Escaped bull breaks into Norfolk house

A bull broke through some glass patio doors and ended up in a living room after escaping from a farm in Norfolk.

People living in Heacham were shocked to see a herd of steers - castrated males - wandering the streets.

Police and the farmer managed to remove the animal from the unoccupied house safely, however they have warned that four steers are still on the loose.

Neighbour Ron Clarke, who witnessed the bull's house break-in, said the animal "just went mad".

Mr Clarke, said: "I was just getting some breakfast when I saw this cow walk up outside my window.

'A bit stampedy'

"It went over to the house behind me, stood there for a while, then it just went mad.

"It went at about 100mph, straight through the porch and into their lounge, demolishing the glass and everything - wallop."

He added: "When I first saw it I thought I might have taken the wrong pills or something.

"It got a bit stampedy, but when it calmed down the farmer managed to back it into a trailer."

Farmer Terry Sanderson, from South Beach, has apologised and said he would sort out repairing the damage with his insurance company.

"You don't want this to happen, but we're in the country and sometimes these things do," he said.

"It's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, but the missing ones will turn up."

Police confirmed four of the escaped steers were still unaccounted for and advised people not to approach them.

"Anyone seeing a stray bull should call police on 101," a spokesman said.

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