Mark Duggan death: Legal challenge allowed

  • 7 March 2014
  • From the section London
Pamela Duggan, holding a dove Image copyright PA
Image caption Mark Duggan's mother Pamela brought the action at the Court of Appeal

Judges have given the go-ahead for a legal challenge over police practices linked to the shooting of a man whose death sparked nationwide riots.

Mark Duggan, 29, was shot dead by police in Tottenham in August 2011

A previous High Court ruling prevented his mother, Pamela Duggan, seeking a judicial review of guidance intended to stop police officers conferring before giving statements.

Three Court of Appeal judges ruled there was an "arguable" case.

It paves the way for a full hearing.

The action relates to a policy adopted by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Ms Duggan's legal team argued there were concerns about officers directly involved in fatal shootings conferring before producing accounts.

In January an inquest found Mr Duggan was lawfully killed by a police marksman despite being unarmed when he was shot.

His aunt, Carole Duggan, has said the family would fight the verdict itself through the courts.

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