Liverpool Giants: Marionettes on the city's streets

A marionette show to commemorate the outbreak of World War One has seen an estimated 100,000 people watch three giant figures being paraded through the streets of Liverpool.

The show by French theatre company Royal de Luxe began with the giants sleeping - the grandmother giant slumbered outside St George's Hall
Across the city at the Queensway Tunnel, the little girl giant and her dog Xolo slept
Once awaked, the three figures made their way around the city centre on two separate routes
Xolo the dog was a big hit with the crowds, with some even being lucky enough to pat it
The figures are driven by teams of puppeteers called "Lilliputians"
Despite the heat of the day, thousands lined the routes to cheer their support
Along the way, people clamoured to take photographs of the giants
The giants passed many of the city's major landmarks, including the Three Graces
The girl and her dog Xolo featured in 2012's Sea Odyseey show in the city
The Memories of August 1914 runs until Sunday, when the giants will sail away down the Mersey

BBC News Online will be following the giants through Liverpool with live text coverage, pictures and video of events. For more details, visit the BBC's dedicated Liverpool Giants page.

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