Hounslow, Richmond and Hillingdon residents against Heathrow expansion

  • 21 May 2013
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An aeroplane at Heathrow Airport
Hounslow, Hillingdon and Richmond residents responded to a survey sent to all households

Residents in three London boroughs overwhelmingly say they are against Heathrow Airport expanding, according to council consultations.

Hounslow Council said 72% were against expansion, 94% wanted noise reduction but 62% did not want a new hub built if it meant Heathrow would close.

In Richmond and Hillingdon 71% of people objected to a third runway.

Heathrow Airport said the Hounslow consultation involved just 1.2% of the borough's population.

'Out-dated' proposal

In a statement it said: "The council has carried out a consultation on an out-dated runway proposal which is not being promoted by Heathrow.

"Its conclusions are based on the responses of just 1.2% of the borough's population - with only 0.85% voting against Heathrow."

The consultation comes as plans for a third runway are being debated.

The government has set up an aviation commission to look into the country's future airport strategy. It is not due to report until 2015.

(L-r) Hillingdon Council Leader Cllr Ray Puddifoot, Boris Johnson and Leade of Richmond Council, Cllr Lord True
Most residents replied 'no' to a question about Heathrow expanding

Richmond upon Thames and Hillingdon Councils also held borough-wide ballots with joint results showing that out of 140,516 responses, 73% did not want to see any more flights in or out of the airport.

Lord True, leader of Richmond Council, said: "It is not an adequate or a safe site for a massive airport.

"The government should stop fudging till 2015, rule out this not-fit-for-purpose site and get on with delivering an expansion in a better site."

In its response, Heathrow Airport, said the results of the Hillingdon and Richmond surveys were based on responses from 30% of the boroughs' populations.

'Grasp the nettle'

It added: "Heathrow will submit outline proposals for additional capacity to the Airports Commission in July."

London Mayor Boris Johnson has proposed a four runway airport in the Thames.

However, a recent report by the House of Commons Transport Committee said this could lead to the closure of Heathrow.

The results from Hounslow were based on the first 3,000 responses to a questionnaire sent to every household, but it said the final percentages were likely to alter by 1-2%.

Councillor Colin Ellar, deputy leader of the council, said: "It's now time for Heathrow and all stakeholders to grasp the nettle and make a decision in the interests of our residents and the nation."

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