Apology issued over noisy Wolvercote railway works

Woolvercote rail freight work
Image caption Network Rail is building a new freight line between Oxford and Banbury

An apology has been issued after railway works as noisy as a petrol lawn mower gave residents sleepless nights.

Network Rail admits it failed to tell some households in Oxfordshire about the weekend overnight work which was recorded as loud as 90 decibels.

Work in Wolvercote to build a new freight line between Oxford and Banbury is set to continue through the summer.

Sleep-deprived resident Rob Whitty described the noise as "like an angle grinder from hell".

He said: "If you imagine that outside your window, it's a bit of a shock to the system.

"We've been used to the engineering work as it started in May and is due to continue until the middle of this year, but it's the timing that frustrates you."

'Offer apologies'

Mr Whitty said there had been work from 04:00 GMT and "then there's no work during the day."

Network Rail said the work has to take place overnight so as not to disturb rail services.

In a statement, it said: "We would like to offer apologies to anyone who was disturbed by our works.

"We always notify local residents ahead of time when works are likely to be noisy, but in this case some notifications may not have been received.

"We're attempting to determine why this happened."

The work has been delayed by recent flooding across the network.

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