Power cut off at nearly 3,000 Oxfordshire homes

Up to 3,000 homes in Oxfordshire are without electricity as bad weather affects the region.

Southern Electric engineers are working to correct faults, which occurred in Watlington at 07:00 BST and in Chipping Norton at about 08:30 BST.

"We hope to have everything restored by late afternoon," a spokesman said.

"It's too early to say, but it's almost certain that the problem is weather-related because we've had very high winds in the area."

Alwyn Seeds, a resident affected by the power loss, said he experienced "a number of power cuts each year" at his home and it was usually during bad weather.

He said: "Obviously the central heating pumps don't work because there's no electricity so there's therefore no heat or hot water or cooking - all the things that we rely on electricity for.

"And of course, if you need to work then there's no internet either because you've got no power for your internet router."

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