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Colne Valley spoof sculpture trail of 'eyesores'

The Colne Valley Sculpture Trail leaflet
Image caption The leaflet contains ironic art critic style commentary on each piece

A spoof sculpture trail has been created in West Yorkshire highlighting "artwork" such as an abandoned bath and a derelict house.

The leaflet promoting the fictitious Colne Valley Sculpture Trail near Huddersfield showcases what many people would consider eyesores.

The leaflet, which has been left in public buildings, contains ironic art critic style commentary on each piece.

Its author said in a different setting the pieces could be viewed as artwork.

The leaflet details the real life route of a three mile walk featuring 12 highlights such as an abandoned bath in a field, a derelict house and a collapsed wall, which have been attributed to fictional artists.

The abandoned bath is supposedly a piece called Wash Behind the Ears and is described as dealing with the "contradictory concepts of filth and cleanliness, typically by placing a familiar bathroom item in a countryside setting".

A section of collapsed dry-stone wall titled Wall/Fall/Wall is supposedly the work of Karen Braithwaite who built it then destroyed it "with some sense of violence".

It continues: "The resulting piece suggests a sense of bereavement, the turf above almost seeming to weep."

The author, who wished to remain anonymous but lives locally, said: "I genuinely think that the 'works' on the trail could, in a different setting, be viewed as art.

"I'm not keen on the angle that it's all eyesores.

"All of it is interesting to look at. Perhaps it could be called accidental art."

The author said good feedback had been received, adding: "My favourite thing I came across was somebody's blog, which, as far as I can tell, showed that they had walked the trail believing the 'sculptures' to be genuine works of art."

The author added: "My advice to people is if they want to do the walk, do it asap because the 'sculptures' could disappear at any time.

"My dream would be to have a preservation order put on the lot of them."

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