Wendlebury stables safety fear over Bicester rail noise

Wendlebury Gate Stables The Bicester to Oxford line runs alongside Wendlebury Gate Stables

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An Oxfordshire riding stables claims it will be forced to close when a high-speed rail link opens next year because the noise will make lessons unsafe.

Wendlebury Gate Stables, near Bicester, is next to the line where the new Chiltern Railways Marylebone to Oxford service will run from August 2015.

An independent report found the noise would drown out instructors' voices.

Network Rail said any noise barrier would not guarantee instructors' voices could be heard at all times.

Stables co-owner John Offard said: "In their planning application they [Network Rail] say it's not possible to build an effective wall but we have given them names of people who can build an effective wall, but I guess it's cheaper to build one that doesn't work.

"If it goes ahead without an effective wall we would have to close because it would not be safe."

'Site restrictions'

A Network Rail spokesman said: "We have investigated all the options available to us for installing sound barriers near to Wendlebury Gate Stables.

"Unfortunately, due to site restrictions, including the existing railway, bridges and watercourses, and due to the height and length of the barriers that are practical to install and maintain, there will be some areas of the fields that do not achieve a 'fair' rating for voice intelligibility at all times.

"This noise model has been developed using conservative data and so any increase in noise levels may not reach the level that we have catered for in our assessments.

"We are continuing to progress our plans to install sound barriers near to the stables and work with the owners to mitigate any increase in noise levels. We are confident that this can be achieved and that the business can continue to operate safely."

The stables employs 15 people and provides about 4,000 lessons a year.

Bicester level crossing Upgrade work is under way to create a high-speed London to Oxford service

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    10:00: News on the hour Sue Kinnear Newsreader, BBC Radio Oxford

    Coming up on the BBC Radio Oxford news at 10:00: It's been estimated there's been a rise of nearly 7,000 migrants settling in Oxfordshire in the past three years.

    Researchers at Oxford University say they carried out the analysis to help the debate before the general election - in England as a whole they found immigration has pushed up the population by more than half a million.

    09:59: Debate ends Roz Tappenden BBC South

    That's all folks. The debate at Castle Quay in Banbury has now finished.

    09:57: NHS: 'Privatisation by stealth' BBC Radio Oxford

    Ian Middleton, of the Greens, says: "The Horton is a gem of a hospital and all of the principal services should be maintained there.

    "It's the thin end of the wedge and its very similar to the way the NHS is being dealt with in general. There's an obvious plan to privatise the NHS by stealth and if we don't fight to keep the services we are going to lose them."

    09:56: Changes in Banbury Roz Tappenden BBC South

    Victoria Prentis is challenged by other candidates about whether the Horton can cope with changes that are happening in Banbury.

    09:53: Who will look after the Horton Hospital? Howard Bentham Presenter, BBC Radio Oxford

    Rosanne Edwards, from the National Health Action Party, says: "There is no reason whatsoever why Banbury cannot maintain its acute services.

    "It's a vaguely political hospital decision that acute services should go down to Oxford. The removal of emergency general surgery should not have happened."

    Banbury hustings

    Labour's Sean Woodcock says: "I'm passionate about defending the Horton, I was born there.

    "It's about making sure there's money in the NHS in order that people can be treated properly."

    09:52: NHS: What future for the Horton Hospital? BBC Radio Oxford

    Howard reminds the panel that emergency abdominal surgery was suspended at the Horton Hospital in 2013 because there were not enough surgeons. A year later it was confirmed it would not be reinstated.

    Joan from Banbury wants to know: "What are you going to do about making sure we keep the Horton more of a first-class hospital instead of a first-aid station so everybody doesn't have to go all the way to Oxford?"

    09:49: 'I'll vote against Tory leadership'

    Victoria Prentis disagrees with the Conservative leadership on HS2 and says she would vote against her own party as she is against the line.

    Sean Woodcock says the rail project is highly flawed, as it does not go to Heathrow. He is not convinced by HS2.

    09:47: 'More people flying without HS2'

    John Howson says the Liberal Democrats are in favour of large infrastructure projects and he is in favour f HS2. He says without HS2, people will be flying more.

    Ian Middleton tells the hustings the Green Party are against HS2 and it will do untold damage to people's homes.

    People work from home, they can use the internet. The money would be much better spent on the rails we've got at the moment, he adds.

    09:44: HS2: Keep it or scrap it? BBC Radio Oxford

    Dickie Bird says: "Scrap it. Absolute white elephant. Let's push this money into the current rail system that we have."

    Banbury hustings

    Rosanne Edwards says:" We are completely against it. The cost is absolutely soaring and if you are going to inflict austerity on the taxpayers who are expected to fund this, why should they have to fork out what is now approaching what is approaching £100bn?"

    09:43: 'Only job' Roz Tappenden BBC South

    Victoria Prentis says she would be a one-job woman.

    Sean Woodcock also says it would be his only job.

    09:41: Candidates' views on second jobs

    Rosanne Edwards says: "It's a no, except for those who have to keep up their professional education."

    John Howson says: "No second job but we do have a real problem because what do you do about members of the government because under our parliamentary system, everybody is a constituency MP but 130 people are ministers doing a second job in Westminster."

    It's a full-time job, that's it, says the Greens' Ian Middleton.

    09:40: Should MPs be allowed second jobs? Howard Bentham Presenter, BBC Radio Oxford

    North Oxfordshire Conservative MP Sir Tony Baldry, who is stepping down, is the ninth highest earning person in Parliament and it's a topic that concerns people. Should MPs be allowed to have second jobs?

    Banbury hustings
    09:36: 'Net contribution to economy'

    Roseanne Edwards says European migrants make a net contribution to the country. She says the UK needs to be able to have special measures, but it does not want to come out of Europe.

    Sean Woodcock also argues the majority of people who come over here and work are contributing to our economy.

    09:32: Stricter controls on immigration? BBC Radio Oxford

    Dickie Bird: "We want to stop the open borders and control immigration and have it on a points-based system as they do in Australia."

    Banbury hustings

    John Howson: "In almost every other country there are immigration points both on the way into the country and on the way out.

    "Labour failed to control illegal immigration, visa over-stoppers because they didn't put that simple thing back in our ports and airports so we knew who was leaving the country."

    09:31: 'Stop illegal immigration'

    Dickie Bird says controlled immigration would "bring in people from overseas that we actually require in this country... uncontrolled labour has to stop".

    The Lib Dems want to stop uncontrolled, illegal immigration, says John Howson.

    09:28: Points-based system? Roz Tappenden BBC South

    Dickie Bird, UKIP, argues for a points-based immigration system, while Lib Dem John Howson criticises Labour's record on the issue.

    Ian Middleton says the issue is being looked at in the wrong way, while Roseanne Edwards says many problems in society are to do with austerity, not immigration.

    09:26: Immigration debate Roz Tappenden BBC South

    Victoria Prentis says: "I think it is important that we have strong border controls and that we cut away any abuse of our welfare system."

    Sean Woodcock says: "Immigrants are being exploited and we are going to make sure there is going to be tougher enforcement of minimum wage laws."

    09:23: What's your stance on immigration? Howard Bentham Presenter, BBC Radio Oxford

    Ted Sutton says he wants to know the candidates' views on immigration, adding he believes numbers should be "cut to the bone".

    And Peter, who is born and bred in Banbury, is concerned about the levels of immigration saying: "I've got two grandsons - one 20, struggling to find work, the other grandson, he's 17, he's struggling to find an apprenticeship or a full-time job."

    Banbury hustings
    09:17: Future of pensions

    Conservative Victoria Prentis defends the government's record on pensions, pointing to the rise in the basic state pension that has been introduced.

    Labour's Sean Woodcock says people are having to sell their homes because of failures in the social care system and people are worse off now than they were at the start of this government.

    Ian Middleton, for the Greens, says it's an issue of fairness.

    09:13: Should pensioners have to sell up? BBC Radio Oxford

    Howard tells the panel about pensioners Linda and Roger Needle who live in Steeple Aston. They say they barely have enough to live on and are considering moving away from their friends and family to a cheaper area. Is it right to have to sell up to fund your retirement?

    Dickie Bird says: "No it's not, especially if you've lived in the area for so long... The state pension is not enough. It's a cross-party issue, not a single party issue."

    Rosanne Edwards says: "Of course they shouldn't have to do that... There's an awful lot that needs reform in terms of tax relief on pensions."

    09:09: Duet with Andy Williams Roz Tappenden BBC South

    Howard Bentham begins by asking each candidate to tell us something we don't already know about them.

    Rosanne Edwards reveals she's recorded a duet with Andy Williams, while Ian Middleton says he was an extra in a number of 1980s music videos.

    Tune in.

    09:05: Listen: Banbury hustings Howard Bentham Presenter, BBC Radio Oxford

    The Banbury hustings debate is on air now.

    On the panel is Dickie Bird of UKIP; Roseanne Edwards of the National Health Action Party; John Howson of the Liberal Democrats; Ian Middleton of the Green party, Victoria Prentis of the Conservatives and Labour's Sean Woodcock.

    08:56: News on the hour BBC Radio Oxford

    In the 09:00 news bulletin: A sensible response to Oxford's increasing population of migrants is being called for by the county's Labour MEP.

    08:43: Oxford study: Immigration increases Dominic Casciani Home affairs correspondent

    The population of England has risen by 565,000 since 2011 because of immigration, a major analysis by the University of Oxford estimates.

    Population map

    The figures suggest the migrant population of every local authority in the country may have risen.

    08:33: Big Ballot Box tour Howard Bentham Presenter, BBC Radio Oxford

    The BBC Radio Oxford Big Ballot Box tour is on the road - visiting each of our parliamentary constituencies, bringing the candidates together and getting them to answer to you.

    Election time is one of the only times of the year you can get the candidates where you want them - and through us is how you can get them to answer your questions.

    Hustings event

    You'll hear what UKIP, the National Health Action Party, Liberal Democrat, Green, Conservative and Labour candidates for Banbury said after 09:00. Tune in.

    08:21: Dry with bright spells Holly Green BBC Weather

    It's a rather cloudy start for many, but dry with bright spells.

    Cloud is expected to decrease through the day with increasing amounts of sunshine and it will feel mild but increasingly breezy.

    Weather chart

    For a full 10-day weather forecast, visit BBC weather.

    08:05: Overturned car on the A40 Sara Dumbell Travel presenter, BBC Radio Oxford

    We've had a call to say there's an overturned car on the A40 eastbound, between the Eynsham and Wolvercote roundabouts.

    Our caller said the vehicle is in the lay-by, having apparently narrowly missed a snack van that's parked there.

    For the latest traffic and travel, tune in to BBC Radio Oxford or visit the BBC Travel page.

    08:00: Good morning Roz Tappenden BBC South

    Good morning and welcome to BBC Local Live for Oxfordshire on Friday.

    I'll be bringing you the latest news, sport, travel and weather from across the county.

    Get in touch and tell us what you're up to via email, Facebook or Twitter.



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