Bath ice cream maker told to rebrand product as gelato

The Real Italian Ice Cream Company
Image caption The law says Mr Coffey's frozen treat should be branded as gelato

A self-styled ice cream maker in Bath has been told to rename his frozen treat because it is not fatty enough.

Council inspectors have said The Real Italian Ice Cream Company's product was actually gelato, which can contain less fat than ice cream.

Bath and North East Somerset Council said its product does not meet the required 5% fat content to be labelled as ice cream, and should be rebranded.

Owner Tim Coffey said his ice cream had always contained 4.8% fat.

"I've been told that if any of my staff ever refer to the product as ice cream, they risk the long arm of the law," he said.

"I can't guarantee that over the whole year not once will any member of staff refer to our ice cream as 'ice cream'."

Fat standards

Mr Coffey, who said his ice cream was made on site using locally-sourced milk and cream, said Trading Standard's inspectors had picked up on the fat content issue during a recent inspection.

He said his ice cream had been 4.8% for eight years and was advertised as such in the cafe window.

A statement from Bath and North East Somerset Council said: "Mr Coffey was advised that gelato made in the traditional manner does not have the required fat content (5%) to meet the compositional standard for ice cream under the Government's UK Food Labelling Regulations 1996.

"The Council, in its drive to promote healthier lifestyles, is supportive of local businesses such as the Real Italian Ice Cream Company, offering Italian-style gelatos which contain less fat than traditional ice cream.

"Mr Coffey was advised that he would not need to change the name of his shop or company, nor would he need to change his recipe.

"Instead he simply needed to describe the product on his price boards as 'gelato'."

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