Met Commissioner 'would not cycle' in London

Bernard Hogan-Howe Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said he would not cycle in London due to the vulnerability of cyclists

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The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has revealed he would not cycle in London, following six fatalities in the city within two weeks.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said cyclists were too vulnerable and traffic too busy on the city's roads.

He said: "If you get it wrong, or the driver gets it wrong, the person that's going to pay is the cyclist."

The Mayor of London's office said Boris Johnson had committed £1bn to improving cycle safety in the city.

Mr Hogan-Howe was speaking to BBC London 94.9 after six cyclists were killed in a period of two weeks on London's roads.

Police operation

He said: "Of course some people don't have the choice, economically.

"If you've got someone who can't afford to take a car into the congestion zone, if they did, you can't park it anyway.

"I understand why they take the choice, [but] it wouldn't be mine."

In a statement released later, Sir Bernard added: "I was expressing a personal view as a non-cyclist and I would like to clarify my position.

Health benefits

"There is no doubt that despite the growth of cycling in London, it has got safer and its cost effectiveness and health benefits make it an attractive option for many people."

The number of cyclists killed in crashes in London so far this year stands at 14, the same as the figure for the whole of 2012.

Over the next week more than 2,000 police officers will be deployed in an operation to try to make the roads safer.

The House of Commons Transport Committee is also to hold an oral evidence session on cycle safety on December 2 to "stimulate debate".

Committee chairman Louise Ellman said the deaths this year had raised the issue of restricting lorries, and the behaviour of drivers and cyclists.

Fatal cycle crashes The map shows when and where the fatal crashes took place

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    Comment number 429.

    Traffic signage, traffic lights and lane discipline apply to all road users. If drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists obey the rules, queue behind each other at lights (cyclists & motorcyclists) and do not overtake each other in urban areas because their vehicle can go faster than the other (this applies to drivers, motor cyclists and cyclists) their would be fewer cyclist and motorcyclist deaths.

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    Comment number 428.


    Do you know if "riding furiously" is still on the statute books? I think it may be. But has anyone actually been prosecuted since the war? (Isn't it the same offence that can be brought against horse riders?)

    Is there any offence that can be committed by pedestrians who collide with a bike, car or other pedestrians while being unaware of their surroundings or even running?

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    Comment number 427.

    I take my chopper in to work at least once a week. Even if it is to impress the ladies and make the men envious.

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    Comment number 426.

    ..the large vehicle turns left and cannot see the cyclist who has pulled up alongside. The obvious safety measure is to cycle behind the vehicle instead

    Yeah except they pull alongside you, then a few yards later turn left. as soon as their cab has passed some of them either forget you exist or that there's a long lorry attached to the back of the cab

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    Comment number 425.

    I still have a bike - and I used to ride in London about a decade ago and three things have happened since first I am older, second there is more traffic and third my current bike folds and is worn out.

    I rode extensively as a child (a long time ago) - but ex-wife 'persuaded' me to give my good lightweight bike to her younger brother a while back - she didn't like me riding - too risky!

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    Comment number 424.

    I'd like to cycle but I know I would not be able to resist the use of an iPod while using it. I can't even manage that when walking more than a mile. I think cycling is a more than valid form of transport but there needs to be done to make sure it's safe and efficient, and simply fining/charging drivers for often irrelevant or petty things isn't the answer.

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    Comment number 423.

    419 True Brit:

    'most bicycle users on the road today do not observe highway code and drive dangerously in particular over taking cars on the pavement side'.

    That is not dangerous driving and doesn't fall foul of the Highway Code. You are allowed to pass on the left if traffic on the right is moving slower than you. It is far safer than going outside and potentially on the other side of the road!

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    Comment number 422.

    I last rode a bike in London in my early teens and wouldn't get on a bike now - too many idiots on the road. Until we have proper bike paths such as in Amsterdam WITH cyclist right of way, cycling will never be safe, superhighways for bikes are inadequate. Get on your bike? Not interested in being another Govt statistic.

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    Comment number 421.

    Media hype.

    The fatalities were caused by tipper trucks and buses. It is a scenario familiar to anyone who remembers the driving test Hazards video. At a junction the large vehicle turns left and cannot see the cyclist who has pulled up alongside. The obvious safety measure is to cycle behind the vehicle instead.

    The truth is that London roads are amongst the safest they've ever been.

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    Comment number 420.

    416 Quo Vadis
    No, I live in the Fens - c**p roads with ditches on both sides but have several cars (including a 4x4 for winter and a kit-car for playing) - I have no problem parking, am civilised towards cyclists (unless MAMILs all over the road), and an overall nice person :) even if I say it myself.

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    Comment number 419.

    I am a regular bicycle user and a driver for many years and sad to say that most bicycle users on the road today do not observe highway code and drive dangerously inparticlar over taking cars on the pavement side they also drive in the drivers blind spot in slow moving traffic. most have dark clothes and no lights and no headgear

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    Comment number 418.

    It's odd how it is always car v cyclist. Yet most cyclist accidents involve HGVs, not cars. And most fatalities on London roads are pedestrians. Nobody seems to mention them. And so many cyclists who fume with righteous indignation at careless car driving see no inconsistency in their own reckless disregard toward even more vulnerable pedestrians.

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    Comment number 417.

    I find it quite a sorry state of affairs that in these days of councils cutting their budgets and getting rid of homeless hostels, drug rehabilitation centres etc somehow money is still found for new cycle lanes and routes that wouldn't be needed if cyclists would follow the highway code and the occasional car driver would show a bit more attention.

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    Comment number 416.

    Yes, Quo Vadis, they do this on the continent, with special traffic light for cyclists, but it costs too much to change things here, I fear... nagivatorjan, I could not agree with you more - unless you have a 'place in the country' as well, what's the point? We are talking Shephers Bush here..., purely a status symbol im most cases...

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    Comment number 415.

    Sorry - should have linked to 301.
    Am cyclist and motorist and see the worst of both camps. Would like to see an overall improvement in attitudes from each side - doubt it'll happen overnight though.

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    Comment number 414.

    412 Quo Vadis
    Many junctions have a box for cyclists so that they can get away first. The trouble is they wear out and too many drivers stop in them instead. I can't be bothered to look the fine up, but it's quite sizeable, but NO-ONE GETS PROSECUTED FOR IT.
    Good night, peeps!

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    Comment number 413.

    further comment on 408

    He parked the car with great difficulty, having to reverse three times though it was an easy slot. This elderly guy needs to have his driving licence taken away from him as he clearly does not understand the highway code and thinks the universe evolves around him, and he clearly is not capable of carrying out basic car manoeuvres anymore!

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    Comment number 412.

    Perhaps a simple solution would be to allow cyclists to proceed at junctions 15-20 seconds before general traffic is given a green light, as it seems that a high percentage of accidents happen at junctions.

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    Comment number 411.

    408 Ursi
    Why does anyone need a 4x4 in London? Where I live we have a lot of countryside, so they come in handy, but you don't have that I London and I don't think there's any mud either. And if you can't reverse into a parking space, you shouldn't be on the road, As a 61-yr-old female, I find it a piece of cake.

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    Comment number 410.

    You mean like motorists cocooned in their metal boxes with radios or mp3 players on full blast or using the phone or drinking coffee whilst they drive?


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    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was angry with the decision to send off Aaron Ramsey as his side drew at Besiktas in their Champions League play-off.

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    • The Health watchdog says poor quality critical care and staff shortages need to be tackled in two hospitals run by the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust
    • A group of 25 small businesses and charities in Islington say they will be made 'homeless' as an unintended result of a relaxation in planning laws.
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    Two men have been charged with the murder of a teenager four years ago. Charlie Wright, 17, of Eltham, was shot in the face at a house in Park Mews, Calvert Road, Greenwich, in April 2010.

    Charlie Wright

    Hassan Hassan. 32, of Vesta Road, Brockley, and Colin Anderson, 48, of no fixed abode, will appear at Bromley Magistrates' Court charged with murder.

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    Business leaders in Surrey have backed a suggestion that areas of the county should become part of London.

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    Silhouette of people waiting in a queue

    "The queue is still a theatrical thing," says Dr Joe Moran, a social historian. "It's tedious but it's the most visibly fair way of rationing a resource. It also makes something look popular."

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    Hackney Council tweets: We're launching an exciting new scheme for first-time market traders where they can pitch for free - pls read here:

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    HS2 - the proposed high speed rail link from London - is supposed to help bridge the North-South divide.

    But the debate surrounding the controversial project has arguably opened up a divide between councils in the north, who welcome the scheme, and those further south which do not.

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    Bike stolen from fundraiser 13:46:

    A £7,000 bike has been stolen from a triathlete who was raising money for charity.

    Paul Nash and his bike

    Fundraiser Paul Nash, 56, of Worcester, was due to take part in an Iron Man race on Sunday in Menorca, when his bike was stolen from the back of his car on 3 August while it was parked in Highbridge Road, Barking, the Met Police said.

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    Film fans got into the spirit yesterday evening at a screening of E.T. at Somerset House in central London.

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    Two men from east London have been charged as part of an investigation into a £1m fraud in south-west England.

    Rahim Choudhrey and Abdul Shafee, both 18, of Tower Hamlets, have been charged with 10 counts of conspiracy to defraud victims out of £168,000.

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    London Paddington tweets: Apologies for the continued delays and cancellations to services to/from Paddington due to the earlier freight train failure nr #Reading.

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    The top local story on BBC London 94.9: A new offence of "domestic abuse" could be created under plans being considered by the government.

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    Madame Tussauds has unveiled a new wax figure of the singer Beyonce Knowles in Regent's Park.

    Person takes a picture of new Beyonce waxwork
    Hospital trust criticised 11:40:

    Health watchdog Care Quality Commission (CQC) has criticised staff shortages and highlighted poor quality critical care at hospitals run by a North West London Hospitals Trust.

    Northwick Park and St Mark's hospitals were graded "requires improvement" while the trust's third hospital, Central Middlesex, was rated "good".

    Ticket sales consultation 11:31:

    An independent body representing passengers has launched a consultation into how commuters buy tickets.

    The London Travel Watch questionnaire will form the group's response to London Underground's plans to change the way in which tickets are sold at stations.

    Bromley crime prevention 11:21:

    Bromley MPS tweets: Crime prevention stand at Hoblingwell Wood Lessons Way Orpington. 2pm - 5pm @BromleyYouth #bromleysafertransport

    Marchioness disaster 25 years on 11:09: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    Simon Senior, 20, lived the epitome of cool '80s lifestyle: he modelled for ID magazine, lived with his girlfriend on west London's King's Road and played bass guitar in a band.

    Simon Senior

    He was onboard the Marchioness 25 years ago. 'Fate was against him,' his mother told me. Here's his story.

    On air 10:58: BBC London 94.9 Radio

    The top local story on BBC London 94.9: The Prime Minister is cutting short his holiday and returning to Downing Street where he will discuss an online video purporting to the beheading of an American journalist by a jihadist.

    Secret Cinema new dates 10:50:

    Two new dates have been added for Secret Cinema presents Back to Future after the shows sold out.

    Tickets for the event on 25 and 27 August go on sale at 13:00.

    Marchioness disaster remembered 10:43:

    RNLI tweets: The Marchioness disaster is one of the reasons we now offer our search & rescue service on the Thames.

    Rescue boats
    Pet thefts soar 10:32:

    The Barking and Dagenham Post reports the number of animals reported stolen from Barking and Dagenham more than doubled in the first three months of this year, new figures show,

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    10:00: BBC London 94.9 Radio

    The top stories in the capital on BBC London 94.9:

    • The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has launched a consultation to look at strengthening the law on domestic violence by creating a specific new offence of 'domestic abuse'.
    • Two men have been charged with the murder of a 17-year-old who was shot dead in south-east London more than four years ago.
    Bank holiday travel 09:54:

    Chiltern Railways tweets: Travelling this bank holiday? Engineering wk is taking place on the Aylesbury via Amersham line. No trains between G Missenden & Marylebone

    M25 delays 09:45:

    On the M25 anticlockwise, one lane is blocked and there is heavy traffic between J11, A317 at Chertsey and J10, A3 at Wisley Interchange, because of an accident.

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    Watchdog calls for religion evidence 09:40:

    A human rights watchdog has called for evidence about religion in the workplace after a Christian registrar was disciplined by Islington Council for refusing to conduct gay civil partnerships, reports the Islington Gazette.

    Marchioness disaster 25 years on 09:31: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    "The lights went out and we knew water had got into the hull," said Iain Philpott, who was a 26-year-old fashion photographer, from Highbury, north London. "There were lots of screams and next thing, we were all in the water."


    On 20 August 1989, 131 people were on board the Marchioness when it was hit by the dredger Bowbelle, killing 51 people. A memorial service will be held at Southwark Cathedral later to mark the 25th anniversary of the disaster.

    Welwyn North delays 09:20:

    National Rail tweets: UPDATE: Residual delays of up to 15 minutes between Stevenage and London Kings Cross following signalling problems near #WelwynNorth

    Marchioness disaster 25 years on 09:15: Andy Dangerfield BBC News Online

    On August 20, 1989, the Marchioness pleasure boat collided with the dredger Bowbelle and sank in the River Thames, killing 51 people.

    Marchioness The Marchioness collided with the dredger Bowbelle

    Twenty-five years on, survivors and the victims' families recall what happened and the legacy that remains.

    Vanessa Feltz 09:06: BBC London 94.9 Radio

    On BBC London 94.9, Vanessa Feltz discusses Theresa May's plans to create a new domestic abuse crime.

    On air 09:00: BBC London 94.9 Radio

    The top story in the capital on BBC London 94.9: The Home Secretary, Theresa May, launches a consultation to look at strengthening the law on domestic violence by creating a specific new offence of 'domestic abuse'.

    Carnival travel guide 08:54:

    Planning on going to the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend? Here are some road closures you need to be aware of:

    • Sunday from 07:00 until around 23:59
    • Monday from 07:00 until around 03:00 on the morning of Tuesday 26 August

    Road closures will be from:

    • Harrow Hill in the north
    • Notting Hill Gate in the south
    • Clarendon Road in the west
    • Queensway in the east

    For full details visit the Transport for London website.

    Ask the Met boss 08:44:

    Metropolitan Police tweets: Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe will be taking your q's from 11:30 today in his Twitter Q&A. What do you want to ask him? #askMetBoss

    as it happened
    • News, sport, travel, weather for Weds 20 August
    • More updates from 08:00 on Thursday
    • Listen to BBC London 94.9
    New temple opens 08:34:

    A £20m Hindu temple has opened in north west London, funded entirely by the local community.

    The exterior of the Shree Swaminarayan Siddhant Sajivan Mandal Temple in Kingsbury The Shree Swaminarayan Siddhant Sajivan Mandal Temple in Kingsbury opened on 19 August

    The ornate Shree Swaminarayan Mandir in Kingsbury combines traditional Indian architecture and carvings with "green" technology.

    Queuing traffic 08:25:

    On the M25, one lane is blocked clockwise after J5 Sevenoaks and there are queues from J4 Orpington. In the City, roadworks continue on Lower Thames Street leading to delays westbound along The Highway.

    And a broken down vehicle on the A312 southbound at A4 Jolly Waggoners has led to queues all the way from the Uxbridge Road.

    Train delays 08:14:

    There is some disruption on the Southeastern service due to a line-side fire at Margate.

    And there are delays of about 15 minutes on East Coast and First Capital Connect trains between King's Cross and Stevenage because of signalling problems.

    Get the latest travel information on BBC London travel News or on Twitter @BBCTravelAlert.

    Sunny spells 08:07:

    It will be a mainly dry start, with some good sunny spells during the morning.

    However, some cloud will develop during the afternoon. It will feel rather cool. Highs of 18C (64F).

    08:00: Elaine Okyere BBC London News

    Good morning, I'll be bringing you all the latest news, sport, travel and weather from London today for BBC Local Live.

    You can also send your news, pictures and comments to



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