London elections 2012: The issues

The mayor of London is responsible for transport, housing, planning and development, economic development and regeneration, culture and a range of environmental issues including air quality, waste disposal and climate change.

The manifestos of the seven candidates in the 2012 election on five key areas are outlined below.

Key election issues

Issue Economy Transport Crime & Policing Housing Environment

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson


Profile: Boris Johnson

  • Cut waste at City Hall, free up £3.5bn for services
  • Put £445 back in Londoners' pockets by freezing council tax
  • Create 200,000 new jobs over four years
  • Invest £221m to transform high streets and support small businesses
  • Deliver a successful Olympics and ensures a true Olympic legacy, creating 11,000 new homes and 10,000 new permanent jobs
  • Secure £22bn to invest in transport infrastructure, including £6bn on Tube upgrades
  • Pave the way for driverless trains, a mandate for a minimum turnout rule for strikes and lobby government to let the mayor take over suburban rail services
  • Cut Tube delays by a further 30% by 2015
  • Extend and protect the 24-hour freedom pass for all 60 year olds
  • Triple the number of cycle superhighways and extend the Cycle Hire scheme
  • Introduce the New Bus for London, roll out countdown machines and continue to make more bus stops accessible
  • Put 1,000 more police on the street than in 2008 and maintain that number through a second term
  • Crackdown on gangs with the first ever 1,000-strong gang taskforce
  • Take knives and guns off the street through Operation Blunt 2
  • Drive down crime on transport further by putting 697 more police officers on the network
  • Make young people earn free travel back after misbehaving
  • Build at least 40,000 new affordable homes by 2015, creating thousands of jobs
  • Secure a £3bn funding settlement from the government for housing for London
  • Build 11,000 new homes in the Olympic Park
  • Upgrade more than 40,000 council homes to meet the Decent Homes standard
  • Improve standards in the private rented sector with a new
  • Accredit 100,000 private landlords by 2016
  • Improve 300 acres of green space in London
  • Plant 20,000 new trees
  • Protect London's gardens with new presumptions against garden grabbing
  • Over 1,000 new community gardens from the 'Capital Growth' scheme launched in 2008
  • Invest £6m in improving local parks
  • Protect views of iconic buildings across London

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone


Profile: Ken Livingstone

  • Increase investment in London
  • Make the London Living Wage a condition of procurement at the Greater London Authority
  • Introduce a transport fares cut
  • Cut fares by 7% by October of this year
  • Protect the Freedom Pass
  • Extend Croydon Tramlink
  • Restore police numbers up to 33,260 officers
  • Offer all 432 state funded secondary schools across London a dedicated police officer committed to tackling knife crime
  • Introduce a new non-profit lettings agency to cut out fees of private lettings agents and so lower rents
  • Campaign for the London Living Rent so no-one will be forced to spend more than a third of their income on rent
  • Improve the level of affordable home building in London
  • Cut pollution and make London a healthier place to live

Brian Paddick

Brian Paddick

Liberal Democrat

Profile: Brian Paddick

  • Promote investment from abroad by ensuring London has a safe and positive image internationally
  • Work with colleagues in government to ensure the best deal for London
  • Lead the 'digital revolution' in London to ensure we have the technology to compete with the best in the world
  • One Hour Bus Ticket - hop on and off as many buses as you like within one hour for the cost of just one journey
  • Early Bird discounts for Tube, overground rail and DLR travellers using the network before 7.30am
  • A part-timers' Travelcard using Oyster technology, so people regularly travelling three days a week can get the sort of discounts provided by the weekly travelcards
  • One Day Outer London Travelcard
  • A review of all fare zones across London
  • Guarantee 33,500 police by protecting local neighbourhood teams, putting more police on the streets in communities most at risk from gun and knife crime
  • Those convicted of criminal offences being made to work in the community to repay their debt to society
  • Better Stop and Search - stop police targeting innocent people just because they are from minority ethnic communities
  • Help Londoners reclaim the streets by working with community groups to prevent crime
  • Survivors of rape to be better supported and taken seriously
  • Affordable house building programme for over 360,000 new homes to be built over next 10 years
  • Crackdown on rogue landlords using a Mayor's 'kitemark' for responsible renting and setting up a central unit to prosecute offenders
  • Set up a 'Rent London' website which will help students and young people searching for decent and affordable accommodation
  • All London's buses, taxis and most commercial vans running on electric by 2020
  • A zero carbon London by 2030 - promoting energy efficiency to reduce fuel bills and develop new technologies
  • A long term zero waste goal
  • An extra two million trees planted before 2025

Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones

Green Party

Profile: Jenny Jones

  • Stimulate industries such as renewable energy, manufacturing and engineering
  • Create more jobs at all skill levels and at least 150,000 high-quality apprenticeships aimed at young people under 25, all paying at least the London Living Wage
  • Focus the GLA's economic development budget on support for small businesses and co-operatives
  • Give communities and councils more power to keep jobs and money in their local economy, for instance to prevent chain stores taking over independent shops
  • Reduce the pay gap in London, for example by establishing a Fair Pay Mark recognising companies who publish their own wage gap and pay at least the London Living Wage
  • Keep fares across the transport system affordable and provide greater investment
  • Raise money for public transport, reduce congestion and improve air quality through a 'pay-as-you-go driving' scheme to replace the arbitrary congestion charge
  • Clean up London's buses, converting the entire fleet to low emission hybrid, hydrogen or electric models by 2016
  • Introduce 20mph speed limits on resident roads and rebuild London's most dangerous junctions
  • Help more Londoners cycle by providing clear, dedicated, safe spaces for cyclists and increase training for children
  • Call for a moratorium on cuts to the police budget until after the London 2012 Games
  • Increase the proportion of special constables, PCSOs and staff carrying out roles that need not be done by more expensive police officers, such as detection work, so that warranted officers can get out from behind desks and on to the street
  • Make local police service work more closely with residents and businesses to keep a visible presence on the streets
  • Undermine the criminal drug trade by campaigning for the decriminalisation of all drugs and the legalisation of drugs like cannabis
  • Aim to build at least 15,000 homes that ordinary Londoners can afford each year
  • Publish annually a London Affordable Rent figure for the average household, and only continue to provide land and public funding to build new affordable rent and social rent homes that are under that cap
  • Lobby for comprehensive and smart reforms of the private rented sector to bring down rents
  • End fuel poverty by rolling out the RE:NEW home insulation scheme to at least one million homes by 2015
  • Build a new generation of small and smart waste facilities to reach 80% recycling rates with no waste going to landfill by 2030
  • Lobby the government to tighten up packaging regulations to remove materials that cannot be recycled from our shelves
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 90% and reduce our ecological footprint by two thirds by 2030
  • Cut the GLA group's building energy usage by 10% in the first year of office, saving £2.7m, upgrade all buildings to be 'A' rated wherever possible by 2016, and become a zero carbon public service by 2020
  • Slash our energy usage by half and generate at least a third of our energy within London by 2030
  • Reinstate the Animal Protection Officer in the GLA

Carlos Cortiglia

Carlos Cortiglia

British National Party

Profile: Carlos Cortiglia

  • Endeavour to reduce taxation including exploratory studies to try and abolish the Congestion Charge
  • Make sure London Underground train services are properly staffed
  • Oppose automation of Tube train services
  • Oppose the construction of additional runways at Heathrow Airport but favour the construction of an airport terminal in the Thames Estuary
  • Focus on co-ordination and training of police forces
  • Oppose the introduction of water cannons and other elements that we consider are not adequate in a civilized society in the 21st Century
  • Extend powers of the London mayor regarding planning application processes as a step to reduce waste and increase the provision of adequate housing units
  • Endeavour to intensify recycling operations across the London region
  • Promote better access to alternative sources of energy i.e. solar panels in public and private buildings, including private dwellings across London

Lawrence Webb

Lawrence Webb


Profile: Lawrence Webb

  • Salary freeze for all departmental heads in City Hall
  • Create more jobs for Londoners by getting a tighter grip on immigration
  • Cut rates for local businesses employing local people
  • Fight EU red tape
  • 5% VAT for beer and cider
  • Scrap Congestion Charge cameras
  • Fight HS2
  • 20 minutes free parking across London and free Saturday night and all-day Sunday parking
  • 70-minute multiple bus journey tickets
  • Make all new taxis VAT exempt and allow taxis to use Olympic VIP lanes
  • Redevelop Manston Airport in Kent as international hub
  • Zero tolerance on gangs, knife crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Offend on Saturday, face court on Monday
  • Change operating procedures in the Met to support an easy system for people to effect citizens' arrests for vagrancy, drunkenness, vandalism, weapons, low-level disorder, thieving, shoplifting etc
  • Cut council waiting lists in half by filling empty properties from a central register and prioritising the needs of long-term Londoners
  • Cut VAT on the refurbishment of existing buildings
  • Cashback incentives for good recycling
  • Local referenda on key developments
  • Give landlords the power to decide if they want smoking rooms in pubs and clubs

Siobhan Benita

Siobhan Benita (Pic: Siobhan For Mayor)


Profile: Siobhan Benita

  • Establish an independent Office of Budget Responsibility for London which will produce five-year economic forecasts for London twice a year and undertake a competitiveness review of London.
  • Maintain and extend investment in London's transport and support and facilitate the roll-out of capital-wide wi-fi
  • Create new jobs and opportunities, promote benefits of apprenticeships
  • Attract investment from abroad and capitalise on the Olympics to attract business from overseas
  • Support expansion of Heathrow Airport
  • Freeze fares until 2014 and introduce concessions for people who are on minimum or low wages and free travel for people who are actively seeking employment
  • Extend Tube services by one hour on Friday and Saturday evenings and develop a skeleton 24-hour rail service from main stations to outer boroughs
  • Roll out a lane rental scheme across all boroughs to get better co-ordination of roadworks and introduce smarter congestion charging
  • Create a new, waterborne Tube line with a frequent service of high-speed boats from Putney to Woolwich
  • Carry out a feasibility study for a new East London River Crossing
  • Accessibility - make the transport network easier to use for everyone
  • Working with the Met commissioner to undertake a "capability review" to ensure officers and resources are being used in the most effective way
  • Appoint a 'Young Mayor for London' as a paid position in City Hall and establish a Greater London Youth Assembly giving a voice to youth at the heart of the capital
  • Actively promote the Safe Havens scheme across all boroughs, provide funding for all four Rape Crisis Centres and develop a strong approach to tackling forced marriage, honour-based violence and female genital mutilation
  • Work with every borough to address its residents' top five local concerns
  • Gift all of the Greater London Authority 'family' land to housing associations on condition it has to have building started on it during the next mayoral term, or ownership would revert back
  • Introduce a private rented sector property MOT where properties are independently assessed for their suitability and the landlord provided with training and a certificate of good practice
  • Make the case that London should receive the lion's share of discretionary housing benefit and benefit caps and other constraints to be regionalised
  • Target unused and derelict buildings for new houses. This includes urging the government to remove listed restrictions on Battersea Power Station.
  • Hold a London-wide Strategic Housing summit, bringing together all housing associations in London for first time
  • Aspire to all homes in London being on a water meter by the end of the mayoralty
  • Introduce a monthly 'Free London Day' where Londoners are encouraged to leave their cars at home and will be able to travel for free on public transport and town centres will be pedestrianised
  • Pilot a 'London goes green day' when Londoners would be encouraged to do the little things that can make a difference; switch off lights, turn off the tap, walk to school/work etc

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