Hillsborough inquests: Stadium had 'no significant defects'

Terraces on the Leppings Lane end The Hillsborough Stadium was last inspected in May 1988

The Hillsborough Stadium had "no significant defects" when it was last inspected 11 months before the disaster, an inquest jury heard.

Sheffield Wednesday's engineering consultants reviewed the ground in May 1988 and deemed it in "satisfactory condition" for "full capacity" use.

Engineering expert John Cutlack agreed the ground's safety advisers should have known about the dangers of crowds.

Ninety-six fans died as a result of the crush at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final.

'Visual inspection'

The inquest in Warrington was told a note was added to the 1988 inspection report carried out by engineering firm Eastwood & Partners which read:

"In my opinion, the various structures of the ground are in satisfactory condition appropriate for the stadium to be used to the full capacity laid down in the Certificate of Ground Safety."

Who were the 96 victims?

Eight of the Hillsborough victims, CW from top left: Paul Clark, Stephen Copoc, Tracey Cox, Jon-Paul Gilhooley, Steven Fox, Vincent Fitzsimmons, Christopher Edwards

Dr Wilfred Eastwood also added a sentence which said: "I made a visual inspection of all the structural features of the ground and no significant defects were noted."

The Safety at Sports Grounds Act 1975 meant stadia with a capacity of more than 10,000 required a certificate.

Members of the Hillsborough Stadium's safety advisory group, which included organisations such as the fire service and the director of health, also supplied comments to Sheffield City Council.

Sheffield City Council adopted the responsibility for Hillsborough's safety certificate in 1986, when South Yorkshire County Council was dissolved.

The Hillsborough disaster The Safety at Sports Grounds Act 1975 meant stadia with a capacity of more than 10,000 required a safety certificate

Between 1986 and 1989, there were discussions with the safety advisory group about the capacity of parts of Hillsborough and the conditions attached to the safety certificate.

Mr Cutlack, a structural engineer brought in by the inquests as an expert in the design of Hillsborough and its safety, was asked by Jonathan Hough QC, the inquests' junior counsel, if there had been any amendments made to the certificate between 1979, when it was first issued, and 1989.

He said there had been one change to correct a typographical error and a second to permit the visit of the Queen to the stadium.

He was later asked by Michael Mansfield QC, who represents 75 of the Hillsborough families, whether before 1989 it was "well established that there was a potential of crushing British football stadia?"

Mr Cutlack told the jury there were "a number of events" that involved crushing.

Mr Mansfield said: "Those concerned with safety at football stadia should have been aware of that risk, shouldn't they?"

Mr Cutlack responded: "I would think that anybody who was involved in football stadia who was following what was happening, should certainly have been aware of it."

Mr Mansfield later told the jury the stadium had a system to count people through the terraces, but there was no way of knowing where they went from there.

The jury has visited the Hillsborough stadium as part of the inquests proceedings.

The inquests continue.

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    GIANTS' asleep 20:59:

    After talking about meteors, messing with the equilibrium and killing dinosaurs Grandma Giant said she is off to bed and join her tomorrow to continue "her great adventure".

    Sounds like she is over-tired!

    Anyway, we're off to bed too. Join us tomorrow for all the action from 09:00.

    Giants' reunited 20:54: Tom Airey BBC News

    The Giants have been reunited in Newsham Park. Little Girl Giant is sitting beside Grandmother Giant and is listening to her tell a story. Thousands of people listen intently.

    The mobile phone networks are so busy I can't send a picture!

    Close up of Xolo 20:50:

    Doesn't Xolo look stunning close-up? You can Tweet us and we'll use the best of your pictures online.

    Xolo the dog
    Late Grandmother 20:47: Annabel Tiffin Presenter, North West Tonight

    Well, she took her time!

    Grandmother Giant
    Crowds in Kensington 20:45: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    The crowds really built up in Kensington for the Giants.

    Crowds in Kensington
    Huge applause 20:41: Tom Airey BBC News

    Despite the long wait, the Giants are greeted with a huge round of applause from people as far as the eye can see.

    Mayor's picture of park 20:39:

    There were thousands of people at the entrance of Newsham Park waiting to greet the Giants, according to Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson.

    Newsham Park
    Girl Giant has arrived! 20:37:

    Giant Spectacular tweets: Little girl giant arrives at Newsham Park #giants

    Girl Giant
    Hitching a ride 20:33: Tom Airey BBC News

    tweets: "The director of proceedings [Jean-Luc Courcoult] has hitched a lift on the truck in front of Grandmother Giant."

    Jean-Luc Courcoult hitching a ride
    Game of catch? 20:30:

    Giant Spectacular tweets: On the way to Newsham park, always time for a spot of fetch though.....#followthegiants

    Xolo plays catch
    Huge crash of cymbals 20:27: Tom Airey BBC News

    Biggest crash of cymbals I've ever seen! Must be part of the finale in the park tonight.

    Big cymbals
    On hind legs 20:23: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    Xolo on hind legs during the final leg of the journey to Newsham Park to meet Grandmother Giant.

    Giants almost there 20:18: Jimmy McCracken BBC Radio Merseyside

    Xolo the dog on Church Street earlier. They're almost in Newsham park now!

    newsham park excitement 20:13:

    Jenni Evans took this picture of the crowd waiting patiently at Newsham Park. Come on Giants!

    newsham park
    Party in the park 20:08: Lynette Horsburgh BBC News

    Grandma, Little Girl and Xolo Giants are just minutes away from Newsham Park now.

    Listen live to all the action on BBC Radio Merseyside.

    Grandma Giant on her way 20:05: Tom Airey BBC News

    tweets: Grandmother is behind schedule but back to health after her head nearly fell off and is about ten minutes away from Newsham Park #giants

    Grandma Giant
    Granny loses head 20:01:

    Granny lost her head! Don't worry though - she's on the move now in her wheelchair, albeit a little late.

    granny loses head
    Xolo has a wee 19:54:

    Giant Spectacular tweets: Whoops.....quick pit stop.

    Xolo has a wee
    Giants back on track 19:48: Lynette Horsburgh BBC News

    The Giants are delayed after Grandma's head had a wobble, but don't worry she's in Kensington and Little Girl and Xolo are on Holt Road heading to Newsham Park and we'll keep you updated with their exploits.

    Tell us what you're doing while you wait for the Giants on email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Road closures for Giants 19:43: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    They were closing off the roads in Kensington ahead of the arrival of the Giants.

    road closures in Kensington
    Excited for Giants 19:34:

    Me and my new best friends Ruban and Cameron. Excited for Giants says Ruban!

    Jayne McCubbin and friends
    Are they here yet? 19:28: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    tweets on the delay caused by Grandma's funny turn.

    "Helicopters whirring above Kensington.

    "Several small children now begging their parents for information about the Giants' arrival time."

    Giant aboard 19:18: Tom Airey BBC News

    tweets: "With a crane's help, Little Girl Giant gets on a bus and speeds off.

    Little Girl Giant

    "Hope her legs aren't blocking the driver's view."

    Not bothered by heights 19:08:

    This Lilliputian clearly isn't that bothered by heights.

    Girl Giant
    Craning for a view 19:03: Marc Gaier BBC Radio Merseyside

    Craning for a better view of Grandmother Giant. All with mobile phones, of course!

    Giants boys
    GRANDMA ON THE MEND 19:00: Lynette Horsburgh, BBC News

    Grandma Giant had to have a pit stop for an hour because she had a wonky head.

    However, one of the Lilliputians got a standing ovation from the crowd after fixing her.

    Breaking wind delay 18:50: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    Grandmother Giant has been delayed for an hour, after her head came loose when she broke wind.

    head fix
    Gran in wheelchair 18:43: Marc Gaier BBC Radio Merseyside

    Grandmother Giant is lowered into her wheelchair after suffering from a headache, which slightly delayed the parade.

    Gran in her chair
    Granny moving soon 18:36: Jessica Robbins BBC Radio Merseyside

    Grandmother Giant stopped at the junction of St John Street earlier, she lifted up her dress and had a wee.

    Granny's head fix

    It's hoped she will be moving soon. She will be in her wheelchair as she's had a bit of a problem with her neck.

    LITTLE GIRL'S GIANT LOLLY 18:33: Tom Airey BBC News

    tweets: "It has gone six, but it's still sweltering.

    Little Girl's Lolly

    "Little Girl Giant is dealing with it by eating a huge ice lolly."

    Little Girl Giant in city 18:28:

    Doesn't she look lovely?

    Little Girl
    Girl Giant to go on bus 18:25:

    Giant Spectacular tweets: The little girl will ride this bus to Newsham Park, see you there #followthegiants

    bus for Girl Giant
    Get well soon Granny Giant 18:18: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    I took this picture of Grandmother Giant shortly before she developed a headache. Get well soon!

    Liverpool Central open 18:13:

    Merseyrail tweets: Liverpool Central is open but only the Bold Street entrance is in use. Can Northern Line passengers please use Moorfields. Many thanks.

    Land of the Giants 18:10:

    Behind the scenes at Newsham Park with the weird and wonderful contraptions from the Land of Giants.

    Newsham Park
    Friendly lift 18:02: Marc Gaier BBC Radio Merseyside

    This little girl got a lift from a friendly police sergeant so she could see the Giant Grandmother above the crowds on Hanover Street.

    Police officer and little girl
    Temporary pause for Gran 18:00:

    There's a temporary halt in Grandmother Giant's walk through the city.

    Grandmother Giant

    She's developed a bit of a headache, apparently.

    City streets crammed 17:55:

    An estimated 100,000 people have packed the streets of Liverpool to see the opening day of the 72-hour Memories of August 1914 commemoration.

    Crowds out to watch the Giants

    For all your latest on the Giants, check out Royal de Luxe.

    Crowds from above 17:51:

    The crowds can't get enough of Giant Grandmother - or her wheelchair - as they gather in Liverpool city centre in the intense heat.

    crowds and Giant wheelchair
    31 miles in three days 17:46: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    In total, the three giants cover around 31 miles across the three days.

    Giant Grandmother

    It's a long way for the puppeteers and volunteers to travel, but means a lot of people get to see them. Including me!

    Giants' weather 17:44: Dianne Oxberry Weather presenter, North West Tonight

    We're going to see some changes. Most of Saturday will be very similar to what we've had today. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's dry and clear.

    Temperatures of between 13 to 17C and the sun will be there. As the day goes on, there will be more fair weather cloud. Wind goes round to the west.

    We're talking temperatures of 24C to 26C tomorrow.

    Walkies! 17:42: Tom Airey BBC News

    Xolo is racing up the hill, with Little Girl a little slower off the mark.

    Xolo the dog

    "Maybe she hasn't properly woken up yet!"

    Facebook slideshow 17:40: Steve Coleman BBC Radio Merseyside

    I've just put the finishing touches to our second slideshow of the giants visit to Liverpool.

    Xolo the dog

    You can watch it on the BBC Radio Merseyside Facebook page.

    Pigeon waits for Granny 17:29: Claire Minter BBC Radio Merseyside

    A pigeon waiting for Granny Giant. I can't wait to see her!

    pigeon waits for Giants
    Moving up the hill 17:24: Tom Airey BBC News

    Little Girl moves up the hill. Some Lilliputians are working hard, some are sharing what looks like a glass of wine.

    Girl Giant moving up the hill
    Imagine wearing this outfit 17:19: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    If you think it's hot; imagine wearing this outfit and working this hard!


    We will be live with the Giants in Newsham Park for North West Tonight on BBC One from 18:30.

    Tunnels will be busy 17:14:

    Merseytravel tweets: Birkenhead tunnel is open until 9.30pm, both tunnels are expected to be busy.

    Giants crowds 17:12: Judith Moritz North of England correspondent, BBC News

    The crowds in Liverpool gathered for Grandmother Giant.

    Crowds for Giants

    Do you have a picture you'd like to share? Tweet us.

    Siesta snoring 17:07: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    Little Girl is snoring so loudly you can hear it among the din of the crowd.

    Little Girl Giant at China Arch
    Xolo wakes up 17:06: Alex Dibble BBC Radio Merseyside

    I'm on my knees in Great George Street Xolo the dog is waking up. All of her cushions have been taken away. She's started walking to the little Girl who's still asleep.

    Ready to wake 17:00:

    Merseyside Police tweets: #GrandmaGiant ready to wake. Enjoy and don't forget to listen to any advice from our officers or the stewards #giants pic.twitter.com/9TMCIV9tFX

    Crowds gathering at the Albert Dock to see Grandmother Giant
    Pipe band arrives 16:55: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    It looks like some musical entertainment has arrived at Lidl in Kensington.

    Pipe band

    I wonder why a pipe band and drummers are setting up in a supermarket car park?

    Gorgeous photo 16:51: via Facebook

    Check out this gorgeous photo of the Little Girl Giant sleeping in front of the Chinese Arch.

    Little Girl Giant asleep in front of the Chinese Arch

    Thank you to Studiowide for sending it to us.

    Sunscreen selfie 16:44: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    It's been a scorching afternoon following the Giants around the city. In fact, I feel a bit sunburnt!


    Thankfully a colleague had more sense than me - and brought in some sunscreen for us all to use.


    On the queues at Liverpool's Lime Street station Network Rail says: "A planned one way system is in place at Lime Street station to safely handle the huge increase in passengers travelling in and out of the city today.

    "We are doing all we can to keep people moving and have extra staff on the ground to provide assistance.

    Lime Street station

    "Safety is our number priority and we appreciate people's patience during this time."

    Queues at Lime Street 16:31:

    Journalist Sam Clack is at Liverpool's Lime Street station and said it was "a total mess" there.

    Queues at Lime Street

    He said hundreds are queuing there, apparently no one giving info about what's happening and a general air of frustration and exasperation.

    Xolo and the crowd 16:26: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    As he wandered through the crowd this morning Xolo the dog was going up to people in the crowd so they could pet him.

    Xolo and the crowd

    We've even been hearing he even licked some of them!

    Best view in town 16:19: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    One young spectator found a novel way to watch the Grandma near Lord Street - by climbing on top of a litter bin!

    Plan your journey with care 16:12:

    Liverpool Council tweets: If you're heading to see the #giants plan your journey with care and allow extra time due to road closures: ow.ly/zzpXm

    GO JIMMY 16:08: via Facebook

    BBC Radio Merseyside reporter Jimmy McCracken - who has been following the Giants journey through Liverpool has a fan.

    Jemma Shudall Barton posts: "Jimmy Mac is my hero of the day #STUCKINWORK"

    Stay cool in the sun 16:04:

    Liverpool City Council tweets: "Don't know if you're red from running around after our giants, but please wear plenty of suncream and stay hydrated."

    News on the hour 15:57: Graham Whyte BBC Radio Merseyside

    The headlines at 16:00 include:

    • A retired Merseyside Police officer who sexually abused two children in the 1960s and 1970s has been jailed for 12 years at Liverpool Crown Court
    • Campaigners cautiously welcomed the government's announcement that Halton residents won't have to pay to cross the Mersey
    • The Giants have begun their journey through Liverpool in a street performance to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One
    People 'fainting' in heat 15:55:

    Ellie Bridges sends this picture of Girl Giant. She says she has seen "a few people in the crowd" fainting in the heat.

    Girl Giant
    Giant Gallery: Your Thoughts 15:50: via Facebook

    Many of you have been getting in touch to share your thoughts on our Giant Facebook Gallery.

    John Jackson says: Amazing just wish I got payed today and not Monday so I could get into Liverpool to see them

    James Charnock also says: fantastic for us who cant be there thanks

    Betty Smith commented: Well Done Radio Merseyside. It's been fantastic coverage up to now. I just feel so sorry for the Liverputions with their velvet suits on in this weather. Radio Merseyside really pulls out all stops when such events are covered.

    You can let us know what you think via email, Twitter or Facebook.

    Queues at Lime Street 15:48: Marc Gaier BBC Radio Merseyside

    I'm on way to Liverpool Lime Street station where there's reportedly long queues as people try to get into the station.

    Hitching a ride 15:42:

    Grandmother Giant makes her way through Liverpool earlier with two Lilliputians in her lap.

    Grandmother Giant with Liliputians
    Girl Giant close-up 15:37:

    Ellie Bridges sent us this picture of Girl Giant close-up with her army of Lilliputians.

    Girl Giant
    Giant moments 15:32: Steve Coleman BBC Radio Merseyside

    I've been putting together a picture gallery of some of our favourite moments from this morning.

    Facebook Gallery

    You can see it on the BBC Radio Merseyside Facebook page.

    Spot the journalist 15:29: Helen Carter BBC Local Live

    Here's a picture of Xolo outside our office. I'm just by one the volunteers in the baseball cap taking a picture as he goes by.

    Xolo outside our office
    What size shoes? 15:25: Tom Airey BBC News

    Earlier, I overheard two children trying to decide what size shoes the Grandmother giant wears. The numbers are getting very high.

    Grandma's slippers
    Beautiful moment 15:20: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    This has to be one of my favourite pictures of the day so far.

    Xolo the dog licks the Little Girl's face

    It was taken by Matthew Hart this morning as Xolo the dog woke up and licked the Little Girl's face. A beautiful moment, perfectly captured.

    Walking stick wonder 15:17: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    Crowds are advised to keep their distance as Grandma makes her way through the streets. And you can see why - that walking stick looks dangerous!

    Buzzing atmosphere 15:10: Owen Walker BBC Local Live

    I've just been up to the Chinese Arch to have a look at the Little Girl and Xolo while they are sleeping.

    Sleeping by the arch

    The atmosphere is buzzing with thousands of people gathering to see her. You can hear kids blowing horns and whistles almost constantly and you can tell that they are having a whale of a time.

    News on the hour 14:59: Graham Whyte BBC Radio Merseyside

    The headlines at 15:00 include:

    Time for a break 14:53: Tom Mullen BBC News Online

    Grandma reclines in her wheelchair once again, as she prepares for a hard-earned snooze at Salthouse Dock.


    She'll be awake and back on the streets again his afternoon, when she'll make her way towards Newsham Park.

    Jean-Luc's air drums 14:50: Tom Airey BBC News

    Earlier, I spotted event director Jean-Luc Courcoult (pictured) playing air drums from the live band float. He looked to be having a good time.

    The many faces of Jean-Luc Courcoult
    Policing the giants 14:44:

    Teams of motorcycle police are making sure the bustling crowds are kept under control.

    Very busy for Giants 14:39:

    Merseyside Police tweets: It's very busy in places, keep children close by and look after valuables #Giants #GrandmaGiant #giantspectacular

    View of Giants
    Grandmother Giant's walk 14:34:

    Lucy Jones took this picture of Grandmother Giant as she began her walk.

    Grandmother Giant

    You can share your pictures with us at Facebook or via Twitter.

    Thousands welcome Giants 14:29:

    Thousands of people have lined Liverpool's streets to welcome three giant marionettes, which will tell the story of the city during World War One.

    Giant grandmother

    The huge figures began the Memories of August 1914 commemoration at 10:30.

    The show features a grandmother, a little girl and a dog. They will visit many of the city's landmarks, including the Three Graces.

    Grandmother and crowds 14:22:

    Ellie Bridges sent this picture of Grandmother Giant in her wheelchair watched by an adoring crowd.

    Giant siesta
    Grandma on the move 14:10: Tom Airey BBC News

    Enormous crowds stretched from the edge of St John's Gardens as Grandma Giant went on the move through Liverpool.

    Grandma on the move

    Absolutely huge crowds lined the streets and the flyover with some clinging to lamp posts to get a view of Grandma Giant.

    Please send us your photos or comments on email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Spitting, farting and drinking 14:06: Paul Salt BBC Radio Merseyside

    Eileen Schofield and Joanne Bentley travelled from near Leek in Staffordshire for the day and watched Xolo at Hanover Street and were heading for the Chinese Arch to see Little Girl Giant take a nap.

    giant fans

    She told me: "Although we heard earlier of major disruptions to trains caused by the Giants we had a good train journey."

    "It's so lovely to see the people of Liverpool embrace the Giants. The highlight for us will be the Grandmother spitting, farting and drinking. The city has done an amazing job."

    news on the hour 14:00: Graham Whyte BBC Radio Merseyside

    The main headlines at 14:00 are:

    • Residents of Halton have been told they won't have to pay to use either of the Runcorn Widnes bridges when the new crossing opens in three years' time
    • The government - and opposition - have welcomed growth in the economy of 0.8 per cent in the past three months
    • The giants have started walking and talking during their three-day journey through Liverpool
    Queues near Runcorn bridge 13:57:

    BBC Travel News says there's queuing traffic on Weston Point Expressway southbound in Runcorn between Runcorn Widnes Bridge and Runcorn. In the roadworks area.

    Hitching a ride with Xolo 13:55:

    Andrea Day has emailed in a photograph of a little girl having a ride on the back of Xolo during the Giants show.

    Girl riding on Xolo

    Please send us your photos or comments on email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Laughter and tears 13:53: Sue Owen, editor BBC Radio Merseyside

    A girl, her dog, a Chinese Arch and a bunch of amazing people helping them on their way. We've laughed and cried watching the Giants today. Who'd have thought it would be so emotional?

    chinese arch
    Emotion of the giants 13:43: Jayne McCubbin BBC North West Tonight

    While I've been out and about at the Giants for BBC North West Tonight, Keith our burly cameraman cried.

    emotion of giants

    You just get swept along with the emotion of it all. Everyone was nudging each other saying: 'We're the luckiest people alive.'

    Up close with Grandma 13:32: Tom Airey BBC News

    I got so close to Grandma Giant the Lilliputians were almost jumping on my feet.

    Grandma Giant

    Please send in your photos or comments on email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Riding on an astra 13:24: Jayne McCubbin BBC North West Tonight

    Thousands lined the streets as Little Girl Giant rides on a 12-year-old Vauxhall Astra through the city.

    Little Girl Giant
    unusual vantage point 13:19: Tom Airey BBC News

    Some people are finding unusual vantage points for a photo. Mind your step!

    Boodles ledge
    Joe and Jean-Luc 13:16: Andy Gill BBC North West Tonight

    Tweets a photo of Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson with writer and director of the Giants Spectacular Jean-Luc Courcoult enjoying the show.

    Joe Anderson and Jean-Luc Courcoult

    Follow the Giants every step of the way with to BBC Radio Merseyside and watch more on BBC One at 13:30.

    Snooze time 13:14: Jimmy McCracken BBC Radio Merseyside

    Little Girl Giant and her dog Xolo are having a snooze.

    Little girl

    Xolo's Liliputians who are dressed in a white linen suits and sombreros like Mexican farm workers have just received a standing ovation from the packed crowd.

    Despite the soaring temperatures they look as "cool as cucumbers".

    You can listen live to BBC Radio Merseyside.

    Keep up with Giants 13:13:

    Liverpool Council tweets: Keep up to date with all things #giant this weekend by following @GiantSpectacle

    Watching the action from afar 13:10: via Facebook

    Tommy Stafford says: "Great job with the coverage and video we are 3035 miles away."

    Please send us your photos or comments on email, Facebook or Twitter and listen live to BBC Radio Merseyside.

    Watch the paintwork 13:00: BBC Radio Merseyside

    I hope the little Girl's helpers are watching out for that paintwork!

    Girl giant
    news on the hour 12:58: Nick Hatfield BBC Radio Merseyside

    Our headlines at 13:00 are:

    • The Giants have started walking and talking during their three-day journey through Liverpool
    • Liverpool City Council estimates that more than 100,000 people have already lined the route of the Giants
    • Jess Robbins has been watching the Grandmother rise at St George's Hall
    Services normal on Northern line 12:50:

    Merseyrail tweets: Services are now running normally on the Northern line (1406287462)

    Giants: Your Thoughts 12:46: via Facebook

    Lots of you been getting in touch to let us know what you think of the giants.

    Sylvia Kearns says: Sooooo proud to be a Liverpudlian watching this in Liverpool right now! xxx

    Amanda Griffiths also says: Amazing I wish I was there

    Expectant crowds 12:43: BBC Radio Merseyside

    tweets: Expectant crowds await the #giants #giantsarecoming

    Expectant crowds


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