Lincolnshire anti-rape campaign is launched

A campaign against sexual violence is to go into Lincolnshire schools to raise awareness among teenagers.

Organisers said the No Means No campaign will focus on the link between rape and alcohol, while emphasising drinking is no excuse for attacks.

As well as talks, it will use posters, leaflets and wristbands to explain the law, the role of consent and what advice services are available.

Police said it was vital people knew early on what behaviour was acceptable.

'Simple message'

The campaign is backed by the police, NHS, county council and a number of voluntary organisations.

It is intended to encourage more victims to come forward and reassure them of the specialist services available.

The Sexual Assault Referral Centre at Spring Lodge opened in May 2010 and was credited with a 20% rise in sexual attacks being reported.

Det Insp Sean Baxter said: "We have already achieved a significant amount of progress in the area of rape and sexual assault, both in terms of the specialist services and support we offer and the positive effect this has had on victims coming forward to report crimes.

"The No Means No campaign builds on this and delivers a very simple message which we hope will instil in people from an early age the need to stay safe and give them the confidence to come forward if they do become victims."

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