Rape accused policeman Trevor Gray 'broke door chain'

A detective broke a door chain to gain entry to a woman's house in Nottingham where he later raped her, a jury has heard.

Det Sgt Trevor Gray, 47, of Nottinghamshire Police, is accused of assaulting a 43-year-old woman on 24 July 2011 while off duty.

At Derby Crown Court, he is charged with one count of rape, one attempted rape and a count of sexual assault.

The officer, of Stannier Way, Watnall, near Nottingham, denies the charges.

Mr Gray has been suspended from his position with Nottinghamshire Police pending the outcome of the trial.

'Broke in'

The court heard from the alleged victim that Mr Gray broke the chain on the door of her house and raped her after a night out.

The woman said they had met twice socially while Mr Gray was off duty and on the second occasion he had sexually assaulted her.

Prosecutor Steven Coupland told the court the woman, a mother, did not think she had had enough to make her drunk that night.

But giving evidence, the woman said she could not remember leaving the bar or getting into the taxi after three white wine and lemonades and a "strong" vodka and coke bought for her by Mr Gray.

She said the next thing she remembered from the night was getting out of a taxi outside her house in Nottingham and being shocked to see Mr Gray get out of it too.

"I never invite people back to my house even if I have known them for longer," she told the court.

"That's just not something I would do."

She said she invited Mr Gray inside "through courtesy" before asking him to leave after 15 minutes because she was going to go to bed.

The woman sobbed as she told the court her next recollection was of him being naked in her bed on top of her and raping her.

She said she was woken up the morning by her child shouting for her and was "horrified" to find Mr Gray still in bed next to her.

When she went to let him out she noticed the security chain on the door was broken.

The trial continues.

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