Leicester council installs bus lane cameras

Digital cameras are being installed in Leicester to catch drivers who illegally use bus lanes in the city.

Leicester City Council said the cameras will capture the number plates of offenders, who will face £60 fines.

Monitoring at two sites has shown that hundreds of motorists regularly misuse the bus lanes, a city council spokesman said.

The new cameras will come into operation on 16 June on Charles Street and Causeway Lane.

The cameras will be gradually extended to bus lanes throughout the city and a roving camera car will also be used.

Councillor Rory Palmer said: "This is a new initiative for Leicester, so we have taken technical advice from our colleagues in Nottingham who operate a similar system, although all the decision-making itself will still be done by Leicester City Council."

Only buses, bicycles and hackney cabs are allowed to use the bus lanes.

Warning notices will be handed out from 16 June until 1 July with fines starting from 2 July.

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