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Weather latest: Updates from the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire coast on Thursday 5 December


    Good afternoon. With severe weather expected tonight, we'll be bringing you the latest updates from across North and East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

    We'd love to hear your comments and see your pictures - you can email them to us or tweet us at @RadioHumberside and @BBCYork.

    Village evacuation 1635:

    Residents in the village of Burringham in North Lincolnshire are being advised to evacuate their homes.

    North Lincolnshire Council says The Pods leisure centre in Scunthorpe has been opened as a rest centre.

    The council says: "Residents are advised to take an overnight bag containing change of clothing, key documents including insurance policies and medication for 24 hours."


    North Lincs Homes tweets: Our contact centre is open up until 9pm tonight if you need to contact us regarding problems with your home. 01724 279900 #humberflood

    Surge warning

    The Environment Agency is warning communities on the Humber Estuary to brace themselves ahead of a tidal surge expected to be the worst in 30 years.

    Humberside Police says North East Lincolnshire is most likely to be affected by the high tides leading to possible breaches from Immingham, along the coastline to the Humberston Fitties.

    Whitby flooding 1658:

    The RNLI in Whitby tweeted this scene from New Quay Road

    New Quay Road in Whitby
    999 lines busy 1710:

    BBC Radio Humberside tweets: Emergency services are asking people only to ring 999 in emergencies. Their lines are exceptionally busy with calls at the minute.

    Tide times 1722:

    Innes Thomson, the Environment Agency's regional flood risk manager, said concern was focused around high tides on the Humber Estuary at 19:45 GMT and 08:15 GMT tomorrow.

    Look North 1733:

    BBC Look North correspondent Jamie Coulson will be live on the programme from 18:30 GMT at Scarborough's South Bay with the latest on the tidal surge.

    Barrier lowered 1740:

    The tidal surge barrier in Hull has been lowered to protect the city from water.

    Tidal surge barrier in Hull
    Village evacuation 1750:

    Along with Burringham, residents in Gunness are now being advised to evacuate their homes.

    North Lincolnshire Council says transport to The Pods leisure centre will be provided to those who need it.

    Residents are advised to meet in the car park of the Take a Gander pub in Burringham by 18:30 GMT or the Jolly Sailor car park in Gunness by 18:00 GMT.

    Cleethorpes prepares 1758:

    BBC Humberside reporter Tarah Welsh in Cleethorpes says many people in the town are "quite worried" as they make preparations for possible flooding.

    "People don't really know what to expect and they're really concerned. Everyone's just taking precautions and feeling a little uneasy."


    Radio Humberside has tweeted this picture of Cleethorpes seafront.

    Cleethorpes sea front
    Homes at risk 1818:

    BBC Radio Humberside Tweets: The village of Paull in East Yorkshire is now a high risk area.

    150 homes are at risk to flooding, according to Humberside Police.

    Dock evacuation 1824:

    BBC Radio Humberside is reporting that Immingham docks are closing this evening, with the area being evacuated.

    Boston braced for floods 1831:

    Further south into Lincolnshire, Sharon Edwards, political reporter for Radio Lincolnshire, reports: 18,000 properties in Boston, Lincolnshire facing possible flooding. For those who cannot move to safety reception centre at Princess Royal sports arena has been created.

    High tide times 1841:

    BBC weatherman Paul Hudson tweets: For those concerned next high tides Lincs: Grimsby 7.06pm/7.45am. Immingham 7.23pm/7.58am. Skegness 7.37pm/8.12am. Boston 7.39pm/8.04am

    He adds: Yorks nxt high tides: Whitby Now/5.59am. Scarboro now/6.08am. Filey now/6.22am. Brid 5.54pm/6.30am. Hull 7.43pm/8.18am. Spurn 6.54pm/7.32am

    Park under water 1851:

    Chris Shaw, leader of North East Lincolnshire Council, has just told BBC Look North that the Humberston Fitties chalet park is "under three feet of water".

    Seafront flood 1859:
    Flood at South Bay, Scarborough

    This picture from South Bay in Scarborough was caught on camera by BBC Look North.

    Waves have come over the sea wall, breached defences and flooded some businesses on the seafront.

    'Completely flooded' 1907:

    Miles Jackson, whose family runs a shop on Sandside in Scarborough, says he worked for nearly two hours putting sandbags in place before things got too bad.

    "The waves just came too high and completely flooded the whole floor. The flood is now up to ankle height, but outside the shop it's up to my thigh.

    "It's really, really bad and we've had to pull out."

    Flood warnings 1922:

    The Environment Agency tweets: There are currently 8 Severe Flood Warnings, 32 Flood Warnings and 17 Flood Alerts in place across Yorkshire and the North East.


    Paul Hudson, BBC Look North weather presenter, tweets: Environment agency confirms on @BBCLookNorth with @peter_levy that North sea tidal surge is worst since January 1953

    More evacuations 1945:

    More residents in villages in North Lincolnshire are being advised to evacuate.

    Already the council has asked residents in Burringham and Gunness to leave their homes for the night.

    The council says people in Keadby and Amcotts should consider leaving.

    Anyone wanting further information can contact the council on 01724 297000.


    Back in Boston, Radio Lincolnshire political reporter Sharon Edwards reports: Motorists cannot travel across Boston...John Adams Way, town bridge and other roads across closed

    'Water lapping' 1959:

    Mr Joyce, a resident of Victoria Dock in Hull, tells BBC Radio Humberside he's preparing to "just go upstairs" to escape the rising water there.

    "The water is lapping. In an hour, it's been pushing up quite a lot. The railings along the river were just wet, now they're three-quarters under water."

    Exposed drains 2010:

    People are being asked to be aware that water pressure is forcing manhole covers off, leaving drains exposed.

    Humberside Police tweeted this picture.

    Exposed manhole covers
    Seafront flooding 2020:

    BBC Radio York reporter Sarah Urwin, in Scarborough, says parts of the seafront are now flooded and Foreshore and Sandside have been closed by police as water is now completely over the road.

    "People are up to their knees in some places, especially down near the front. People say they've never seen anything like this in their lives."

    Loud hailers at Victoria Dock 2029:
    Flood at Victoria Dock

    Andy Comfort on Radio Humberside says police are using loud hailers asking people to leave parts of Victoria Dock in Hull.

    Residents are being advised to move to higher ground if possible.

    Water is coming over the dock wall and flooding streets close to the Humber Estuary.

    'This is serious' 2041:

    Dene Sanders, Deputy Chief Fire Officer at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, tells BBC Radio Humberside that while water levels are now slowly falling, tonight's situation is just "a rehearsal for tomorrow's high tide".

    "Prepare yourselves, this is serious. Vigilance is the order of the day," he warns.

    'Biggest tides' 2046:

    Jo Jo tweeted this scene from Whitby

    Flooding in Whitby

    Tony Andryszewski, flood manager for the Environment Agency, tells BBC Radio Humberside the high tide is now working its way up the Humber, after having left several locations flooded behind it, "Scarborough and Whitby in particular".

    "The old harbour [at Whitby] overtopped, filled up and flooded many of the properties around the harbour.

    "It's one of the biggest tides we've ever witnessed. We'd have to go back to the 1950s to see something similar."

    Record levels 2101:

    The Environment Agency Tweets: The levels have peaked at #Hull now at 5.8m, the highest ever recorded - the Tidal Surge Barrier is usually triggered at 4.25m

    Blackout hits Whitby 2108:

    BBC TV reporter Dan Johnson, reporting from Whitby, said: "The water has come over the harbour and, according to the fire service, flooded maybe 200 properties around the harbour.

    "Now to add to the problems we've been plunged into darkness by a power failure around the harbour area.

    "Street lights are out, the lights in houses are out, the only illumination is the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles."

    'Apocalyptic' Whitby 2121:

    RNLI Whitby tweeted: Whitby like a post apolcalyptic movie earlier. No power,no traffic, dark, flooded streets. All sorts of rubbish strewn everywhere.

    Peter D Horbury captured this attempt at a car rescue in the town

    Flooding in Whitby
    'Sit tight' 2130:

    Glenn Ramsden, from Humber Rescue, an independent charity which provides a fast response rescue boat on the Humber Estuary, tells BBC Radio Humberside the team has been using one of their boats to ensure the safety of people living on Hessle foreshore near the Humber Bridge.

    "We've been systematically going through houses to make sure people are rescued or safe.

    "It's just starting to recede now so if you are safe, sit tight. It's terrible for everyone, but everyone - excuse the pun - is in the same boat. We're all going to have to get through this together".

    'Critical incident' 2147:

    All emergency services and local councils are warning the worst is not yet over and to expect further disruption in the morning, says Humberside Police.

    "Currently this is a CRITICAL incident for the whole of the Humberside area and people need to be taking the messages being issued very seriously and not ignoring the advice which is going out.

    "Concerns have already been raised following reports of people at Cleethorpes running into the tide and standing at the side of the sea to see what is happening.

    "Vehicles have also been travelling the wrong way down the A63, Hull. This is again causing issues for police and local emergency services as they look to try and help people who are affected by the flooding in the area."

    Three missing 2152:

    An RAF search and rescue operation has begun to search for three people who, it is believed, may have fallen into the River Trent close to Flixborough, North Lincolnshire, says Humberside Police.

    Three found 2158:

    Three people found safe and well after it was believed they may have been washed away close to Flixborough, says Humberside Police.

    Friday high tide times 2207: Via Twitter

    Humberside Police tweets high tide times for tomorrow morning: High Tides for Friday, 6 December AM -Spurn Point - 7.31am -Humber Bridge - 8.24am -Blacktoft - 8.44am -Goole - 9.11am


    That's all for Local Live today. Join us on Friday morning for more updates on the effects of the tidal surge in Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. Have a good night.


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