Hillsborough inquests: Safety certificate 'out of date'

The Hillsborough disaster Ninety-six fans died as a result of the crush at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final

Hillsborough's safety certificate was "out of date" at the time of the stadium disaster, a jury has heard.

Inquests are being held into the deaths of 96 fans who died as result of a crush at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final.

Retired senior fire officer Ronald Grimshaw was on a committee monitoring the ground's safety certificate.

He told the jury it was still valid in 1989, but "everybody in the working party was concerned that the safety certificate was so far out of date".

'Gone awry'

Mr Grimshaw was on the working party committee that oversaw the safety certificate of Sheffield Wednesday's ground between 1984 and 1988 when the layout of the Leppings Lane terraces changed.

This included the installation of radial fences that divided the standing terraces into pens.

Who were the 96 victims?

Eight of the Hillsborough victims, CW from top left: Paul Clark, Stephen Copoc, Tracey Cox, Jon-Paul Gilhooley, Steven Fox, Vincent Fitzsimmons, Christopher Edwards

He said: "It was just the planning side of it had gone awry because there were so many alterations being proposed, to be updated.

"It was always promised that it would be, it was just... every time I think they looked at it something else happened."

When asked by Philip Kolvin QC, representing Sheffield City Council, if he thought the stadium was capable of being operated safely, assuming everybody did their job correctly, Mr Grimshaw replied: "Yes."

Asked about the introduction of the radial fences, Mr Grimshaw told the jury it was a workable idea on the condition police officers were deployed to count the number of fans coming in and out and police were able to open and close gates if necessary.

Mr Grimshaw told the hearing the police "were experienced in doing it and as soon as they realised that they got the capacity, then they would close the gates and divide spectators around the sides to the wings".

He told the court he would not have approved the plans had he not received assurances police would be in control of the terrace.

'No defects'

On Thursday, the inquests in Warrington heard 38 fans were reportedly injured in a "crushing incident" at Hillsborough eight years before the 1989 disaster.

It happened during the 1981 FA Cup semi-final between Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Questioned about the "crushing" Mr Grimshaw said the working party was told about an incident but was given no other details or that it involved crushing.

Heather Williams QC, who represents one of the Hillsborough families, asked: "Were you told that it involved crushing?"

"No, we were just told it was an incident," Mr Grimshaw replied.

The inquests heard the Hillsborough stadium had "no significant defects" when it was last inspected 11 months before the disaster.

The inquests continue.

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BBC Local Live

    Grandma stopping again 18:19: Claire Minter BBC Radio Merseyside

    The Grandma is stopping to relieve herself in the middle of the street again!

    Her walking stick has been taken away and she is hitching up her skirt. People are looking either disgusted or amused, I'm not sure which.

    PEOPLE JAM 18:18: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    tweets: "Hearing ppl congestion delaying #giants"

    Xolo has a rummage 18:16:

    Author Margaret Murphy sends this picture of Xolo having a rummage in a bin.

    Xolo has a rummage
    Jammed with people 18:14: BBC Radio Merseyside

    Pier Head and Clarence Dock are already crammed with people ahead of the Giants' arrival. #giants #dontgetsquished

    Crowd at Pier Head
    CAKE STOP 18:12:

    Giant Spectacular tweets "Quick cake stop #followthegiants"

    Cake stop for Xolo
    Photo blog 18:10: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    We've been enjoying looking at photographer Jono Symonds blog of the Giants' visit to Liverpool.

    Little Girl Giant from above

    This photo of the Little Girl is easily my favourite.

    Busy stations 18:00:

    Merseyrail tweets: No delays at present, stations are getting busy but it's a good train service.

    BATH TIME 17:53: Alex Dibble BBC Radio Merseyside

    I can't believe I was drenched in water live on air as Xolo got a wash!

    Xolo having a bath

    Robert Clive sent this fantastic picture.

    Keep sending us your photos or comments on email, Facebook or Twitter

    Grandmother and her creator 17:36: via Facebook

    Robert Clive sent us this evocative image of Jean-Luc Courcoult with his creation, Grandmother Giant.

    Jean Luc Courcoult and Grandmother
    Majestic elegance 17:33:

    Photographer Jono Symonds has a blog containing Giants images. He said: "Watching them roam the streets in an amazing piece of commemorative street of art really is an amazing experience.

    Crowds in Liverpool to see Grandma Giant

    He adds he's in awe of their "majestic elegance."

    Naughty Xolo 17:30: BBC Radio Merseyside

    On the road again - and naughty Xolo's stolen a biker's helmet! #dogtrainerneeded

    Xolo steals bikers helmet
    Off again! 17:27:

    Liverpool Council tweets: And we're off again! @GiantSpectacle #giants

    Girl Giant
    Best bits of Day two 17:17: Steve Coleman BBC Radio Merseyside

    I've been putting together a gallery of photographs from the Giants' second spectacular day in Liverpool.

    Facebook Gallery pictures

    Check it out on BBC Radio Merseyside's Facebook page.

    Delays on the trains 17:16:

    Merseyrail have emailed to let us know that the Southport line is disrupted, due to increased passenger numbers travelling home from the Giants Spectacular.

    Train services between Hunts Cross and Southport may be delayed. Disruption is expected until 19:00.

    For more info visit the Merseyrail website.

    Dashing down Dale Street 17:13: Alex Dibble BBC Radio Merseyside

    Xolo isn't hanging around today. He's dashing down Dale Street and making the Royal de Luxe volunteers hurry up!

    Girl Giant

    The Little Girl is following at a more sedate pace and the crowds are really excited, trying to catch a glimpse of both of them as they go by.

    More whisky for Grandmother 17:10: Tom Airey BBC News

    Grandmother's on the whisky again, this time at the slightly more respectable time of just after 17:00.

    Grandma on the whiskey (again)

    The PA is playing a lively jig, it could well be Irish.

    GIANT BANG 17:09: Tom Airey BBC News

    Grandmother has woken up and has put her reading glasses on.

    Grandma Giant

    The safe of memories opens with a bang and she reads another letter.

    Amazing crowds 17:05:

    Merseyside Police tweets: Amazing crowds for @GiantSpectacle. Remember to look after your phones, purses and wallets and enjoy the evening! #keepcrimelow #giants

    LITTLE GIRL AND XOLO AWAKE 17:04: Jimmy McCracken BBC Radio Merseyside

    The Little Girl Giant has reluctantly woke from her siesta at Queensway Tunnel but Xolo is heading straight for the crowd for some tender loving care.

    Little Girl Giant

    All along Victoria Street, Dale Street and Whitechapel there are huge crowds.

    Giant helper's big feet 17:02: Sue Owen, editor BBC Radio Merseyside

    Is it just me or has this Lilliputian got really big feet?

    Big footed Lilliputian
    Grandmother's story 17:00:

    Author Margaret Murphy sent this picture of Grandmother Giant reading her story.

    Grandmother Giant
    Crowds watching Grandma 16:55: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    There are thousands of people in front of St George's Hall in the centre of Liverpool.

    Thousands in front of St Georges Hall

    They've come to see Grandmother Giant who's just come round from her siesta and has begun to tell the crowd another story.

    Having a snooze 16:52: Alex Dibble BBC Radio Merseyside

    My colleague Andrea Day decided to grab a couple of minutes shut eye while Little Girl Giant wakes up.

    Alex sleeping on the job
    Giants' stories 16:50:

    The Giants have been telling the story of the Liverpool Pals at the beginning of World War One.

    One story of a boy who lied about his age in order to join up. We've learnt about training camps being held in factories and how "workers and bosses marched side-by-side."

    For the full story go to Giant Spectacular's twitter page.

    Your thoughts 16:43: via Facebook

    Lots of you have been getting in touch to let us know what you think about the Giants.

    Karen Fielding says: You are very lucky being able to witness all this up in Liverpool..........Please come to Gloucestershire.....PLEASE PLEASE.

    Sylvia Kearns loved the video of two children being given a ride on the Little Girl's arms. She says: Superb! That little boy and girl will remember this the rest of their lives! What a story to tell their own children!!!

    Let us know what you think by emailing merseyside.locallive@bbc.co.uk or tweet @bbcmerseyside.

    What a day for a wedding 16:40: Helen Jones BBC Radio Merseyside

    I can see a bride posing for a photo in front of the Grandma Giant. What a day to get married!

    We're with the Giants waiting for them to wake up from their afternoon nap live on BBC Radio Merseyside.

    Station crash barriers 16:32: Paul Beesley, BBC Radio Merseyside

    Nothing like being prepared.

    crash barriers at Lime Street

    After complaints about the queues and train problems they've brought in the crash barriers today.

    James Street station closed 16:26:

    Merseyrail tweets: James Street Station is closed today between 16.00 and 20.00, please use Moorfields and Liverpool Central stations.

    Quiet expectancy 16:21: Jimmy McCracken BBC Radio Merseyside

    There's a quiet expectancy amongst the crowd as they wait for the Giants to wake from their afternoon nap.

    Everyone's really excited and people keep on coming up to me telling me what a great time they're having.

    Queues in the Sun 16:15:

    Patrice Meredith emailed to say there were "queues in the hot sun and no information" outside Liverpool Lime Street station yesterday.

    However, it was still "a great day with the Giants."

    Giant queues 16:08: Tom Airey BBC News

    I feel for the drivers picking the wrong route and meeting the Giants today.


    Here's the scene near Edge Hill. Many people left their cars to have a look at what's going on.

    Close up with the Giants 16:01: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    I got a bit close to Grandmother Giant and it was an incredibly emotional experience.

    Giants close up

    Shortly after, she suffered a problem with her head as she made her way through Liverpool.

    Queuing system 15:56:

    Merseyrail tweets: A queuing system is now in force at Lime St for services to the Wirral line, please speak to a member of staff for assistance

    Busy Lime Street 15:51: Tom Airey BBC News

    Liverpool Lime Street remains very busy, with many people watching the action outside St George's Hall from the station's steps.

    Lime St

    Grandmother Giant is due to wake up shortly, so the crowds will probably continue to grow in this area.

    Giants' fan in her 90s 15:49: Paul Beesley, BBC Radio Merseyside

    I met Ann Beesley (no relation), who is 97, as she travelled to see the Giants in Kensington.

    Ann Beesley
    Quiet and emotional 15:45: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    The atmosphere at Newsham Park was interesting because there was lots of fun but when they played the recordings of the descendants who died in the war, everything went quiet.

    Girl Giant

    One guy was getting emotional about a letter from his father - a soldier in World War One - to be delivered to his mother in the event of his death. "Oh that I could've lived to repay all you have done for me," it said.

    BBC North West Tonight is on air at 17:20.

    Gran's pipe 15:41: Tom Airey BBC News

    As well as a dram of whisky this morning, Grandmother Giant started her day with a smoke on a pipe.

    Nan and pipe

    A Lilliputian sat on her shoulder was getting a face full of smoke - passive smoking on a very large scale.

    Hitching a ride 15:35: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    Thanks to Paul Sharpe for tweeting us this picture of his twin nieces riding Xolo the dog.

    Two children riding Xolo the dog

    If you have any pictures you'd like to share with others send them in via email,Twitter or Facebook.

    Giant on a scooter 15:32: Steve Coleman BBC Radio Merseyside

    We're not surprised she's sleeping now after all that scootering around. Check out this video of Girl Giant on the move.

    Girl Giant scootering
    Gran reminds me of Audrey 15:26: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    Here's a picture I took of Grandmother Giant where you can see the detail of her face.

    Grandmother Giant

    Isn't she beautiful? Some people say she reminds them of Nelly Boswell in Bread. But, for me, she's more like Audrey Hepburn.

    Grandmother Giant in the city 15:22:

    Ellie Bridges took this picture of Grandmother Giant as she prepared for her nap.

    Girl Giant

    Do you have a picture you'd like to share? Tweet us @bbcmerseyside.

    Close up of crowds 15:19: Jessica Robbins BBC Radio Merseyside

    I'm close up with the crowds by St George's plateau waiting for Grandmother Giant.

    Life of a lilliputian 15:14: Tom Airey BBC News

    I doubt you need to have a gym membership as a Lilliputian.


    The past two days has been a continuous cycle of pull a rope, move to the back of the queue, pull a rope again.

    The red jackets are probably not the best choice in 25C temperatures either.

    A very happy Xolo 15:07:

    Catherine Giblin tweets: @GiantSpectacle I got to stroke a very happy Xolo ☺️☺️

    Close up of Xolo the dog
    Well-deserved nap 15:00: Jessica Robbins BBC Radio Merseyside

    The Grandma is taking another well-deserved nap on St George's plateau after making her way to the city centre from Newsham Park.

    Grandma giant asleep on St George's plateau

    She looks so peaceful, doesn't she? Grandmother is due to wake up around 16:30 and head off to Clarence Dock.

    Xolo and his toys 14:55:

    Thanks to Andrea Day who took this great picture of Xolo the dog with what she described as "a fluffy caterpillar toy".

    Xolo the dog with a giant fluffy Caterpillar

    As he walked through Liverpool this morning he kept on pulling toys out of a bin and playing with them on the street. Inevitably, they were giant toys.

    Asleep with the radio on 14:52: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    I love this picture of the Little Girl Giant asleep with her radio outside the Queensway tunnel.

    Little Girl Giant asleep with her radio

    I wonder if she's listening to BBC Radio Merseyside?

    Story time 14:50: Jessica Robbins BBC Radio Merseyside

    Before drifting off to sleep the Grandma told more stories about World War One.

    Grandma telling stories on St George's plateau

    I love the elegant pair of glasses she's put on to address the crowd.

    Giants' creative genius 14:44: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    He's the man who brought the Giants to Liverpool.

    Jean-Luc Courcoult

    You've got to admire Jean-Luc Courcoult as he walks through the city in front of Grandmother Giant.

    You can find out more about his eccentric genius in my feature about his love of Liverpool.

    Giant history lesson 14:39: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    Jenni Farrell was at Newsham Park with husband Stephen and their children Luca, eight, Kian, six, and Freya, five.

    Giants people

    Mrs Farrell said: "It's a fantastic family day out. It's very interesting and the kids absolutely love it. Everybody's in a lovely mood. It's important to remember World War One."

    Snooze time 14:34:

    It's time for Girl Giant to start snoring as she has a sleep with Xolo.

    Girl Giant snooze
    Grandma's pipe 14:29: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    Grandma's having a snooze. I wonder if she'll have a puff on her pipe again when she wakes up?


    That was a real highlight of the wake-up routine in Newsham Park earlier.

    Crowds at St George's plateau 14:25: Jessica Robbins BBC Radio Merseyside

    There's a massive crowd at St George's plateau.

    Crowds at St George's Plateau
    Queues at station 14:23:

    Ellie Bridges sent us this picture of the queues at Liverpool Lime Street Station.

    Queues at Lime St

    She says the situation's worse than yesterday, when she last travelled in by train.

    Up close with Xolo 14:17:

    Marie Walker sent us this picture up close and with Xolo.

    Xolo up close
    Public transport busy 14:13:

    Merseyside Police tweets: Heading to Liverpool to see the @GiantSpectacle ?Plan your journey and leave plenty of time - public transport will be busy #giants

    Weather for Giants 14:11:

    Cloud will gradually increase this afternoon bringing a risk of showers.

    Weather graphic for 26.07.2014

    Most places will remain warm this afternoon, but feeling along the coast. Maximum temperatures 26C (79F).

    For all the latest on the weather visit the BBC website.

    Sleep Time for Grandmother 14:06:

    For Grandmother Giant, too, it's almost sleep time.

    Grandmother heads for a sleep
    Nap time 14:03:

    It's time for a nap. Lucky Girl Giant gets to rest her eyes for a couple of hours.

    Girl Giant
    They might be Giants 13:55: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    Perhaps the unsung heroes of the whole Giants spectacle are the musicians providing the round-the-clock soundtrack.


    Has anyone else been as impressed as me by this talented band? Email us and tell us what you think.

    Taking a swing on Girl Giant 13:52:

    Paul Hollinghurst took this picture of children swinging on the Little Girl Giant.

    Children hitch a ride on Girl Giant

    She doesn't seem to mind.

    Grandmother's walk 13:46:

    She sure gets around. Grandmother Giant got out of her wheelchair at the bottom of Kensington and had a walk.

    Grandmother Giant
    Packed William Brown Street 13:41: Alex Dibble BBC Radio Merseyside

    The flyover is packed and Birkenhead Tunnel completely empty. William Brown Street could not have more people on it if it possibly tried.

    Deckchair for Girl Giant

    Little Girl Giant is coming to have a nap on the chair.

    Public transport delays 13:36: Samantha Dean, BBC Radio Merseyside Travel

    There are delays of 10 minutes on trains between Hunts Cross and Southport. Generally, it's busy on the trains and buses.

    A Giant stretch 13:30: Steve Coleman BBC Radio Merseyside

    She's stretching her legs - who can blame her! You can take a look at our video on Facebook.

    Grandmother stretches legs
    Why I loved the Giants 13:26: James Mountford BBC Radio Merseyside

    It's the emotional attachment you get to the different Giants and their facial expressions when you get up close - they are life-like.

    Girl Giant

    The common factor, I think, is of everyone coming out to see the same thing.

    Busy streets 13:20: Tom Airey BBC News

    I've seen hundreds of people leaning out their windows in Kensington for a look at the Grandmother Giant at eye level.


    Some of the residents looked a bit surprised - maybe they didn't know she was visiting!

    Travel problems 13:15:

    Chris Gauton tell us about problems he experienced getting home from the Giants.

    He advises friends to "stay away" because public transport was so poorly organised.

    He says queues outside Lime Street were around four hours. Instead, he had to travel home to Warrington by bus and taxi which took two hours.

    "If we had waited in the queue at Lime Street we would have been lucky to get home from midnight," he says. "Someone at Merseytravel wants, no needs, to resign."

    Whisky in the park 13:11: Tom Airey BBC News

    My favourite photo of the day so far is Grandmother Giant having a long drink from her hipflask in Newsham Park.

    Gran taking a drink

    It looks to me that it's going down a little too easily!

    Travel alerts 13:04:

    Merseytravel tweets: For major, unplanned travel disruption during @GiantSpectacle check Travel Alerts bit.ly/MTupdates or call Traveline 0151 236 7676

    All smiles 12:59: BBC Radio Merseyside

    Look at those smiles! It's got to be one the best days ever for these Liverpool kids.

    Kids smiling
    Jean-Luc's Air Guitar 12:54:

    He may not have an actual guitar but that's not stopped Giants creator Jean-Luc Courcoult joining in with the band as they travel through Liverpool.

    Jean-Luc Courcoult doing air guitar

    Thank you to Mike Blackmon for sending the photo into us. If you have any pictures you'd like to share with us, email them to merseyside.locallive@bbc.co.uk or tweet @bbcmerseyside.

    Heavy traffic on M56 12:50:

    BBC Travel News says there's heavier than usual traffic and slow traffic on the M56 eastbound between junction 14, (Hapsford) and junction 12, (Runcorn).

    Shower time 12:46: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    One of my favourite moments following the Giants so far was when the Little Girl took a shower after waking up this morning. It was really clever.

    Train delays 12:41:

    There are delays of up to eight minutes on Merseyrail between Hunts Cross and Southport due to the large number of passengers travelling to see the Giants.

    The disruption is expected to last until 15:30.

    Wow factor 12:36:

    Paul Mullin was watching the giants wake at Newsham Park with partner Helen Toolan, and children Alexcia, six, and George, four.

    Giants people

    Paul said: "Our reaction has just been 'wow'."

    "It's been incredible. It's been a really good atmosphere and the movement of the giants has been fascinating to watch. The kids love Xolo the dog."

    Helen added: "The Little Girl having the shower was really clever and the dog running around was really realistic."

    Extra ferries 12:29:

    Merseytravel tweets: Heading to see the #Giants from the Wirral? @MerseyFerries are running extra services ow.ly/zxC7r

    Taking a ride on a Giant 12:24: Steve Coleman BBC Radio Merseyside

    Imagine getting a swing on Little Girl Giant's arm. Memories that last forever!

    Girl Giant
    Puppet tribute 12:19:

    Children from Dukes and Duchesses Nursery have made puppets in honour of the Giants Spectacular.


    Please send us your photos or comments on email, Facebook or Twitter.

    A window on the Giants 12:15: BBC Radio Merseyside

    tweets: Handy to live on the Giants' route in Kensington - you can just look out of the window! #giants #liverpool

    The Little Girl Giant
    Up to no good 12:11: James Mountford BBC Radio Merseyside

    Xolo the dog has been up to no good again.

    Xolo relieving himself

    He's been relieving himself right in the middle of the road. Clearly, he couldn't find a lamppost.

    Collecting for the Pals 12:07: Tom Airey BBC News

    I've just met Tony, Butch and Felicity, all collecting for the Liverpool Pals Memorial Fund. They're aiming to raise £100,000.

    Tony, Butch and Felicity, collecting for the Liverpool Pals Memorial Fund
    Taking it easy 12:02: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    Grandma is taking it a little easier in her chair this morning as she travels through Kensington.

    Grandma travelling through Kensington

    Yesterday, she had a few problems with her head whilst travelling up Hanover Street. Let's hope that doesn't happen again today.

    Is it a Scooter? 11:57: Tom Airey BBC News

    This contraption is being unloaded from a truck in Kensington.

    Scooter being unloaded in Kensington

    Looks like it could be a giant scooter. I wonder who is going to have a ride on that.

    Waiting for the giants 11:53: BBC Radio Merseyside

    tweets: Amber with Mum Cat from Kensington can't wait!! #giants

    Amber and Cat
    Another hot day 11:51:

    Liverpool Council tweets: It's another hot day today if you're coming to see the Giants please wear plenty of sun cream & drink lots of water, stay safe in the sun

    Great thing to be a part of 11:47: James Mountford BBC Radio Merseyside

    I have to confess, I was a bit of a cynic before all of this but now I've seen the Giants up close, it's just amazing how lifelike they are!

    Smiling crowds

    It's a great thing to be a part of and I love seeing the smiles on everybody's faces in the crowd. That's something money can't buy.

    Hot in the city 11:42: Tom Airey BBC News

    People in Kensington are lining the streets and waiting patiently for the Giants.

    Giant Refreshments sign

    It's hot already, so the "Giant Refreshments" stand is doing a good trade.

    I recommend you bring a hat and some sun cream if you're heading out to join the crowds.

    Cheeky Xolo 11:36: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    While the Little Girl was getting ready after her shower, cheeky Xolo the dog dashed in and tried to steal one of her socks.

    Xolo the dog
    Little Girl gets going 11:32: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    She's up and about after taking a shower.

    Girl Giant wakes up
    Packed streets 11:28: James Mountford BBC Radio Merseyside

    The Giants are well underway and the streets around Newsham Park are full to brim with people trying to catch a glimpse as they walk back towards the city centre.

    Busy streets
    The pull of the Giants 11:23: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    Have their footsteps been felt in London? Are the Giants on the radar in the South? Or is it an event that matters only to Liverpool?

    Xolo the giant dog

    I've taken a look at the effect of the Giants outside Liverpool and the "powerful" pull they have on tourists.

    Running around the Park 11:19: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    We've been hearing how Xolo the dog has been running around Newsham Park this morning.

    Xolo the dog at Newsham Park

    Check out this cracking video of him arriving at the park last night, much to the delight of the kids in the crowd.

    Shower time 11:15:

    It's shower time for Little Girl Giant before she walks around Liverpool. Paul Hollinghurst took this lovely picture.

    Girl Giant takes a shower

    Do you have a picture you'd like to share? Email merseyside.locallive@bbc.co.uk, tweet us or send them via Facebook.

    Smoking her pipe 11:11: Tom Airey BBC News

    The Giants are on the move! Grandmother is still smoking the pipe.

    Grandmother smokes a pipe
    Watch Grandma waking up 11:07: BBC Radio Merseyside

    Check out this video of Xolo and Grandma waking up in Newsham Park on our Facebook page.

    Grandma having a morning whiskey

    If you like it please share it!

    Snapping the Giants 11:04:

    Andrea Day sent us this wonderful picture of the Little Girl Giant and her dog, Xolo, taking a well earned nap next to the Chinese arch on Friday.

    Little Girl Giant taking a nap

    If you're watching the Giants today, we'd love to see your pictures - send them to us on email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Grandma's route 11:00:

    This is where the Grandma giant will be throughout the day as she continues to explore Liverpool.

    Grandma graphic

    Please be aware that these times are subject to change as it is a live event and there could be delays.

    Details on the Little Girl will follow.

    Xolo wagging his tail 10:55: James Mountford BBC Radio Merseyside

    Xolo is on all fours wagging his tail. He looks a very happy dog. Thousands of people all around gathering to see the performance.

    Xolo the dog

    There's a three-wheeled car which is a makeshift record player. We're seeing a huge vinyl record being lifted on the roof of a car which acts as a turntable.

    Unhealthy breakfast 10:51: Tom Airey BBC News

    Grandmother giant starts the day with a huge glug of whiskey from a 3ft hip flask.

    She continues the unhealthy start to the day with a long smoke on a pipe. Hope the Little Girl giant wasn't watching!



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