6 February 2014 Last updated at 05:51

London Tube strike coverage on Thursday 6 February


    Good morning and welcome to our special Tube strike live page. Rebecca Cafe and Claire Timms will be bringing you all the latest news and travel to help you get around London today.

    Email locallive@bbc.co.uk or find us on Twitter @BBCLondonNews.


    Londoners are facing a second morning of Tube disruption as strike action over planned job cuts and ticket office closures continues.

    The strike ends at 21:00 but services are not expected to get back to normal until tomorrow morning.


    BBC London Travel tweets: Northern line - now running on Edgware, High Barnet & Mill Hill East branches only. Hopefully fully operational from 7. LP


    Currently only the District and Northern lines are running any trains.


    On the Bakerloo line, trains will run between Queen's Park and Elephant & Castle.

    Services will not stop at these stations: Edgware Road, Embankment, Kilburn Park, Lambeth North, Maida Vale, Piccadilly Circus or Regent's Park stations.


    This amazing photo was captured by @MPSinthesky and it shows evening rush hour in Trafalgar Square last night.

    Trafalgar Square

    If you captured something special on your way in or heading home please email locallive@bbc.co.uk or tweets us @BBCLondonNews.


    On the Central line, trains will only run in the outer boroughs so between Epping and Hainault and West Ruislip/Ealing Broadway to White City.

    There'll be no service at all on the Circle and Waterloo and City lines.


    Piccadilly line tweets: The @piccadillyline service is operating between Acton Town and Hounslow Central every 20 minutes. No service on the rest of the line.


    This makes fairly grim reading for hopeful passengers on the Tube.

    TfL Tube board

    Please keep checking the TfL website for the latest information or follow @BBCTravelAlert throughout the day.


    The District line will have trains running between Upminster and Wimbledon and Ealing Broadway and High Street Kensington.

    Trains will not stop at these stations though: Aldgate East, Blackfriars, Fulham Broadway, Gloucester Road, Sloane Square, Stepney Green or Temple.


    The Jubilee line will run between Stanmore and Finchley Road and Waterloo and Stratford. It will not stop at Bermondsey, Canada Water and Southwark.

    The Metropolitan Line runs between Harrow-on-the-Hill and Aldgate but will not stop at Barbican or Great Portland Street. Check TfL for what's running.


    Get your questions in to BBC London 94.9 as the boss of the TSSA union, Manuel Cortes, will be on air just after 07:00.

    Call 020 7224 2000 or text 81333, starting your message with the word London.


    Commuters are already starting to pour into Stratford Station.

    Tube strike poster

    BBC London present Sonja Jessup tweets: Bus stop already getting busy at Baker St- and some buses already packed. #tubestrike

    06:59: Sonja Jessup Presenter, BBC London News

    I've spoken to one woman earlier who spent four hours trying to get home by bus yesterday - she says she's frustrated but supports the Tube strike.


    On the Northern line a full service will be in operation via both Bank and Charing Cross.

    These trains would not stop at Angel, Borough, Chalk Farm, Charing Cross, Clapham North, Clapham South, Embankment, Goodge Street, Leicester Square, Mornington Crescent, Oval, South Wimbledon, Tufnell Park and Warren Street stations.


    Dolce Dini tweets: Really hoping my 0.5hr commute doesn't take 2.5hrs like yesterday, due to overcrowding, closures, detours and delays #tubestrike


    Penny Smith is live from Stratford for BBC London 94.9 where she has the latest on how commuters are trying to get to work.

    Penny Smith live at Stratford Station

    Tune in for all the latest on the strike action.


    Stansted Express tweets: Services TO London can run as normal through #TottenhamHale. Cheshunt services are currently suspended from London


    TSSA union boss Manuel Cortes has told BBC London 94.9 he was pleased for the support for the strike.

    He said: "Taking strike action is always a sign of failure but we went the extra mile to solve this dispute."


    This is how it looks at Victoria Station at the moment.


    See the live departure boards here.


    Mr Cortes said his TSSA members did not want to take any strike action but its members thought it was the "most effective way for Boris to see sense".


    The union boss told BBC London 94.9 he was hopeful further strikes would not take place next week and he believed talks tomorrow at conciliation service ACAS would be successful.


    TfL hopes to run Victoria services between Seven Sisters and Victoria, but trains will not stop at Pimlico, Vauxhall or Warren Street.

    Piccadilly line - There'll be no trains through the central area, but trains will run from Acton Town and Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3 and Arnos Grove and Cockfosters.


    TfL Overground tweets: A good service is running on London Overground routes. As far as we know Stratford is open.


    Crowds are now being allowed into Stratford Station where Penny Smith is reporting live for BBC London 94.9.

    Crowds at Stratford

    The A40 is already crawling eastbound between Hillingdon and Gypsy Corner.

    Keep up-to-date BBC Travel Alert and BBC Travel.


    On the Victoria Line, the service is now operating between Seven Sisters and Victoria every five minutes. There's no service on the rest of the line.

    Check live departure boards for the latest.


    Thanks to commuter Sophie Driscoll who emailed locallive@bbc.co.uk this photo of the current situation at Clapham Junction.

    Clapham Junction

    TfL says bus services are very busy this morning and routes in central London are expected to have delays of up to 60 mins in the peak rush hour.

    Check the disruption to your bus route on TfL's website.


    TfL Northern line tweets: Services are operating on all Northern line routes.

    Check the live departure boards for how the service is looking at your station as not all of the stations are open.

    08:09: Sonja Jessup Presenter, BBC London News

    If you are coming to Baker St go to the MAIN entrance - on Marylebone Rd - that's the one that's open.


    Although Tube lines are running, they are not stopping at every station.

    Marylebone Station

    Check what stations are open on TfL's website.


    Mike Brown, managing director of London Underground, said services were doing much better than yesterday.

    "Yesterday we ran about 35% of services. Today we've had a better start on the Bakerloo line and Central line is now running to Marble Arch."

    He said the Northern line now has all stations open and the Jubilee line is today stopping at Canary Wharf and Stratford.


    Mr Brown also told BBC London 94.9 he thought the volunteers were doing a great job.

    "These people are from our offices, engineering departments. I'm so proud of these people who have gone out and they're not on strike, so be a little bit patient with them as they're doing very best to get you around."


    Tim Robinson tweets: True definition of insanity. Going to #FinsburyPark at 7am again & expecting it be open. #tubestrike

    Finsbury Park

    TfL Bakerloo Lines tweets: Service operating Queens Park to Elephant & Castle every 16 minutes. No service on the rest of the line.


    The roads are heavily congested in and around London at the moment, including the Blackwell Tunnel approaches and around Tottenham Hale gyratory.

    Check BBC Travel for the latest.

    08:42: Vanessa Feltz Presenter, BBC London 94.9

    I will be speaking to Bob Crow from the RMT Union after 0915 about the Tube strike.

    Listen to BBC London 94.9.

    08:47: Tom Edwards Transport correspondent, London

    It's difficult to cut through heated rhetoric from both sides in strike this morning. However, there are meant to be peace talks tomorrow...

    Get the latest from Tom on Twitter.

    08:50: Sonja Jessup Presenter, BBC London News

    The Baker Street entrance on Baker Street is now open - Met, Ham & City and Bakerloo lines are running.

    Baker Street

    TfL Met Line tweets: Services btn Harrow-on-the-Hill & Aldgate every 10 minutes & btn Uxbridge & Harrow on the Hill every 20 minutes. No service on rest of line.


    Charing Cross, Holborn, Tooting Beck and Westminster stations are some of the stations which have recently opened. Keep up-to-date with BBC Travel.


    Wilson McKee emailed locallive@bbc.co to say: "It's a bit disconcerting when you do eventually get on an underground train to be told by the driver that he doesn't know where he will next stop."


    Thanks to Charlotte Chambers for sending us her take on the Tube strike illustrating the reluctance, by some Londoners, to try walking during the travel disruption.

    Charlotte Chambers

    BBC London 94.9 tweets: Commuters at #Stratford telling @WhichPennySmith that today's #tubestrike is 'more orderly and relaxed' than yesterday - would you agree?

    Get in touch by tweeting @BBCLondon94.9 or email locallive@bbc.co.uk


    There are no Waterloo & City or Circle lines today, but most of their stations are served by other lines.

    Check TfL's website for the latest.

    09:21: Sonja Jessup Presenter, BBC London News

    The general feeling at Baker Street seems to be that the service is running better than yesterday - the Bakerloo Line being open has made big difference.

    I've had an interesting chat with an American commuter who says he's pleased to hear from Londoners who support the strike despite disruption.


    Mayor Boris Johnson and RMT Union boss Bob Crow are debating the strike live on BBC London 94.9 now.


    Alexandra Bruner posted this photo of a queue for a bus at Victoria. She said: "Morning wait is LONG!! #victoria #tubestrike


    Boris Johnson has told BBC London 94.9: "Why don't they (the unions) get to the negotiating team now - of course there's wriggle room that's what negotiation about."


    In response, Bob Crow said: "He wants services on Friday and Saturday night - are you telling me you're going to run trains with people boozed off their minds and you're going to take 1,000 staff out of the system and that's safe?"


    Mr Crow told Vanessa Feltz on BBC London 94.9: "This is a growing industry - more and more people are going to use the service."

    On the talks at Acas, Mr Crow said: "We weren't asked to go to any talks today and we'll be at the talks tomorrow.

    "Why don't you ask him (Boris Johnson) why he's sat down and met 82 bankers but not met the unions once."


    Eleanor Eiserman tweets: It's feeling busier at Victoria Stn on Day 2 of the #tubestrike. Hope the 82 moves faster through C #London

    People waiting for a bus

    Mr Crow said his negotiators had not been told before that there was any "wriggle room" for negotiations so he questioned whether this change of stance was because of the strike.


    BBC London 94.9's Anna Cookson, who is at Stratford Station, says there is now a steady stream of commuters - it looks like an ordinary day.

    "Earlier people were getting here one or two hours earlier just to make sure they got to work. But most people have said it's different today - they know what to do and where to go and there are a few more stations open."


    There are severe delays between Stratford & Richmond & between Willesden Junction & Clapham Junction to prevent overcrowding.


    If you're still wondering what the Tube strike is about, then the Londonist has delved into the reasons behind it.


    James, a station supervisor who lives in Harrow, called the Vanessa Feltz Show on BBC London 94.9 and said he was worried about his job and the safety implications of the changes.

    He said he is currently a station supervisor at one station and has one other staff member with him. Under the changes, he would have to oversee five stations.


    Station supervisor James added: "I understand the changes, I've got no problem with changes - I'm quite happy and want a job.

    "But there are incidents every day - someone who is blind, or someone who wants guidance. Very rarely do you have one person at a station."

    He was concerned what would happen when someone takes a break, or has to make announcements on the PA system or get something off the track.

    10:16: Ayshea Buksh BBC News, London

    I'm on a very slow bus to the office and there's so much traffic on the roads. I wonder if the pollution in London has increased during the Tube strike?


    Here's how it looks near Marylebone. It's so congested...

    10:20: Tom Edwards Transport correspondent, London

    These Tube strikes have been brewing for years.

    Different mayoral administrations have toyed with closing ticket offices before. Only now, with advances in electronic ticketing like Oyster and the dawn of bank card payments, have transport bosses felt confident enough to try to get rid of them all.


    TfL bus alerts tweets: There is currently a moderate crowd at London Bridge waiting for buses. Buses delayed up to 40mins in the area.


    Also speaking to Vanessa Feltz, ticket office worker Philip, from Croydon, said he was on strike because the closure needed to be a "gradual process".

    "There's still teething problems with the Oyster card and people get frustrated and they abuse us," he said.

    10:34: Tom Edwards Transport correspondent, London

    London Underground thinks about 950 fewer staff will be needed. It has been hit by a reduction in its government grant and needs to make big efficiencies and also increase retail space.

    But the unions have concerns about safety on that issue and also the reduction in employees when record numbers are using the Tube.


    Volunteers have been on hand to advise people on how to best get around London.


    Transport for London says: "We are keeping London moving despite the Tube strike.

    "Some 91% of regular Oyster customers have been travelling in London this morning."


    If you missed it earlier, listen to Bob Crow talk to Vanessa Feltz about why his RMT union members are on strike.


    Sir Richard Ottaway, the MP for Croydon South, described the strike as "economic vandalism" adding he thought it was "very damaging and could be avoided".

    "The strike has cost us dear, and it harms our image on the world stage," he said.


    Rob Page has emailed to say: "Good to see Boris showing the unions that it's still possible to travel by Tube during the strike.

    Boris Johnson on the Tube

    "This was taken on the District Line this morning, he was apologising to everyone for the difficulties caused and saying that it will most definitely happen next week too. In good spirits though!"


    #tubestrike is trending on Twitter in the UK. Here are a sample of some tweets:

    Emma Cole: Never seen so many Boris bikes #tubestrike

    Diane Ladie: Looking good today. People are calmer, and learnt from yesterday's havoc i supposed. Good job people #tubestrike

    Chris Collins: Twice in 2 days have seen someone faint because of the #tubestrike how is this acceptable to put people's health at risk?!


    Many commuters walked to work this morning.

    Commuters walk to Waterloo Station

    If you're thinking of walking home later, the weather is set to turn cloudy with rain spreading north, mainly light this morning but becoming persistent and heavy at times this afternoon. Highs of 10C (50F).


    BBC London Travel tweets: Folks! we are broadcasting every 15 mins on 94.9! Tune in for more travel.

    Listen to BBC London 94.9 for the latest on the strike.

    11:27: BBC News Channel

    Speaking to BBC News, Mike Brown from LU said: "Let's meet today - let's call this thing off right now, let's get people back to work and back around the table because that's the only way these disputes get resolved."

    He added his message to Bob Crow was: "Come and meet me any time, my phone is on 24 hours a day. I'll meet him any place anywhere."


    Many commuters seemed to have switched to using the bike hire scheme as journeys were up by 50% yesterday, with almost 30,000 hires.

    Barclays bike hire scheme

    The same trend has been seen today, with over 11,000 hires by 10:00.


    Crowding at stations including Paddington, Stratford, Brixton and London Bridge have returned to normal for this time of day, reports TfL Bus Alerts.

    There are delays on the buses by up to 40 minutes, however.


    Speaking to BBC London 94.9 earlier, Boris Johnson said: "I can put my hand on my heart after having really (looked at the proposals) - and I've been around this a lot - we think people will be safer and better protected."

    Listen again to the interview.


    Check what services are running on TfL's website and keep up-to-date with @BBCTravelAlert for the wider transport impacts.

    Commuter looking at a station service update board

    Cabbie Steven Murray told BBC London 94.9 he had been advising some people to walk.

    "A £10 journey can turn into £20-25. I've been telling people it's a 45 minute walk but that's your best option."

    12:25: Sonja Jessup Presenter, BBC London News

    I'm off to the RMT's offices to interview Bob Crow.

    I'm aiming to get the footage to Karl Mercer so he can include it in his update on the Tube strikes for the 13:30 bulletin on BBC One.


    Earlier, Chris Partridge tweeted: Massive queues for the bus right now - this one already fully loaded outside Paddington #tubestrike

    Bus passengers outside Paddington

    Mark James Richardson emailed locallive@bbc.co.uk to say: "Whilst the tube strikes may be causing disruption and inconvenience, more people than ever are walking and cycling.

    "Could this not be built upon when the tube is up and running again to curb the growing obesity and pollution levels in the nation's capital?"


    With nine out of 11 services running and 75% of stations open, check what services are at stopping at your station with TfL's live departure boards.


    Charing Cross Station is now open, tweets TfL Northern Line.


    Becky Baldwin posted this image on Instagram: Morning commute...the dream continues #tubestrike #thames #boat #thamesclipper #london #canarywharf

    Canary Wharf from River Thames

    Join political reporter Karl Mercer on BBC One shortly where he'll be reporting on today's Tube strike.

    Mayor Boris Johnson and RMT Union leader Bob Crow will both give their views on how the strike is going as will Transport Secretary Patrick Mcloughlin.


    BBC Travel Alert tweets: Heavy crowds at peak times been seen at W'loo, Brixton, Stratford, London Br, Victoria, Kings X

    13:43: via Facebook

    Find out what the strike has been like for Londoners over the last two days with our gallery of images on the BBC London Facebook page.

    Queuing for a bus

    TfL says nearly 75% of stations are open, with services operating nine out of 11 lines. Yesterday, 70% were open.


    Paul Ross and Penny Smith spoke to a Tube worker called Bill who called the BBC London 94.9 studios about this week's strike.

    Bill said he was striking because he felt London Underground's plans were a "huge threat to job security". Listen to the interview.


    BTP Central Line tweets: Late shift officers just receiving their postings for today's #tubestrike. We'll be at the key stations assisting and preventing #ASB.


    Sian Parry says: Morning commute, along with an inadvertent tour of London landmarks. Thanks #tubestrike!


    FirstCapitalConnect tweets: Highbury & Islington station has been closed by London Underground so our services are now unable to call there for the rest of the day


    This is the latest list of Tube stations that are closed.


    Bakerloo Line tweets: Service operating Queens Park to Elephant & Castle every 10 minutes. No service on the rest of the line.


    Oliver Needham sent us this photo he took at Vauxhall Tube station: "Not sure who provided them but it was nice to see that someone was looking after those that had no idea where they were travelling!"


    If you're checking your watch and wondering how you're going to get home from work, then take a look at Ed Davey's guide to how to overcome the strike.


    Piccadilly Line tweets: Now operating btn Acton Town and Heathrow 1,2,3. every 20 minutes and btn Arnos Grove & Cockfosters every 30 mins,no service rest of line


    Sharon, in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, emails: As much as I appreciate everyone's frustration over the strike people have not been given all the facts. My husband has worked for the underground for 17 years and will now be forced to re-apply for his own job. His role is being completely changed and he is facing a £10,000 salary cut.

    "You don't hear of the guys at the top being forced to do this. Their jobs, salary and pensions will be safe. How can they justify this?"


    The Tube strike centres around two main characters - mayor Boris Johnson and RMT union leader Bob Crow.

    Bob Crow and Boris Johnson

    But who are they? BBC Politics aims to find out.

    Travel bulletins 16:03:

    BBC London 94.9 will have travel bulletins every 15 minutes during Eddie Nestor's Drive Time programme.

    You can also keep up-to-date with BBC Travel Alert on Twitter and BBC Travel News.

    Talks to end deadlock 16:13:

    Fresh talks will be held tomorrow to try to resolve a bitter dispute over London Underground ticket office closures which resulted in a 48-hour Tube strike.

    Officials from the RMT and TSSA unions will meet London Underground tomorrow under the chairmanship of the conciliation service Acas to try to end the deadlocked row. Another 48-hour stoppage will be held from 21:00 next Tuesday if there is no deal.

    Roads are 'a war zone' 16:22:

    Luke Rogers, in Belsize Park, emails: "I cycle in from Hampstead and have found the roads to be a war zone.

    "Cars, lorries cyclists and pedestrians are going to collide, why aren't the police being proactive and showing greater presence in this extremely volatile time?"

    Traffic in central London

    Get in touch by emailing locallive@bbc.co.uk.

    'Want serious talks' 16:31:

    TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said it was time for the mayor to "get serious", claiming that 70% of the network was at a standstill today.

    "We want serious and detailed talks on our genuine fears for the safety and security of passengers and staff under these far-reaching plans. If that happens, I believe we can reach a settlement that will avoid next week's 48-hour walkout," he said.

    Different views of city 16:42:

    A strike by London Underground workers has seen many people change their journeys - here are some images of different views of the city that people have shared.

    Palace of Westminster
    Vauxhall underground closed 16:48:

    TfL Travel Alerts tweets: Vauxhall station is currently closed on the underground

    Evening commute 16:58:

    As the evening commute starts to kick in, keep up-to-date with this Twitter list of all the Tube lines.

    Latest on the strike 17:08:

    Members of the RMT and TSSA unions walked out at 21:00 on Tuesday for 48 hours in protest at the closure of ticket offices, with the loss of several hundred jobs.

    Although the strike finishes at 21:00, Transport for London says it does not expect Tube services to get back to normal until tomorrow morning.

    The unions and London Underground have agreed to go to conciliators Acas for talks tomorrow to try to settle the dispute and avoid a further 48-hour walk out next Tuesday.

    Video: Commuters tackle second day 17:19:

    Watch BBC London political reporter Karl Mercer's latest report on how the Tube strike has been playing out across the capital today.

    Boris Johnson with a passenger at Southfields

    He caught up with the mayor and we also hear from Labour MP Dennis Skinner and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin.

    Weather forecast 17:28:

    If you're walking home tonight because you can't get on the Tube or a bus here's the latest weather forecast.

    The current persistent rain will spread northwards through the evening, becoming persistent and heavy at times.

    Your views 17:38:

    Laura Roberts emails: "I'd like to respond to Sharon, in Hoddeson, Hertfordshire, whose email to you was just posted on the Tube live coverage feed.

    "She complains that her husband will have to re-apply for his job and face a pay cut. Welcome to the real world Sharon, where workers in the private sector have had to re-apply for their jobs, or are made redundant in great numbers since we hit this recession.

    "You know what? Get over it. Re-apply, and if you don't like it, find another job elsewhere, re-train if necessary, strive and sacrifice and work hard like millions of us have done for years."

    Queues at bus stops 17:45:

    BBC London 94.9 tweets: Queues building at bus stops around London Bridge Station #tubestrike

    Bus queue
    Tube line update 17:51:

    The Piccadilly line is operating between Hammersmith and Heathrow terminals 1,2 and 3 every 20 minutes and Arnos Grove to Cockfosters every 30 minutes. There is no service on the rest of the line.

    Help from vintage buses 18:00:

    Vintage Routemasters have been running along a bus route in Camden Town as transport chiefs try to cope with London's Tube strike, writes the Camden New Journal.

    Theatre travel advice 18:08:

    The Donmar Warehouse in Covent Garden is advising audiences to allow plenty of time to get to tonight's performance.

    It tweets: Please plan your journey in advance if you are coming to #Coriolanus today - some nearby tube stations remain closed bit.ly/JHp1LY

    Boris 'looks content' 18:17: Tim Donovan Political Editor, BBC London

    So far in this dispute Boris Johnson looks like he's fairly content. He will be welcoming an opportunity to be seen to be dealing with an industrial crisis well.

    His calculation is it's more important for him to look tough and face down this union. No compromise, no deal.

    There's a slight vulnerability, however, because he has never sat down with the RMT and talked.

    'Sympathetic to strike aims' 18:25:

    Diane Abbott, the Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, claims most people in London are sympathetic to the aims of the striking workers.

    Diane Abbott

    She said the government should have done more to get Underground workers and the Mayor of London talking ahead of the Tube strike.

    'Final Tube strike commute' 18:30:

    Tom Kell tweets: Final #tubestrike commute home until next week. District to Ealing hasn't been too bad @BBCLondonNews @BBCTravelAlert

    Passengers on a District line train
    Slow traffic due to strike 18:36:

    TfL Traffic News is warning motorists that traffic on the Finchley Road southbound from Swiss Cottage is "very slow" due to extra traffic because of the ongoing Tube strike.

    The 48-hour strike is due to come to an end at 21:00.

    Closed Tube stations 18:42:

    Tooting Bec and Chalk Farm stations are closed due to the strike, TfL has said.

    Crow 'gets members' interests' 18:48: Tim Donovan Political Editor, BBC London

    Aslef, the train drivers' union, says whatever abuse Bob Crow gets thrown at him he's got this intellectual ability to get to what his members' interests are.

    This strike has got personal between Bob Crow and Boris Johnson, largely because they haven't spoken and then they have in odd ways on TV and radio. It's highlighted a gulf in communication and there's a fear it has become "Bob v Boris" which makes it all more polarised and thus more difficult to solve.

    Delays at Liverpool Street 18:53:

    Jack Stevenson tweets: @bbclondonnews Liverpool Street worse than this morning due to delays #tubestrike

    Passengers at Liverpool Street
    Quicker to walk 19:14:

    Brannon Harnish emailed: "I ended up walking to work today. Earls Court to Brentford. Only 4.8 miles & an hour and a half. Still quicker than queuing."

    Slow traffic

    TfL Traffic News tweeted: Park Lane, central London, after various collisions, breakdowns and extra #tubestrike traffic. Very slow both ways.

    Traffic in central London
    A pain in the rain 19:19:

    Martin Molloy emails: "The rain and awful weather hasn't helped. On both days I had planned to walk to get to work, allowing myself enough time to do so. But who wants to walk and have to sit at work all day in wet clothes? I had little choice but to wait ages for a bus that was empty enough for me to get on."

    Latest on the strike 19:25:

    The strike finishes at 21:00, but Transport for London says it does not expect Tube services to get back to normal until tomorrow morning.

    Services affected 19:32:

    On the District line, trains are running between Upminster and Wimbledon and between High Street Kensington and Ealing Broadway every 12 minutes, Transport for London says. There is no service on the rest of the line.

    Bond Street station, which is served by both the Central and Jubilee lines, is closed.

    Public consultation on Tube cuts 19:43:

    Val Shawcross, transport spokeswoman for the London Assembly Labour Group, has written to Mayor Boris Johnson asking him to hold a public consultation on plans to close ticket offices and cut jobs. She says: "No one has a monopoly on good ideas and Boris should be willing to listen to what the public have to say.

    "After all, they are the ones who use the Tube day in, day out, and will have to live with the cuts."

    Open ticket barriers 19:48:

    The RMT union has asked its members to leave ticket barriers at Tube stations open and not issue penalty fares or check tickets, as a form of protest against cuts planned by Tube bosses, the Londonist is reporting.

    Described as a "revenue strike", the action will take place for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening tomorrow, and will be repeated on Monday and next Friday.

    Calls for 'serious talks' 19:50:

    As the 48-hour Tube strike approaches its end, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes says it is time for the mayor to "get serious" and resolve the dispute.

    Manuel Cortes

    "We want no more stunts or PR baloney from Boris. We want serious and detailed talks on our genuine fears for the safety and security of passengers and staff under these far-reaching plans.

    "If that happens, I believe we can reach a settlement that will avoid next week's 48-hour walkout."

    Impact of strike 19:52:

    During the 48-hour strike there has been disagreement between the unions and London Underground (LU) over how much impact the walkout has had.

    LU says nearly 75% of stations were open today, with services operating on nine out of 11 lines. Yesterday, it says 70% were open. The RMT and TSSA dispute those figures and say the strike has been "rock solid".

    Live bus arrivals 19:55:

    See how the buses are coping by putting your location into this live bus arrivals checker.

    The Bob and Boris Story 19:57:

    After reading this BBC Politics piece on Boris Johnson and Bob Crow, you'll learn that the two are not exactly friends and have very different backgrounds - but are paid roughly the same for their jobs.

    Bob Crow and Boris Johnson
    Talks to avert another strike 19:59:

    Londoners have seen hours added to their daily commutes, with many having to rely on buses and bikes as a 48-hour Tube strike paralysed the network from 21:00 GMT on Tuesday.

    The RMT and TSSA unions will be meeting London Underground bosses tomorrow to discuss the dispute over plans to close all Tube ticket offices and cut jobs.

    If the talks fail, Tube staff will walk out again for 48 hours from 11 February.

    Have a good evening 20:00:

    That's all from BBC Local Live today. Join Rebecca Cafe tomorrow for all the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

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