Manchester United parade: Fans say farewell to Fergie

Thousands of Manchester United fans have gathered at the club's Old Trafford stadium to mark the club's 20th league title and Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement.

They were there to see an open-top bus tour taking the team from the ground to the city centre.

Sir Alex, who is retiring at the age of 71 after 26 years in Manchester, has won 38 trophies during his time at Old Trafford.

Shaun Barlow, 50, from Durban, South Africa

I couldn't miss this for the world, I've travelled from South Africa just to be here. I have supported them all of my life, The Busby Babes started it all for me. I went to the match yesterday, I've been to other huge games, Rugby World Cup finals, but it was the best atmosphere, unbelievable. It was such a joyous but sad occasion. Last time I came over to see United we lost 6-1 to Manchester City, so it's a happier return this time.

Famara Bojang, 28. from London

I decided to come to the parade today as I wanted to be part of this moment in history. I grew up in Gambia, and have been a fan since I was a little boy. I support United because of my dad - he never misses a match. We lost out cruelly last season, but we have now shown that we are the champions and we won it with four games to spare. Scholes leaving us is a massive loss, but we have to give the chance for young players to come through now.

Diane Utterson, 45, from Stockport

This title stands out because we won it from Manchester City, it was bittersweet how we lost it so to get it back is special. Robin van Persie has been the difference, he has played well from the beginning and helped us get off to a strong start. I'm a Scot and my mum grew up in Govan like Sir Alex - the respect people have for him is immense. Once I have seen the players and the trophy I will be happy.

Sharona O'Toole, 22, from County Mayo in Ireland and Dessie Murphy, 27, from County Roscommon

We came over for the match yesterday, we booked the tickets after finding out it was going to be Fergie's last home game. It was really surreal, to make a 27-year-old man cry is really something. He has always been there, almost like a father figure. It's our first time at a United parade, it really is special.

Daniel Hembrough, 29, Claire McAteer, 27, and Oliver Hembrough, 3, from Eccles

We have come down as it's the 20th title and it's Oliver's first time here, he wants to see Robin van Persie. I don't think it has been United's best season to be honest, but they really have been scraping wins. We are a bit nervous for the future now, as David Moyes hasn't won any trophies. We would have liked someone with Champions League experience, like Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola.

Darren Reid, 41, from Barrow-in-Furness

I'm originally from Manchester, I've come to every parade since 1999, but I'm obviously here this time to say goodbye to Fergie. It's like he's part of the family, another granddad. I was up all night making the banner - we owe Sir Alex a lot. I think he is now leaving us in safe hands for the future: David Moyes has proven he can do a good job at a poorly funded club, and if Fergie says he's the man for the job, then he is the man for the job.

Aaron Parsons 24, and Rowan Wenden 20, from Cornwall

As soon as I found out Sir Alex was retiring I felt I had to be here to see the Swansea match, otherwise I would would have regretted it forever. I couldn't believe it when I got tickets, I was shaking. It was definitely worth the journey up. I think it was quite surreal to be there, it was incredible, a one-in-a-million chance. We have won the title back now, and it's because we were relentless this season - even when we were playing badly we were getting results.

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