet member for health, said: "The fact that Suffolk has been chosen to host the Queen's Baton Relay is proof positive of our ability to hold successful major events and celebrate sport.

    Anthony Ogogo runs on Lowestoft beach

    "This is a great opportunity for Suffolk to show its support for Team England.

    "I'm confident that the baton relay and our baton-bearers will inspire more people to become active and help us in our drive to become the most active county in England."

    En route to Newmarket 10:15: Richard Haugh BBC News

    After being paraded along the beach at Lowestoft in glorious sunshine, the Queen's Baton is now en route to Newmarket. It will be carried by Ron Wallwork MBE before jockey Ryan Moore will ride with it down the Rowley Mile.

    School children watch the Queen's Baton Relay in Lowestoft

    Like the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and the Queen's Baton Relay place a lot of emphasis on inspiring the next generation of athletes.

    Who knows if any school children in Lowestoft will go on to win medals after seeing the baton today, but they certainly had a fun day out.

    'Just lovely' 10:25:

    One more photo from Lowestoft and Anthony Ogogo as the celebrations move on to Newmarket.

    Anthony Ogogo with the baton in Lowestoft

    Ogogo said he loved running on his local beach alongside school children.

    "It felt different because normally I'm running along the beach by myself in the rain," he told BBC Radio Suffolk. "Today, the sun was shining, I was accompanied by hundreds of kids and it was just lovely.

    "It's nice to see everyone getting involved and embracing today."

    'Great honour' 10:35:

    David Ellesmere, the leader of Ipswich Borough Council, said it would be a "great honour" to host an event for the Queen's Baton Relay in Christchurch Park, starting at 17:00.

    "We were proud to host the Olympic torch relay here just two years ago and now we will be able to give a warm welcome to the baton runners," he said.

    Baton relay weather 10:50:

    The relay is likely to encounter a few showers as it crosses Suffolk, which could well be heavy and thundery at times today.

    Weather map

    There will be drier interludes, though, with the chance of a few spells of warm afternoon sunshine. Winds will be mainly light although conditions could temporarily become a little gusty near any of the thundery showers.

    Expect an afternoon high of around 22C. Watch the full baton relay forecast from BBC Weather.

    Suffolk hopes 11:00: Graeme Mac BBC Radio Suffolk sport

    The baton's arrival in Suffolk signals the latest stage in what's a very exciting time for the county's competitors at the Commonwealth Games.

    Hockey players George Pinner, Tim Whiteman and Harry Martin (who played for England in Delhi four years ago) are currently on World Cup duty, but their thoughts will immediately turn to Glasgow on their return from Holland next week.

    Chris Walker-Hebborn

    In the swimming pool, former Team Ipswich swimmers Chris Walker-Hebborn and Lewis Coleman will aim for more PB's and how exciting must the coming weeks be for Haverhill-based shooter Larissa Sykes. At just 18 she's one of the youngest members of the squad.

    With more Suffolk names expected to be involved once the games get underway, there's every chance of a medal or two.

    Newmarket crash 11:10:

    EastSuffolk prepared tweets: RTC outside Rowley Mile racecourse in Newmarket, but it shouldn't delay the #queensbatonrelay arrival due to swift work by @SuffolkPolice

    Baton photo bomber 11:20: Richard Haugh BBC News

    The BBC News channel is running a clip of Anthony Ogogo stopping mid-run to be interviewed in Lowestoft.

    Anthony Ogogo carrying the baton in Lowestoft

    He was carrying the baton on the seafront of his hometown. There's that Kipper fella again, trying to hog the limelight.

    It's a fact 11:30: Richard Haugh BBC News

    While we wait for the baton to arrive in Newmarket, Glasgow 2014 mascot Clyde has some facts about the relay to impress/bore your friends with:

    Commonwealth Games mascot with the baton
    • By the time the baton finishes its journey (it started at Buckingham Palace on 10 October), it will have covered 118,060 miles (190,000km), travelling through 69 countries of the Commonwealth
    • The baton has been taken diving in the Indian Ocean, paraded by elephants in Sri Lanka and sniffed by giant tortoises in the Seychelles
    • The baton has travelled on a 19th Century steam train in Sri Lanka, motorised tricycles in Australia and a canoe in Kiribati

    Test your knowledge of the baton relay with our quiz.

    MBE bullied 11:40:

    Ron Wallwork MBE, who won Commonwealth gold for race walking in 1966 and will carry the baton in Newmarket, said he hoped children will be switched on to positive power of sport.

    "Sport has changed my life," he said. "At school I was overweight, it wasn't a very happy time.

    "Thankfully, because I was a big lad, our sports teacher sent me to the shot putt circle. I've been keen on athletics ever since, because whatever your shape or size there's an event for you."

    Newmarket prepares 11:50: Via Twitter

    @weRengland tweets: #TeamEngland have arrived at Newmarket with the #BatonRelay and we've got a mass school relay coming up.

    Queen's Baton preparations at Newmarket
    Ron ready 11:55:

    Ron Wallwork MBE is ready to carry the baton in Newmarket.

    Ron Wallwork

    The 1966 race walking gold medallist told BBC Radio Suffolk's Luke Deal he was "delighted and absolutely thrilled" to be involved.

    "I didn't visualise 50 years ago, on the victory podium in the heat and humidity of Kingston Jamaica, I'd be invited half a century later to do something like this," he said.

    Newmarket welcomes Ron 12:00:

    Hundreds of cheering school children have welcomed Ron Wallwork MBE to Newmarket Racecourse.

    Ron Wallwork at Newmarket Race Course with the Queen's Relay Baton

    "The Commonwealth Games have always been known as the friendly games, and that's what they are" Wallwork told BBC Radio Suffolk's Luke Deal.

    "You meet and mix with not only different sports, but people from the Commonwealth of nations. It's a great games."

    'Fantastic support' 12:10:

    @Batonrelay2014 tweets: An unbelievable welcome @NewmarketRace for the #BatonRelay What a fantastic display of support! @weRengland

    Crowds welcoming the Queen's Baton Relay in Newmarket
    'Inspirational' appearance 12:20: Ben Truslove BBC News

    The atmosphere here in Newmarket is fantastic.

    There was a massive scream when Ron Wallwork arrived with the baton. He told the crowd it was "inspirational", and he was clearly very moved.

    School reception 12:35:

    @QBRPoliceEvents tweets: And they're off! Incredible reception from local schools for the #QBR at Newmarket! @Batonrelay2014 @weRengland

    School children at Newmarket Racecourse for the Queen's Baton Relay
    Newmarket runners 12:55: Ben Truslove BBC News

    Dozens of school children excitedly, but patiently, lined up with Ron Wallwork and then walked to the second furlong here at Newmarket.

    Relay race at Newmarket racecourse

    They held the baton aloft as they went. A series of races are now taking place.

    Horse and baton 13:05: Ben Truslove BBC News

    It wouldn't be Newmarket without a horse and jockey and here there are - Ryan Moore riding Darcy Indiana, trained by Amy Weaver.

    Ryan Moore with the Queen's Relay Baton

    There was a lot of screaming from the crowd of school children, who were watching on in delight.

    Pupils' joy 13:15: Ben Truslove BBC News

    School children from the nearby St Louis Catholic Academy ran in the relay at Newmarket Racecourse, as part of the Queen's Baton Relay celebrations.

    Emily, 10, said: "The atmosphere was very tense, it was amazing."

    Fellow pupil Blake, 11, said it was "awesome".

    Next stop Bury 13:28: Richard Haugh BBC News

    The baton is packed away and is now making its way to Bury St Edmunds, having already been at Lowestoft and Newmarket.

    It will head to Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, where about 400 local children are taking place in an athletics competition.

    The baton will be carried by England under-19 cricketer Elizabeth Reynolds.

    This event is not open to the public, however you can see the baton during a big celebration in Christchurch Park, Ipswich, from 17:00.

    Video: Beach baton boxer 13:38:

    Olympic medal-winning boxer Anthony Ogogo, from Lowestoft, was the first to carry the Queen's Baton on its journey through Suffolk as the relay arrived in the east of England.

    Anthony Ogogo runs with children on Lowestoft beach

    See how he got on with a run along the seafront.

    Riding towards Scotland 13:50:

    Baton Relay 2014 tweets: Final Furlong: The baton with Ryan Moore on Darcy Indiana @NewmarketRace#BatonRelay

    Ryan Moore on Darcy Indiana
    Meet the baton-bearers 14:00: Richard Haugh BBC News

    Six baton-bearers are carrying the baton during its time in Suffolk. We've already met boxer Anthony Ogogo and Ron Wallwork MBE, but the baton will also be carried by cricketer Lilly Reynolds and Olympic handball player Louise Jukes.

    When it arrives at Christchurch Park, Ipswich, the honour goes to Ken Webb, 80, who has been dedicated to keeping fit and active for more than 60 years and Paralympic powerlifter Zoe Newson.

    'Tremendous occasion' 14:15:

    The baton has now made its way to the Super 8 Schools Athletics in Bury St Edmunds.

    Earlier, as children ran around the racecourse at Newmarket, the mayor of the town, Rachel Hood, said: "It's a tremendous honour to have the Queen's Baton stop here in Newmarket - we're honoured and delighted.

    Baton-bearers in Newmarket

    "It's wonderful to see so many children from Newmarket and the surrounds taking part in this tremendous occasion."

    'Behind you' 14:29: Ben Truslove BBC News

    This trio of sports stars at the Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre are about to be interviewed by BBC TV - I don't think they've noticed the race behind them.

    Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre

    Hundreds of schools children are now enjoying all manner of athletics after waving in the baton.

    Batter with the baton 14:39:

    England under-19s cricketer Lily Reynolds carried the baton in Bury St Edmunds.

    Lily Reynolds in Bury St Edmunds

    "It was an absolutely surreal experience," she said. "To walk through the gate with all these children screaming my name was an honour.

    "I'm so privileged to have had the opportunity."

    Inspiration hopes 14:50: Ben Truslove BBC News

    Shot putter Sophie McKinna, who trains here at West Suffolk Athletics Arena, said the atmosphere when she entered the stadium was incredible.

    Sophie McKinna

    "To see so many kids and everyone taking part and being inspired is amazing," she said.

    "I really hope children who see this baton are inspired to take up a sport."

    Christchurch Park event 15:01:

    Andy Bate, Commonwealth Games England, said he hoped for a big turnout at the public event in Christchurch Park, in Ipswich, from 17:00.

    "Beth Tweddle will be there to get everyone excited, showing the baton and hoping that everyone will participate in sport," he said.

    "It's a vibrant day, a celebratory day. We can see that the whole county has engaged with this and it's fantastic."

    Athletes united 15:10:

    Batonrelay2014 tweets: Our batonbearer is joined by 200m record holder @rachlatham & Commonwealth & Olympic medalist @bethtweddlenews

    Rachael Latham, Lily Reynolds and Beth Tweddle
    Symbolic baton 15:19:

    @weRengland tweeted a photo of the baton which was used in the children's relay at Newmarket.

    Children's relay baton

    It said the baton had a message inside about what the Queen's Baton Relay meant to them,

    Tweddle support 15:31:

    Gymnast Beth Tweddle won a gold medal at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002 and is now an ambassador for the England team.

    Luke Deal and Beth Tweddle

    She was in Bury St Edmunds and was impressed by the crowd's support for baton-carrier Lily Reynolds.

    "You never get used to it," she said. "There were so many kids screaming and cheering - it's great they've got that enthusiasm."

    Ipswich entertainment 15:42:

    Ipswich Borough Council tweets: The @batonrelay2014 arrives in #ChristchurchPark at 6.15pm, live entertainment from 5pm

    Flag at Christchurch Park
    Video: Baton in Newmarket 15:53:

    The Queen's Baton Relay was greeted by hundreds of spectators when it was carried by jockey Ryan Moore on horse Darcy Indiana at Newmarket Racecourse.

    Ryan Moore on Darcy Indiana at Newmarket

    The baton, which contains a secret, sealed message from the Queen, stopped at the racecourse as one of four venues in Suffolk to host the relay on its 10th day in England.

    Jonathan Park was in Newmarket.

    Baking hot Ipswich 16:05: Ben Truslove BBC News

    It's hotter than hot in Ipswich but there are still plenty of children running, jumping and playing sports.

    Athletics at Northgate Sports Centre

    There's an expectant but slightly sun-baked atmosphere here at Northgate Sports Centre.

    A guard of honour, made up of athletes from the Ipswich Jaffa running club, will welcome the baton into the athletics arena.

    Live on air 16:15: Richard Haugh BBC News

    As the baton enters Ipswich, tune into BBC Radio Suffolk for live coverage from Christchurch Park.

    Stephen Foster is on air now, chatting to people ahead of the arrival of the Queen's Baton Relay.

    If you're heading to the park, entertainment starts at 17:00 and the baton is due at 18:15.

    Ken Webb, an 80-year-old keep fit enthusiast will run the baton into the park, flanked by a group of local school children.

    British Paralympic bronze medal powerlifter Zoe Newson will then welcome the baton onto a stage.

    Keeping fit 16:30:

    Ken Webb (centre), who will carry the baton into Christchurch Park in Ipswich later, says he goes to the town's Crown Pools swimming pool two to four times a week to keep fit.

    Ken Webb (centre)

    "It's part of my life now," the 80-year-old said. "I could lie in bed, but it started haunting me - I'm wasting time now, man. I've got to do something, so I get my kit on and go to the pool."

    May the Foz be with you 16:40: Richard Haugh BBC News

    BBC Radio Suffolk's Stephen Foster is live on air from Christchurch Park, where the baton is due to arrive at 18:15.

    Stephen Foster at Christchurch Park

    He'll be speaking with the director of a colour run which is taking place at the public event tonight, and involves paint being thrown at participants.

    The Fozmeister will also chat with Adam Baker, who was heavily involved with London 2012 and is now Queen's Baton Relay programme manager.

    Tune in now - it really would be rude not to.

    Clyde remembers London 16:50:

    Clyde, the Glasgow 2014 mascot, tweets: I had a great time in London at the weekend with the @Batonrelay2014 (and some famous faces!) Watch now: g2014.is/1uKJl1Y #BatonRelay

    Drop fears 17:00:

    Louise Jukes says she is "excited" but "a bit nervous" to be taking the baton around Northgate Sports Centre.

    Louise Jukes

    "I hope I don't drop it," she said.

    The handball player, who represented Team GB at London 2012, said she has been working with school pupils since the Olympics.

    'Good feeling' 17:02:

    Louise added: "I go in and deliver handball sessions and try and make it as fun as possible.

    "It's a really good feeling when afterwards their parents tell me it's the highlight of their week and they can't wait to come back."

    Baton at Northgate 17:06: Ben Truslove BBC News

    It's here! Cheers and much waving of flags for the baton at Northgate Sports Centre in Ipswich.

    The Queen's Relay Baton at Northgate Sports Centre in Ipswich
    Mixed emotions 17:16: Ben Truslove BBC News

    The look on the children's faces as they got a chance to hold the baton at Northgate Sports Centre was a mixture of disbelief, mild panic and sheer delight.

    Children at Northgate Sports Centre
    Suffolk's baton highlights 17:25:

    It's been a busy day for the baton relay in Suffolk, the most easterly stop during its 14-day tour of England on the way to Scotland at the weekend.

    Baton run on Lowestoft seafront

    Some of the highlights from today include:

    • A free community and school run along Lowestoft seafront, led by Olympic bronze medal boxer Anthony Ogogo

    • 500 school pupils taking part in a mass relay on Newmarket's racecourse

    • Up to 400 disabled and non-disabled children taking part in an athletics competition in Bury St Edmunds

    Baton-bearer's keep fit guide 17:40:

    Ken Webb, the 80-year-old who will be carrying the baton into Christchurch Park, says he is dedicated to keeping fit.

    "I couldn't stay at home and watch daytime television," he told BBC Radio Suffolk's Stephen Foster.

    "When I was coming up to retirement, I had an example of people who would leave and get in an overweight state - I said no way am I going to be like that.

    "I should imagine I would inspire people to take up some sort of exercise."

    Olympic comparison 17:48:

    Zoe Newson, who won a powerlifting bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics in London, will carry the baton in Christchurch Park later.

    Zoe Newson

    "It's going to be amazing - equal I reckon to when I won the bronze at the Olympics," she said.

    "I'm a bit nervous about dropping the baton though."

    Party in the park 17:56:

    BBC News Online's Mark Bulstrode says the crowds are growing in Christchurch Park with just half-an-hour to go until the baton arrives.

    Christchurch Park

    There's a great atmosphere with people enjoying the music from a Caribbean steel band.

    'Split' timing 18:07:

    QBR Police Events tweets: Only a "split" second between #QBR handovers at Ipswich Athletics Stadium! @Batonrelay2014 @weRengland pic.twitter.com/mz8HnEGtgT

    Baton holder does the splits
    Baton moves to Leicester 18:19:

    Just while we wait for the baton to arrive in Ipswich's Christchurch Park - time for a quick look ahead to tomorrow when the relay moves to Leicester for day 11 of its tour across England.

    More than 100 schoolchildren with be gathering at the city's Clock Tower to welcome the baton to Leicester with a programme of music, dance and poetry at 11:00.

    'Encouraging and inspiring' 18:27:

    Ken Webb, 80, will carry the Queen's Baton through a "sea of pyrotechnics" accompanied by a group of 12 children to take the baton to the main park stage where it will be welcomed by the Mayor of Ipswich.

    Ken Webb

    Adam Baker, Queen's Baton Relay programme manager said: "Its a great atmosphere and this is a great finale and fitting end to the day that in many way has recaptured some of the magic of the Olympic Torch Relay.

    "The baton is about showing our support for Team England and encouraging and inspiring people to become more active."

    Baton arrives 18:29:

    The baton has arrived in Christchurch Park carried by Ken Webb and is making its way to the stage.

    Ken Webb

    Crowds have lined the route through the park where a "colour run" will take place later.

    18:36: Ben Truslove BBC News

    The sun starting shining and Ken arrived to fireworks as Christchurch Park welcome the Queen's Baton at the end of its tour of Suffolk.

    Ken Webb with Mark Murphy from BBC Radio Suffolk

    I have to say, the people of Ipswich are very polite in their applause.

    DIY baton praise 18:42:

    A baton created for a children's relay in Newmarket earlier has been praised by the company which made the original for the Commonwealth Games.

    Baton used in schools' relay in Newmarket

    4c Design tweeted: Great job by the children... lovely to see our design replicated so lovingly.

    'Loving' it 18:45:

    Baton Relay 2014 tweets: 80 years old & dancing to 'Happy' by @Pharrell! Our batonbearer is clealy loving the #BatonRelay at Christchurch Park

    Ken Webb

    Ken said his top tip was to "get out and do some exercise".

    'Splash of colour' 18:50:

    There's a bright and cheerful end planned for the baton's adventures through Suffolk with a colourful fun run through the park due to start any moment now.

    Coloured powder

    The "mass park run" will create "a splash of colour using coloured powder to create a stunning multi-coloured effect among participants," say the organisers.

    A 'beautiful day' 19:00:

    Standing in Christchurch Park on a sun-kissed evening British Paralympic bronze medal powerlifter Zoe Newson said holding the baton in her home town was as exciting as winning her medal.

    Zoe Newson

    Zoe brought Suffolk's celebrations of the Commonwealth Games to a close by launching the "splash of colour" fun run to conclude a "beautiful day".

    Goodnight 19:15:

    And there we have it for today's Queen's Baton Relay Live - lots of miles covered in Suffolk and thousands of people having enjoyed the buzz of Glasgow 2014 - concluding with a splash of colour.

    Colour run

    Thanks for all your tweets today flagged with the hashtag #bbcbatonrelay. We'll be back tomorrow morning from 10:00 as Leicester gets ready for its first baton event of the day at 11:00.

    For the latest on the baton relay visit our special pages within the BBC News website.


Queen's Baton Relay

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