Dunsby illegal rave not stopped 'for 15 hours'

Lincolnshire Police has said it took about 15 hours to stop an illegal rave attended by about 300 people because it was unsafe to intervene.

Officers arrested seven people on farmland at Dunsby, near Bourne, on Sunday afternoon, but the party had been reported on Saturday night.

Supt Shaun West said the event had been contained but they had insufficient officers and resources to stop it.

Two cars and a sound system were also seized at about 14:30 GMT on Sunday.

Police said up to 300 people attended the rave at its peak which was first reported to officers at about 23:00 GMT on Saturday.

Mr West said: "By the time that we'd got staff on the ground it transpires that much larger numbers had started to amass.

"So those staff that were there on the ground had basically said 'it's not safe for us to deal with, given the fact it's now dark and unsafe terrain to deal with these sorts of numbers'."

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