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Superfast broadband for 97% of Staffordshire homes

Up to 97 per cent of Staffordshire homes will have superfast broadband by 2015, the county council said.

The local authority is investing nearly £7.5m, an amount matched by government funds, in the project.

The deal with BT means more than 472,000 premises across the county will have access to broadband speeds of 24 Mbps within two and a half years.

Mark Winnington, cabinet member for economy and infrastructure, said: "It is achievable and will happen".

Mr Winnington, a Conservative councillor, said that the service could be about 50 times quicker than at present.

'Compete globally'

Mr Winnington said: "People in the more remote areas or even on the edges of conurbations are getting half a megabyte or less than that.

"The modern age we live in with the internet, social media sites and businesses you've got to have broadband.

"If Staffordshire is going to compete globally we've got to have access to superfast broadband."

He said that it was expected that the speed would increase further over time.

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