Downing Street PC fined over 'disgusting pornography'

A Downing Street police officer who shared extreme pornography on his phone while on duty has been fined £6,000.

PC James Addison, 37, sent pornographic videos and stills to colleagues using a social networking app while working as a protection officer at Downing Street.

He sent other officers "disgusting and offensive" images that included bizarre sex acts and scenes showing defecation.

The images were found on his phone during the investigation into the so called "Plebgate" affair.

Former government chief whip Andrew Mitchell MP was accused of calling officers plebs during an argument at the gates of Downing Street - an allegation he has denied.

No further action was taken against Addison over that matter.

'Beyond legal'

PC Addison, from Rayleigh in Essex, who admitted to sharing the images, remains suspended and a misconduct process has started, said the Metropolitan Police.

District Judge Howard Riddle told the diplomatic protection group (DPG) officer: "Even at a time when the state has retreated to a huge extent in sexual judgment and taste and humour, these images go some way beyond what is legal in this country."

He said the images did not involve children or animals and the sentence reflected there were "no obviously unwilling participants in the films".

Last month Addison admitted 11 counts of publishing an obscene article under the Obscene Publications Act.

Fifteen people received images from him, all of them police officers, between February and June last year.

In total 14 officers have been subject to criminal investigation over the possession and distribution of obscene images on mobile phones.

Four officers from the DPG, including Addison, were arrested but only he was charged.

No further action was taken against the other three in relation to the criminal allegations.

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