More Tube strikes: RMT or TfL, who will blink first?

Tube strikes Many stations were shut during the last series of Tube strikes

Six days of strikes is certainly a statement of intent from the RMT Union.

While this is a separate dispute of two drivers being dismissed - it has its roots in the previous dispute over ticket office opening hours.

One was sacked after an "operational incident" and another for what the RMT call "trumped up charges" by "strike breakers".

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

"It is the abject failure of London Underground to recognise that their policy of victimisation of union activists has been well and truly rumbled... that has left us with no choice but to name these dates for strike action."

About the two drivers, TfL says one was dismissed for an alleged serious safety breach and the other for allegedly using abusive behaviour.

Mike Brown, TfL's managing director, said:

"Just 29 per cent of the 1,300 drivers balloted voted for this strike. We know that the vast majority of drivers work safely with the utmost respect for passengers and their fellow workers at all times."

Start Quote

London Underground

Because the strikes are in blocks of three days then any disruption will be considerable”

End Quote Tom Edwards

What exactly happened is now subject to an industrial tribunal.

How much disruption will it cause? My guess is it will be similar to the last dispute.

Half of Tube drivers are not RMT members so like last time up to 50% of trains could run. However, unlike last time more stations could be open as the TSSA union are not out.

It's also worth bearing in mind that because the strikes are in blocks of three days then any disruption will be considerable.

Tube bosses have indicated they won't back down on this.

So, it all depends on how many staff cross picket lines. Industrial relations are poor at the moment.

I've mentioned before that grassroots activists say the Olympics could be a target for more strikes.

What chance of talks sorting this out? Let me know your thoughts.

Tom Edwards, Transport correspondent, London Article written by Tom Edwards Tom Edwards Transport correspondent, London


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    Comment number 24.

    The strike has now been suspended because one of the employees was found to be unfairly dismissed. All you anti-union folk need to remember that divide and conquer has been used for centuries by the rich to subjugate the poor. Cameron must be rubbing his hands with glee reading these comments!

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    Comment number 23.

    The Tribunal has decided that Eamonn Lynch, the Bakerloo TOp, was unfairly dismissed. LUL has called on RMT to cancel the strike but have not said they will be giving him his job back.

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    Comment number 22.

    18. Tunnelrat1
    If the RMT are wrong here then can you please explain why both drivers have been awarded Interim Relief at an Industrial Tribunal

    So why strike until you know how this appeals process is going to go? If they are innocent give them their jobs back, if not sack them - still no reason to strike though.

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    Comment number 21.

    So the old "Bully Boy" tactics of those neolithic babies - who get upset when anything isn't how they want it - is being flexed again. Pathetic. Do everyone else a favour and grow up, you are not being victimised here. If drivers have been suspended, by all means investigate this and ensure that the reasons a just and valid, but don't lose sight of everything to try to save some face.

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    Comment number 20.

    I think the reason there is so much hype is because there always seems to be something eh in your line of work. Pay, sacked workers, triple time pay demands on holiday shift work. Im a registered nurse and if we striked every time we disliked things this country would be in trouble. You are way overpaid and treated for the level of skill required in your job.


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