Springwatch: Skylarks sing at Royal St George


Golf courses cover more land in the UK than all of the RSPB's nature reserves put together, leading to calls from some experts for more to be done to care for the wildlife that lives on them.

In July, the golf world arrives in force in Kent for the Open Championship at Royal St George's near Sandwich, but once the tournament is over the finely manicured greens and fairways will still be home to different species of plants, animals and insects.

Reporting for Springwatch, Kent-based cameraman Richard Taylor-Jones went to Royal St George's to see if sport and nature can exist side by side. To his surprise, he found skylarks, wheatears and hen harriers along with green winged orchids nestling in the rough.

Springwatch can be seen Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 2000 BST on BBC2 until 16 June. With an earlier showing at 1930 BST on Wednesday 15 June.

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