Driving through (and around) Wapping's Olympic Lane


Lanes on the A13 near Wapping will be closed off to traffic during the Games

Here is a story I've done on the proposed Olympics Lanes and the anger that they are causing in some quarters.

In Wapping, east London, many of the people I spoke to said they did not know about Transport for London's consultation on the lanes and they feel extremely angry about the plans.

Four pedestrian crossings will be removed and there is a concern that this could lead to fatalities.

Motorists and residents are also going to be hemmed in by the Games Lanes.

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London view

It is interesting that the Mayor's Office have already cut the number of pedestrian crossings they will close, and it looks like they plan to reduce the number even more.

But the concern from black cabbies is going to rumble on.

Last time I heard the Mayor Boris Johnson talk about letting black cabs in the lanes he said it would be virtually impossible.

The cabbies I spoke to also point out that not allowing right turns and U-turns on the lanes will also prevent them getting around easily and add to the congestion.

These "Games Lanes" are a sore point and insiders concede they will add to the congestion.

Segregating traffic with its echoes of "zil lanes" is a difficult sell anyway even when it is for the Olympics.

Tom Edwards, Transport correspondent, London Article written by Tom Edwards Tom Edwards Transport correspondent, London


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    Comment number 12.

    The comments by Boris are complete tosh and he knows it, Locog the Olympic organising committee and TFL between them have competely got it wrong.Those of us who live and commute in areas which are close to the Olympic village know the daily misery which ensues when the Blackwall tunnel is frequently blocked or closed.The whole thing is an expensive junket and farce for the likes of Coe and Locog

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    Comment number 11.

    Once again im reassured that not living in the smokey, dirty, crowed, slow moving and chaotic pile that we call a capital is a good thing. However i do feel for those do....

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    Comment number 10.

    This seems a case of the olympic committee throwing it weight around, why else would it be needed for a para olympics as well which will be a much smaller event. This will cause complete misery for anyone who lives and works in London. If anyone wants t organise a Zil lane picnic protest I would be up for joining it!

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    Comment number 9.

    I think we should be encouraging park and ride facilities - at North Weald Airfield and Fairlop Waters Country Park. Both are near central line stations bringing visitors into Stratford - reducing some of the pressure on the roads and railways in central and east London. North Weald is huge, near the M25 / M11 intersection and the line beyond Epping is still working, I believe.

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    Comment number 8.

    What am I getting from the olympics. Not alot (no tickets anyway). I travel through the Blackwall Tunnel every day to work, from late June to mid September 2012 it appears there's going to be restrictions from 06.00 (!) to 24.00, just so a few competitors & officials can get to the stadium quickly. This is London, travel is a pain, let the visitors experience it. Wish Paris had won.


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