UKIP's Ransome family celebrate Boston victories

Media captionSue Ransome and her daughters won three seats for UKIP

A Lincolnshire family-of-five are celebrating after three of them won seats for UKIP in the county council elections.

Sue Ransome, 61, with her daughters Felicity, 27, and Elizabeth, 26, won seats in Boston.

Her husband Don and daughter, Jodie Sutton, 36, also stood in Boston but came second.

UKIP made gains across Lincolnshire, ensuring the Conservatives lost overall control.

The Tories won just 36 seats - down from 61 at the previous election.

'Heated discussions'

Mrs Ransome said she was very proud of her family.

"I can't quite believe it," she said. "We're used to coming second, third, but never first. It's great, a dream come true.

"They've stood since they were old enough to stand."

Mr Ransome said political discussions around the dinner table could get heated at times.

"Occasionally someone will say they're heading off early but that's a natural family," he said.

"We're all united in the cause and have kept the UKIP cause alive since 1999. It looks like I'll be going from taxi driver dad back to taxi driver dad, ferrying them all around again."

Mrs Ransome took the Boston East seat with 675 votes while Felicity took Boston Coastal with 826 votes and Elizabeth took Boston Fishtoft with 837 votes.

'A shock'

Her husband stood for Boston South and her eldest daughter Jodie stood for Boston Rural but both came second.

Felicity Ransome said she was still taking it all in.

"It's been a bit of a shock this morning, when I woke up and found out I'd actually got through," she said.

"I just think people want change, especially local people. I'm looking forward to trying to sort out the county council problems for the Lincolnshire taxpayers.

Mrs Ransome added her 19-year-old son was also interested in standing in future elections.

"Perhaps at a parish level, just to start him off. We shall see."

'Our time has come'

The family is planning to celebrate on Friday evening, after everyone has got back from work, Mr Ransome said.

He added: "Our time has come - I'm used to always being the bridesmaid - but at least I've got a few brides with me now.

"Everybody has had enough, and hopefully we can deliver something different and spend Lincolnshire taxes on Lincolnshire people."

Immigration is a big issue in Boston, which the 2011 census revealed had the largest number of non-British EU passport holders outside of London. UKIP won five of the seven seats in the town.

Fellow UKIP candidate Bob McAuley, who won in Boston West, said the party was concerned about the impact of immigration.

He said: "We hear of translation costs, we hear of various other things that are put into place that are actually taking money out of the county budget that are being used with relation to the immigration issue.

"I strongly believe that anything that involves that type of expense, like the extra schooling - I mean, £6m last year to enlarge the schools just in Boston - and I hear talk of a new school, all down to the fact of mass immigration."

The total number of UKIP county councillors in Lincolnshire now stands at 16.

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