Get in touch with BBC Leicester

If you need to get in touch with anyone at BBC Leicester or BBC East Midlands Today, here's how:

BBC Radio Leicester

  • Main switchboard: 0116 2516688
  • Call a show: 0116 2511049
  • Travel: 0116 2016603

Text number: 81333 - Start your message with LEICESTER. Texts to this number will be charged at your standard network rate.

By post: BBC Leicester, 9 St Nicholas Place, Leicester, LE1 5LB

By fax: 0116 2016645

You can e-mail the BBC Leicester newsdesk at radio.leicesternews@bbc.co.uk

BBC East Midlands Today

  • Call the news desk: 0115 9021930

E-mail the news desk: emt@bbc.co.uk

BBC Leicester website - bbc.co.uk/leicester

  • Call the East Midlands Online news desk: 0115 9021873

E-mail the news desk: noleastmidlands@bbc.co.uk

General BBC information

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