Dog stuck in tree sparks 999 plea

Firefighters are urging people to think twice before calling 999 after a dog managed to get itself caught in a fallen tree.

Sally, a border collie, was curious enough to climb the tree in a Twickenham park - but could not muster the courage to climb down again.

Firefighters were called and managed to coax her down with the help of a 9m ladder.

The London Fire Brigade is calling for fewer non-emergency callouts.

Watch manager Daniel Wareham, from Twickenham fire station, said: "The dog was very nervous and was relieved to get down after a bit of coaxing.

"She bolted to her owner with her tail wagging.

"Her elderly owner was really happy to get his best friend back."

He added: "If you see an animal stuck somewhere we'd advise you to call the RSPCA, who will then call for our help if needed."

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