Queen's Baton Relay in England day eight: London

Key Points

  • The Queen's Baton Relay is the main curtain raiser for the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow between 23 July and 3 August
  • The baton is the Commonwealth Games version of the Olympic torch and carries a sealed, secret message written by the Queen
  • The baton relay journeys around England for 14 days and crosses the border into Scotland on 14 June
  • The Queen's Baton will visit Millennium Bridge, The Tower of London and appear on the National Lottery draw on BBC One at 20:30
  • The celebrations being held on London's Millennium Bridge are the biggest event before the Games themselves
  • Olympic silver medallist Louis Smith MBE will be performing on a high bar over the Thames

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    Good morning 07:55: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    Morning and welcome to day eight of our live coverage of the Queen's Baton Relay across England which is spending the weekend in London.

    Millennium  Bridge, London

    Today the Queen's Baton will visit Millennium Bridge, The Tower of London and hopefully bring somebody luck tonight when it appears at Lotto HQ for on the National Lottery draws on BBC One at 20:30.

    We'd love to share your baton relay stories and pictures today, drop us an email or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcbatonrelay.

    Millennium Bridge prepares 08:05:

    Preparations are under way for the baton to traverse the Thames across the Millennium Bridge in central London.

    Glasgow 2014 celebrations on Millennium Bridge, London

    BBC Breakfast reports the baton is currently riding up the Thames on a barge.

    Waiting in the rain 08:15: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    I'm at Millennium Bridge this morning as the baton relay spends the weekend in London ahead of Glasgow 2014.

    Sir Chris Hoy and Rebecca Adlington OBE are taking part in this morning's baton events. Good news, it's stopped raining and the baton is in sight.

    Gloriana upon Thames 08:25: Simon Dedman BBC News

    On Millennium Bridge for BBC Breakfast with Ben Moore - the Gloriana is on its way up the Thames to pick up the #BatonRelay

    Gloriana carries the Queen's Baton
    Clyde selfie 08:40: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    Lots of celebrities on Millennium Bridge this morning in the countdown to the Commonwealth Games including Clyde - the Glasgow 2014 mascot.

    Clyde - the Glasgow 2014 - and BBC reporter
    Rainy relay 08:50:

    If you're heading out to watch the relay, bring a brolly,

    There will be widespread, heavy, outbreaks of rain giving prolonged downpours and a risk of hail and lightning in places throughout the morning, but things should improve by the afternoon.

    Philip Avery

    Maximum temperature: 23C (73F). BBC Weather's Philip Avery has the full baton forecast.

    Baton arrives 09:00: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    The baton relay team are arriving in style on the Gloriana.

    Baton relay on Gloriana

    As it prepares to dock musicians from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama are playing.

    Journey up the Thames 09:10:

    Baton Relay 2014 tweets: The Queen's Baton has departed Lambeth Pier and is making its way towards Millennium Bridge! #BatonRelay

    Baton-bearer on the Thames
    Your baton relay experiences 09:11: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    We'd love to share your baton relay stories and pictures today, drop us an email or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcbatonrelay.


    BBC political correspondent Tim Reid tweets: The #qbr #baton for #glasgow2014 arriving on the Royal barge Gloriana #thames pic.twitter.com/tzjAW0eXSx

     Royal barge Gloriana
    Smile please 09:30:

    Baton Relay 2014 tweets: The baton arrives on Millennium Bridge!

    Glasgow 2014 team on Millennium Bridge
    'Real buzz' 09:40:

    Six time Olympic Gold medal winning cyclist Sir Chris Hoy says: "It's really exciting - there's a real buzz with the baton arriving this morning."

    Sir Chris Hoy

    Speaking about his retirement from competitive cycling on BBC Breakfast earlier he added: "I'd love to be competing but you realise it's just not possible."

    "You have to use your head rather than your heart in these decisions - retiring it was the right time - but to be there [at Glasgow 2014] as an ambassador and to watch the sporting events I'm very much looking forward to it."

    Louis Smith flying high 09:45:

    Queen's Baton Relay police events tweets: #qbr @louissmith1989 flying high in celebration of @Batonrelay2014 arriving in London! @weRengland pic.twitter.com/RuiNSYWGWP

    Louis Smith on Millennium Bridge
    Hoy on Glasgow regeneration 09:55:

    Sir Chris, who is an ambassador for the Commonwealth Games, said: "You can see the regeneration and improvement in that part of Glasgow.

    Sir Chris Hoy

    One of the biggest things we'll take from the Games is the improved facilities and just inspiring the kids in the area to try different sports."

    Baton on the bridge 10:10: Simon Dedman BBC News

    Smiles all round on Millennium Bridge as we stop for more photos with Clyde, the Glasgow 2014 mascot, and some top sporting talent.

    Baton relay celebrations on Millennium Bridge
    Louis Smith acrobatics 10:20:

    The baton is currently on the Millennium Bridge with top British gymnast Louis Smith.

    Louis Smith

    The Strictly Come Dancing champion and silver Olympic medal winner showed off his acrobatic prowess against a backdrop of St Paul's Cathedral as the baton tours London on day eight of the relay in England.

    Festival of Sport 10:30:

    Paul Zealy, who is in charge of of engagement and legacy at the Games, tweets: Details about tomorrow's Festival of Sport at London's @noordinarypark featuring @Glasgow2014 #BatonRelay here

    http://queenelizabetholympicpark.co.uk/whats-on/events/2014/5/festival-of-sport-featuring-queens-baton-relay …

    Eye 'watches' the baton 10:40: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    The Queen's Baton once again took to the water as it continued on its journey to Scotland for the Commonwealth Games.

    Brian Dickens carries the Queen's Baton on board the Gloriana as it makes its way down the River Thames

    Twelve baton-bearers are carrying it across London over the weekend including Brian Dickens. He arrived at the Millennium Bridge in style having held the baton on board the Royal barge Gloriana.

    Brian has played a significant part in the development of sport in Lambeth within key community groups.

    'Royal wave' 10:55: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    "It was an amazing experience, once in a lifetime, especially to carry the baton in the borough I grew up in," said Brian.

    Baton-bearer Rebecca Donnelly holds the Queen's Baton on board the Gloriana as it makes its way down the River Thames

    Fellow baton-bearer Rebecca Donnelly, 35, added: "When we got on the boat all the oars were up" and in the time it took to cruise up the Thames they'd "perfected the royal wave".

    Rebecca has worked over the last five years to help disaffected young people in London gain access to sporting activities and provide them with training and qualifications.

    Gymnast awaits decision 11:10: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    Earlier Strictly Come Dancing champion and gymnast Louis Smith performed on the high bars on Millennium Bridge. He told me: "I think I hear on Monday [whether I'm in the squad].

    Olympic athlete Louis Smith performs on the high bars on the Millennium Bridge

    "I've done all the competitions so I'll have to just wait and see."

    'Really good morning' 11:15: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    Olympic gold medallist swimmer Rebecca Adlington was one of today's baton-bearers.

     Rebecca Adlington

    "It has been a really good morning seeing the baton come in and the kids now can have a go at all the activities," she told me.

    Pros and Cons 11:20: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    When asked if she was missing competing in the Commonwealth Games the Olympic swimmer said: "We wouldn't be able to come to events like this if we were competing in the Games."

    She added it was great that the children could get involved in the sporting activities.

    Sports regeneration 11:30:

    Congratulations to all of this morning's baton-bearers including squash player Kace Bartley, 17, Brian Dickens, 56 and 35-year-old Rebecca Donnelly.

    Brian has played a significant part in the development of sport in Lambeth and been at the forefront of the regeneration of the Black Prince Hub sports centre.

    The baton contains a sealed, secret message written by the Queen.

    News brolly 'saves the day' 11:40:

    The BBC's Kevin Jackson tweets: Rain stopped play on the bridge but the BBC News brolly saved the day for @BeckAdlington and @louissmith1989 pic.twitter.com/8KmFFGuc0C

    Rebecca Adlington and Louis Smith
    'Impressive structure' 11:45:

    QBR Police Events tweets: The Shard has a rival for the most impressive structure in London today! #QBR @Batonrelay2014 @weRengland pic.twitter.com/gxGlR1pNea

    Queen's Baton and the Shard
    Video: Royal barge Gloriana 11:55: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    If you missed it on BBC Breakfast earlier, here's the moment when baton-bearer Brian Dickens arrived at the Millennium Bridge in style having held the baton on board the Royal barge Gloriana.

    The Gloriana with the Queen's Baton on board makes its way down the River Thames
    Baton reaches the Tower 12:05:

    Baton-bearers Brian Dickens, Carlton Moody, Rebecca Donnelly and Kace Bartley (l-r) have arrived at the Tower of London.

    Baton-bearers arrive at the Tower of London

    The baton is taking in 70 nations and territories over nine months on its journey to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games.

    Pedal power 12:23:

    Ten-year-old Max, from City of London school, took a race against Clyde on the Wattbike on the Millennium Bridge earlier.

    Max and mascot

    "I touched the baton, the design is really amazing," he said. "I'm excited about the games I'm looking forward to seeing the athletics the most."

    'Amazing' day 12:35: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    Baton-bearer Kace Bartley, 17, a former England number one squash player, told me: "It was amazing to be here in my favourite place taking photos with the yeomen.

    Kace Barltey with yeomen at the Tower of London

    "It's great to represent my sport as the Commonwealth Games is the only big event with squash in it."

    Wet weather fails to halt baton 12:45:

    It was a wet morning on the Thames first thing but it takes more than some rain to bring a halt to the progress of the baton relay.

    Baton carried on the River Thames
    Tower baton bearers 13:00: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    Yeoman Sergeant Crawford Butler and Yeoman Warder Moira Cameron are used to batons after seeing the Olympic Torch in 2012 but they said it doesn't make it any less exciting to see the Queen's Baton.


    "It is still very special" said Moira. "We're both Scottish so we'll be watching the games," added Crawford.

    The baton was designed and made by Glasgow-based firm 4c Design and features an elm wood handle, while the lattice metal framework is inspired by Glasgow's shipbuilding heritage and the work of designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

    Sunday's forecast 13:10:

    The forecast is looking more promising for the Queen's Baton Relay as it continues it's journey across London.

    Weather map

    Although skies will be partly cloudy, with light winds, there will be some very pleasant spells of sunshine. The conditions should stay dry but there is just the outside chance of a shower. The temperature should be around 23C (73F).

    Proud mother 13:15: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    Thanks for your emails. Michelle Drew from east London, emailed to say: "I'm a very proud mother this morning as my son, Luc McNally-Drew is one of the lucky children who has been chosen to welcome the baton on the Millennium Bridge this morning.

    "He is also super excited," she added.

    Email your baton relay stories and comments to london.locallive@bbc.co.uk

    Behind the scenes 13:20:

    BBC News assignment and logistics editor Kevin Jackson tweets: Feeding from the truck before heading home for the day. Tomorrow the baton spends the day at the Olympic Park pic.twitter.com/OLzNdNAXyO

    Inside BBC sat truck
    'Amazing experience' 13:30: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    Tony Moody, 60, was carrying the baton earlier as it came off the Royal barge Gloriana. He's one of a dozen baton-bearers in London this weekend.

    Tony was on board the Gloriana with his son Jordan

    He said: "It was an amazing experience. Coming from Jamaica it means so much to me as I know the significance of the Commonwealth."

    Farewell from the Tower 13:40: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    That's all from me at the Tower of London on day eight of the baton relay in England.

    BBC reporter with baton

    The baton is set for a rest during the afternoon (once I give it back) before travelling to Lottery HQ for tonight's live draw about 20:30 on BBC One.

    Tomorrow BBC reporter Jane Onyanga-Omara will be following the baton's onward journey as it visits east London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

    Orbit abseil 13:50:

    Day nine of the baton relay gets off to an exciting start at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park tomorrow with plans afoot for British Olympic Gold medal winning rower Matthew Pinsent to abseil down the Orbit Tower with the baton.

    Orbit Tower

    We'll have live coverage throughout the day and all the latest Queen's Baton Relay news on our website.

    14:00: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    That's it from today's rather rain-soaked coverage of the Queen's Baton Relay.

    Join me again tomorrow from 08:00 when the baton will be visiting London's Olympic Park, as well as passing through Greenwich and Waltham Forest before arriving at Downing Street.

    Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    Don't forget to get in touch with your relay related stories and snaps. Drop me an email london.locallive@bbc.co.uk or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcbatonrelay.


Queen's Baton Relay

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