Leicester school run parent's tirade of abuse

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Media captionThe parent swore and threatened a BBC reporter

A parent dropping his child off at school swore at and threatened a BBC reporter after it was pointed out his daughter was not wearing a seatbelt.

As he tried to get his daughter back into the car, the man told the reporter to "shut your mouth... before I smash your head in".

Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council were carrying out a safety morning outside Coleman Primary School.

Police recorded 13 offences, including a driver having too many passengers.

Two cars were also seized for drivers having invalid insurance.

'Dozens of warnings'

PC Lesley Marriot said some of those stopped told officers they should be dealing with more serious offences.

"We have got other things to do," she agreed.

"The questions we get asked are 'why are you not catching real criminals, why aren't you out catching murderers?' but at the end of the day, this is what is important to the people who live in this area and the children that come to this school."

Officers gave out dozens of warnings to parents who pulled up on the zig-zags painted on the road outside the school.

One mother, with a daughter at the school, said: "Parents have been given so much warning and done nothing about it," she said.

"My daughter had a car drive over her foot and when I went to confront the driver, she drove off."

A repeat safety operation was carried out at school pick-up time but a city council spokesperson said "word had got round" and just one offence was recorded.

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