Worcestershire floods: Latest on Thursday 13 February 2014


    Good morning. We are running a live page today to keep you up-to-date on the latest news on the floods in Worcester and the surrounding area.

    Record levels 06:18:

    The current river level at Worcester is 5.67 metres, the previous high was 5.64 metres which was measured in July 2007.

    The typical river level range for this location is between 0.55 metres and 3.35 metres.

    Barrier overspill warning 06:20:

    Forecasters are predicting more severe storms today and the Environment Agency is warning that floodwater in Worcester could spill over barriers for the first time.

    Weather 06:28:

    Sleety showers could move into Worcestershire later, although we could also see some sunshine.

    We're looking at a top temperature of 6C (43F).

    'Unbelievably high' 06:36:

    The River Severn was "unbelievably high" yesterday afternoon, according to local resident Stan Hill.

    River Severn

    This picture was taken near the Diglis Hotel in Worcester.

    Road closures 06:42:

    BBC Travel News has the latest on road closures in Worcester which includes:

    • North Parade from the Worcester Bridge junction to the A44 Dolday junction
    • Worcester Bridge from the A443 Hylton Road junction to the North Parade junction
    • Tybridge Street between the A44 St John's junction and the A443 Hylton Road junction
    • Hylton Road between the B4206 Henwick Road junction and the Worcester Bridge junction
    • Croft Road between the Castle Street junction and the A44 Dolday junction
    • Castle Street between the A38 Foregate Street junction and the Croft Road junction
    Free shuttle bus 06:47:

    Worcestershire County Council tweets: Our free shuttle bus will continue ferrying passengers across #Worcester bridge from 7am (as long it's safe to do so) @worcester_uni

    Shuttle bus started 06:52:

    Worcester's shuttle bus is already up and running this morning.


    Worcestershire County Council says: "We've done a test run and we can start earlier than we planned."

    Caravan rescue 06:58:

    Hereford & Worcester Fire Service has been busy overnight. Among the call outs they rescued five people from static caravans in Kempsey.

    On air 07:00:

    One of the co-ordinators of Worcester's response to the flooding, Supt Mark Travis from West Mercia Police, is on BBC Hereford and Worcester's breakfast programme just after 07:00.

    Howard and Toni

    He'll update Howard and Toni on the current situation. Listen live

    River levels 'may go up again' 07:07: Phil Mackie Reporter, BBC Radio 5 live

    The river at the bridge in Worcester has fallen very slightly but may go up again a little.

    The shuttle bus is running and New Road is still not walkable.

    Power out 07:11:
    Record river level 07:15:

    The River Severn has reached a record level in Worcester.

    River Severn Worcester

    The height of water measured in the river in the city's Barbourne area at 05:00 was 5.67m, beating the previous record of 5.64m in July 2007.

    Flood warnings 07:21:

    Environment Agency Midlands tweets: There are currently 43 Flood Warnings and 48 Flood Alerts in Midlands. Latest info updated every 15mins: ow.ly/tzPFX #floodaware

    Access could be 'tricky' 07:26:

    Jon Fraser, Worcestershire's highways manager, says access to the city centre will be tricky if water levels rise further.

    "If the city road bridge is impassable for the shuttle bus we will have to take people on the ring road, which could take more than an hour," he adds.

    School closures 07:30:
    Bring in the army? 07:35:

    "Should we get the army involved?" Howard and Toni at Breakfast are asking on BBC Hereford and Worcester.

    Let them know what you think on 0345 300 8181 and you can listen live here.

    Long delays 07:41:

    BBC Hereford and Worcester reporter Lizzie Lane says: "It took me and hour to get through Powick this morning.

    Powick flood defence

    "It usually takes about two minutes."

    Queues out of city 07:46: Ben Sidwell Reporter, BBC Midlands Today

    Traffic in Worcester is already queuing to get out of the city towards the M5 at Junction 7 - it could take a long time to do a few miles.

    Two footbridges shut 07:51: BBC Hereford & Worcester

    Holt and Carrington bridges are open, but Sabrina and Diglis footbridges are shut.

    The shuttle bus in Worcester is running.

    Our view 07:59:

    Here's our view from the BBC Hereford and Worcester office today.

    Hylton Road

    Hylton Road is under water, cutting us off, and means there are lots of wellies in the newsroom.

    'Emergency footing' 08:05:

    Worcester City Council has been put on an "emergency footing".

    It means it will move some of its resources away from day-to-day work and focus on preparing for when the water levels do start to fall.

    'Stay safe' 08:11:

    Worcestershire County Council tweets: Don't take risks this morning on the roads, flood water is dangerous #Flooding #StaySafe

    Pump stolen 08:16:

    Some pumps are being manned all day and night after one was stolen from Bewdley.

    a pump

    "These are workers who could be helping elsewhere rather having to guard pumps. It's a poor situation," the Environment Agency says.

    Train services 08:21:

    Trains between Worcester and London Paddington will only run between Worcester and Oxford.

    Flood warnings 08:27:

    There are 22 flood warnings still in place for Herefordshire and Worcestershire. A new one was issued for the Frome at Bishops Frome last night.

    'Feel helpless' 08:33:

    Sarah, from East Sussex, emails: My parents live in Hylton Road and I feel so helpless being so far away. The house hasn't been flooded in 50 years so all fingers are crossed. Our thoughts are with any that are flooded anywhere in the country.

    Bringing you the news 08:41:

    Newsreader Louise Hancock is preparing the news bulletin for BBC Hereford and Worcester.

    Louise Hancock

    She's been in since 04:00 making sure we all get the latest information.

    Brief respite? 08:49:

    BBC Midlands Today tweets: It's a lot drier, brighter & calmer for today. We have a brief respite to the wind & rain. Just a couple of wintry showers to contend with!

    'Rush hour' 09:02: Ben Sidwell Reporter, BBC Midlands Today

    Traffic on some roads around Worcester is very congested, but this is rush hour in the city centre.

    Worcester City Council
    A4103 open again 09:07:

    The A4103 at Bransford is open again, Worcestershire County Council says.

    On the buses 09:10:

    Crowngate Bus Station is expected to remain open, but some buses will use alternative stops.

    The latest information can be found here.

    Your pictures 09:15:

    Five Live correspondent Phil Mackie sent us this picture of Cripplegate Park under water.

    Cripplegate Park

    Send your pictures to us and we will use them on the live page.

    Flooding situation latest 09:27:

    The River Severn, which has already surpassed its highest recorded level in Worcester, is expected to rise still further today.

    • The height of water measured in the city's Barbourne area at 05:00 GMT was 5.67m (18ft 7ins), above the previous 5.64m record of July 2007.
    • The Diglis and Sabrina footbridges are closed, and the city's road bridge is also shut.
    • A shuttle bus is taking people in and out of the city centre.
    'Water won't breach barriers' 09:33:

    River water in Worcester "will not breach flood barriers", the Environment Agency says.

    The Severn is due to peak later this morning. Today's level of 5.67m (18ft 7ins) is already the highest recorded.

    'Fighting spirit' 09:41:

    Worcester City Council says people are showing their fighting spirit, determined to keep going about their daily business.

    school children

    The mayor, Pat Agar, dropped in at Cherry Orchard Primary School, which was badly flooded in 2007.

    'Hard times' 09:43: via Facebook

    Andy Muxlow writes: Well done to all at bbc Hereford and Worcester for keeping us all in touch in these hard times

    On air 09:45:

    BBC Hereford and Worcester presenter Elliott Webb is asking how the flooding is affecting Valentine's Day plans.

    Get in touch with Elliott and the team on 0345 300 8181, or text 813 33 HW.

    Listen live

    Your photos 09:54: via Facebook

    Tracey Shenton shared this picture of "Worcester-on-Sea" with BBC Hereford and Worcester.

    Worcester-on-Sea by Tracey Shenton

    You can see more pictures of the floods on their Facebook page.

    Check your local river 09:56:

    The Environment Agency tweets: To check the level of your local river click here and pop in your postcode http://ow.ly/tzRZv #floodaware #ukstorm


    Kate George tweets: @Worcscc shuttle bus is awesome! Love it when the city pulls together and doesn't let the flooding win!

    Boots and fleeces 10:07: BBC Hereford & Worcester

    We're not very fashionable at BBC Hereford and Worcester, so today's outfits are fleeces and boots.

    coat and boots

    At least reporters should be warm and dry.

    Nursing home without power 10:14:

    Staff at the Severn Heights nursing home in Callow End, Worcestershire are struggling to cope after high winds brought down a power cable and their generator failed.

    Grace Hart, from the home, said: "I couldn't believe how much we rely on electricity - you don't realise."

    'Good news, bad news' 10:20:

    Dave Throup, from the Environment Agency, tweets from Worcester: And here I am. Good news - river not going up much, bad news not going down!

    Flooding in Worcester
    Flooding latest 10:26:
    • River Severn "won't breach barriers" in Worcester the Environment Agency says
    • Warnings remain on stretches of the Severn, Wye and Teme
    • Peak levels are due later this morning
    • Herefordshire is also affected by flooding, with a new warning on the Frome
    'Economic impact felt' 10:33: Phil Mackie Reporter, BBC Radio 5 live

    The bridge is still closed to traffic and will be all day. A shuttle service is being run to keep the city connected.

    Bridges remain closed in Bewdley and Upton. We're checking out the situation at Tewkesbury.

    The economic impact of the continued road and bridge closures as well as widespread flooding is being felt along the Severn and Wye.

    Otter watch 10:41:

    Phil Brown got in touch with us to say he's seen an otter in the canal in Worcester.

    "It appeared to be quite happy, just going along, occasionally diving down and resurfacing or going in and out of the reeds on the far side by the allotments. I've been using that towpath for 30 years and never seen an otter before!"

    Debris under bridge 10:49:

    There's a lot of debris trapped against Worcester bridge by the floodwater.

    Debris against Worcester bridge
    River levels going down 10:52:

    Env Agency Midlands tweets: Flood defences in Worcester town are holding with levels now slowly decreasing. Not expected to overtop

    Bund and pumps 10:59:

    Hylton Road residents narrowly escape a repeat of the previous flooding thanks to the bund and pumps, the Worcester News reports.

    The paper is also running a live page with up-to-date information about the floods.

    Sea of floodwater 11:04:

    The Chapter Meadows and Worcestershire County Cricket Club's New Road ground are a sea of floodwater.

    Send your pictures to locallive@bbc.co

    Flood water in Worcester
    'Fortune in taxis' 11:11:

    Joan Baker, who's 69, and from Bath Road, Worcester, said: "I know they've put the shuttle bus on, but I need to know when the usual service is back.

    "It's costing me a fortune in taxis."

    Bring in the army 11:17: Bethan Bell BBC News Online

    I'm in the St Johns area of Worcester and everyone is talking about the flooding.

    One elderly man told me he thinks the army should be brought in.

    Otter watch 11:28:

    Maryann Scamp has sent this picture of the otter swimming in the canal at Worcester this morning.

    Otter swimming in a canal at Worcester
    Road closures 11:33:

    For more information on road closures visit Worcestershire County Council's website.

    Shuttle love 11:39:

    Hursty and Helen tweeted: "Worcester shuttle bus working well. Service across river in/out #Worcester running until 10pm from Bull Ring to Broad Street. @worcscc"

    HMS Henwick 11:47:

    Building workers at a tower block next to the flooding in St John's, Worcester, have a message for their boss.

    Sign outside a building site

    They've made a life belt out of an old bike tyre and labelled it HMS Henwick.

    Schools closed 11:54:

    Hanley Castle High School and Upton Primary school are both closed for the rest of the week, so there will be no further school transport services, according to Worcestershire County Council.

    There's a full list of school closures on the website.

    Flooding latest 12:01:

    The River Severn at Worcester reached its highest level according to recent records.

    Environment Agency says levels now slowly decreasing.

    Road closures include:

    • Bridges at Worcester, Bewdley, Upton-upon-Severn, Eckington
    • A44 North Parade, Worcester
    • A443 Hylton Road, Worcester
    • Waverley Street, Worcester
    • A443 Lindridge
    • A443 Newnham Bridge and Lindridge - diversion onto A456 at Newnham Bridge
    • Switchback between Bewdley and Stourport
    Barriers will hold 12:04:

    River water in Worcester "will not breach flood barriers" the Environment Agency has said.

    Pump in flood water

    Wednesday's level of 5.67m (18ft 7ins) is already the highest recorded at the Barbourne station.

    Opportunistic otters 12:11: Trystan Jones BBC News

    I've just been speaking to Peter Case, water and wetlands officer with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

    He said it wasn't rare for otters to use the canals in Worcester, but the fact they've been spotted out in the open suggests the floods are affecting them.

    "It's fair to say that with the floods, the canals are a safer place to hunt. We had reports of otters earlier in the week. The flooding means they're finding it quite tricky to hunt on the river at the moment, particularly with the fast flowing water. Using the canals is probably an opportunistic thing."

    Power cuts 12:21:

    Western Power say 6,000 properties still affected by power cuts in the Midlands.

    Areas affected include Tipton, Birmingham, Worcester, Telford, Gloucester, Hereford, Stoke.

    Worcester is open 12:26:

    Phil Mackie tweets: Message from #worcester is it's open for businesses. Sir Edward says u'll have the high st to yourself

    Worcester city centre
    Hidden dangers 12:34:

    The Environment Agency tweets: Don't walk in flood water. Flooding can cause manhole covers to come off, leaving hidden dangers. #floodaware

    Otter 'a fast mover' 12:42:

    Maryanne Scamp, who lives in the Arboretum area of Worcester, was walking her dog at about 07:45 when she saw the otter swimming in the canal.

    Otter in canal

    She told BBC Hereford & Worcester the otter looked to be having a great time.

    "It was moving quite fast, I was surprised - I've never seen an otter in the canal."

    "With all the floods and everything, it was pretty amazing to see - it was lovely, definitely the sort of thing to cheer people up."

    No state of emergency 12:52:

    BBC Hereford & Worcester's Pam Caulfield was allowed into the start of the daily meeting between the emergency services, councils, the Environment Agency and the army.

    "It's held in the emergency response bunker below County Hall in Worcester - there are maps of Worcestershire covering the walls, all colour-coded to show the worst flooded areas, and there are conference calls with all the district councils calling in.

    "While the situation is really challenging, they're not declaring a state of emergency at the moment."

    Police flood help 12:56:

    West Mercia Police tweets: "#Police news: Flooding Information Page Launched On West Mercia Website

    Shuttle praise 12:59:

    Lottie Davis tweets: My journey to work was sublimely stress-free, despite floods and the #Worcester bridge being closed! Can't praise @worcscc highly enough

    Shuttle bus in flood
    Flooding latest 13:04:

    Flood defences in Worcester are holding and levels are "slowly decreasing", the Environment Agency says.

    A meeting of the emergency services, councils, the Environment Agency and the army decided not to declare a state of emergency.

    Road closures include:

    • Bridges at Worcester, Bewdley, Upton-upon-Severn, Eckington
    • A44 North Parade, Worcester
    • A443 Hylton Road, Worcester
    • A443 Lindridge
    • A443 Newnham Bridge and Lindridge - diversion onto A456 at Newnham Bridge
    • The switchback between Bewdley and Stourport

    Shuttle buses will run across the Worcester bridge until 22:00.

    Press conference 13:11: Bethan Bell BBC News Online

    I'm on my way to a press conference on the flooding being held on the closed bridge in Worcester city centre. Wellies on and I'm waiting for a shuttle to take me through the flood water.

    'No stress' 13:16:

    Peter Richardson lives on Hylton Road in Worcester and says his garden is "well flooded" but his house has never flooded so the rising water "never really stresses me".

    Peter Richardson

    He owns a newsagents in St Johns and says he is selling more local papers, especially for the pictures.

    His journey to work has been easier "because there was no traffic".

    Don't panic 13:20:

    Dave Throup from the Environment Agency tweets: Army have just arrived at #worcester Don't panic just here to provide extra support! pic.twitter.com/WeloAtOzy4

    Army vehicle in Worcester
    Rescue ongoing 13:26:

    Phil Mackie tweets: Rescue ongoing at Severn View #worcesterbridge

    Rescue in Worcester
    On air 13:36: Tammy Gooding BBC Hereford & Worcester aftrenoon presenter

    I'll have the latest from a news conference being held on Worcester bridge, plus all your calls on the flooding. Listen live.

    Severn View rescue 13:41: Bethan Bell BBC News Online

    I've heard a rescue boat was sent to the Severn View Hotel in Worcester, but it's thought everyone had already left. Severn Area Rescue Association was double checking.

    On air 13:44: Andrew Easton BBC Hereford & Worcester presenter

    I'm at the press briefing about the flooding on Worcester bridge. I'll bring you all the details of what was said in my show from 1600.

    Andrew Easton
    Army moves in 13:50:

    An Army spokesman has told BBC Hereford and Worcester that 100 soldiers have been deployed in Worcester, with more on standby.

    Army arrives in Worcester

    The tasks the troops will be carrying out "have not yet been worked out", but they have brought specialist vehicles including 4x4s, he said.

    The troops are from 1st Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment, which is based in Shropshire.

    Barriers holding 13:55:

    The Environment Agency tweets: Barriers at Upton and Bewdley holding back current levels and from current forecasts we expect them to carry on holding

    'Absolutely devastating' 14:00:

    Worcester's MP Robin Walker tells the BBC the flooding in the city has been "challenging" and "absolutely devastating" for those affected.

    "We have seen a resilience from businesses and people going to work," he added.

    More troops on standby 14:07:

    An army spokesman has confirmed that 400 more troops are on standby to back up the 100 that have already been deployed in Worcester.

    Army in Worcester
    Family and pets rescue 14:13:

    Herefords and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service tweets: Incident 13th Feb #Malvern and #Worcester crews have rescued 2 adults, 1 teenager, 2 dogs, 1 cat from flooded property Hanley Rd, #Upton

    'Scale of situation' 14:19: Bethan Bell BBC News Online

    I've been speaking to Supt Mark Travers, from West Mercia Police, about the decision to bring the army into Worcester.

    He told me it was "not a usual step but indicates the scale of the situation".

    He did say there was "no intelligence" to suggest the flooding will get worse.

    Checking the damage 14:25:

    BBC reporter Phil Mackie tweets: Remember the flats they evacuated? at #worcesterbridge Royston & Jenny have popped back in to assess the situation

    Two people checking flood damage
    River 'still high' 14:33: via Facebook

    Worcester City Council writes: The river level is still high today, therefore Worcester Bridge and New Road remain closed - The free Shuttle bus is currently running from Bull Ring roundabout to Broad Street to ferry people across. The free shuttle service will run from 7am until 10pm tonight.

    Weather warnings 14:39:

    Here's BBC Weather's quick and easy guide to weather warnings and what they mean.

    Switchback closed 14:48:

    KMinsterCops tweets: East Officer taking a turn on switch back, Stourport to Bewdley. Road flooded. #ihatetherain

    Police car on The Switchback near Stourport
    River level receding 14:53:

    The Environment Agency has reported the River Severn level at Worcester (Barbourne) is receding.

    It said at 14:00 the level was recorded as 5.58m (18.3ft) down from 5.67m (18ft 7in) at 05:00.

    University to reopen 14:57:

    The University of Worcester has said teaching will resume on Friday.

    It said the University Arena and the Riverside building would remain closed because of "restricted access caused by the ongoing closure of Hylton Road".

    Any teaching scheduled to take place in these buildings will be relocated to the St John's campus, it said.

    'Watching and praying' 15:07:

    Oliver Jones, 89, who lives on flooded Hylton Road, says he has no sandbags.

    Oliver Jones

    "I'm watching and praying," he says.

    Free park and ride 15:17:

    Worcestershire County Council tweets: Update: FREE park & ride bus service this weekend from Perdiswell to Worcester City Centre between 7am and 7pm. #Worcester

    'Knock you off your feet' 15:23:

    Environment Agency Midlands tweets: Stay away from flood water. Six inches of fast flowing water can knock you off your feet. #floodaware

    Troop deployment 15:34: Bethan Bell Journalist, BBC News

    Supt Mark Travers says 50 to 60 troops are to be deployed in Worcester and about 250 in West Mercia.

    Flood barriers 'should cope' 15:43:

    Worcestershire's flood barriers should be able to cope, even if the River Severn rises again today, the Environment Agency has said.

    Flood barriers

    Nick Green, from the Environment Agency, told BBC Hereford & Worcestershire: "From the weather models we've seen and the rain that is predicted, we think everything will be okay with the barriers we've got in place.

    "If there is a large deluge people need to keep an eye on the flood warnings."

    School closures 15:52:

    Worcestershire County Council has reported that 10 schools across the county have so far announced they will be closed on Friday.

    It said some would be closed because of flooding and others were shut because of concerns of children's safety when travelling to school.

    Couple check damage 15:59:

    A couple from Worcester who were evacuated from their flood-threatened flat have been back to check for damage.

    Roy and Jenny Hill were amongst around 50 people who had to leave their apartments next to the Worcester bridge yesterday.

    Mr Hill said so far the water hadn't got into their flat.

    "That's the worry because we are all one level here, and if [the flood water] gets in we lose everything," he said.

    Troops 'ready to go' 16:06:

    The Army said exact tasks had not yet been worked out but they would have 4x4s and rescue vehicles.

    Brigadier Gerhard Wheeler

    Brigadier Gerhard Wheeler, from 1 Royal Irish regiment, told the BBC: "The whole of Royal Irish Battalion is on standby for the West Mercia region.

    "The troops here are ready to go and we can provide significant help for remote areas."

    A449 gridlock 16:09:

    Dave Harford tweets: A449 Malvern to Worcester is once again gridlocked! Avoid the area! #floodaware

    'Two weeks support' 16:18: BBC Hereford & Worcester

    1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment say they plan on providing support for emergency services for two weeks to begin with.

    Video: 'Long tailbacks' 16:26:

    BBC News followed commuter Lisa Ventura on her two mile journey from home to work in Worcester.

    Lisa Ventura

    She said she has been caught up in long tailbacks all week making her usual 10 minute journey take "about an hour to an hour and a half".

    Water levels in Upton 16:30:

    @DaveThroupEA tweets: Water has just reached glass levels at #upton flood defences. No problems.

    Upton on Severn flood defences
    ON AIR 16:39: Andrew Easton BBC Hereford & Worcester presenter

    Coming up in my show before 19:00, some of the key figures who are tackling the flooding in Worcestershire.

    Andrew Easton

    You can hear me interview Supt Mark Travis from West Mercia Police, Brigadier Gerhard Wheeler from the army, and Worcestershire County Council highways manager, John Fraser. Listen Live.

    Car park under water 16:50:

    Andy Gayne has sent us this picture of Riverside Meadows in Stourport-on-Severn.

    Riverside Meadows

    He said the car park and playing fields were well under water, as was the children's play park and amusements off to the left [of the picture].

    Bride changes plans 16:58:

    Eleanor Woodward, from St Johns, changed her plans to go bridesmaid dress shopping in Worcester because of the flooding.

    The 31-year-old is getting married in August.

    AERIAL VIDEO 17:08:

    Watch an aerial video of how flooding has hit Worcester.


    The river in the Barbourne area at 05:00 was 5.67m (18ft 7in), above the 5.64m level reached in July 2007.


    MalvernCops tweets: The Old Rectifying House #Worcester #Floods pic.twitter.com/hBgTzP8rkl

    Old Rectifying House pub Worcester
    Midlands Today 17:27: Robert Thompson Editor, Midlands Today

    Mary Rhodes and Midlands Today will come live from Worcester tonight as the city starts to worry about the impact the floods are having on local businesses.

    It has been much calmer out there today but our reporters have been at the heart of the action again. We've also got some amazing pictures of last night's wild wind. Do hope you can join us from 18:30 on BBC One.

    Filming in 'wet Worcester' 17:38:

    Midlands Today location director Gemma Moore has tweeted this picture taken while the team prepare for tonight's programme at 18:30.

    'Wet Worcester'

    She says: 'Getting the sat truck up and running as the sun sets over a very wet Worcester...'

    Foot patrols 17:44:

    WorcesterCops tweets: Foot patrol around Diglis continues despite floods #CathedralSNT pic.twitter.com/

    Flooding in Diglis
    Flood warnings 17:52:

    The Environment Agency says there are currently 38 flood warnings and 34 flood alerts in the Midlands.

    Photographing the floods 17:57:

    Midlands Today's Dan Pallett has filmed a piece on an amateur photographer in the floods in Worcester today.

    Midlands Today's Dan Pallett

    He was so absorbed in his work he didn't notice the photographer taking a picture of him.

    "Just look at the concentration," he jokes.

    Family rescue 18:03:

    HWFireControl ‏tweets: #Malvern and #Worcester crews have rescued 2 adults, 1 teenager, 2 dogs, 1 cat from flooded property Hanley Rd, #Upton

    Video: 'Flood tourists' welcomed 18:10:

    In many cases, places that are flooded do not encourage so-called "flood tourists".

    BBC reporter Phil Mackie by the River Severn in Worcester

    The BBC's Phil Mackie reports that businesses in Worcester have been so badly hit that people wanting to photograph the river in full flow are not being turned away.

    Pumps in Bewdley 18:14:

    The Environment Agency tweets: We're pumping away surface water that's gathered behind the defences #flooding #Bewdley Stay #floodaware ow.ly/i/4Ax00

    Pumping in Bewdley
    Latest roundup 18:21:
    • The River Severn has peaked in Worcester after reaching its highest level in recent years
    • River water in the Barbourne area this morning reached 5.67m (18ft 7in), above the 5.64m level of July 2007
    • Up to 20 flood warnings remain in place on the Severn, Avon and Wye in Worcestershire and Herefordshire
    • The Army is now in Worcester helping with the flood relief effort
    • Hundreds of properties in the two counties have been without power
    Fresh troops 18:32:

    Brigadier Gerhard Wheeler is in charge of the troops from the 1st Battalion, the Royal Irish Regiment who are on standby to help during the flooding.

    Brigadier Gerhard Wheeler

    "This has turned into a long operation and there's no point local people who've been working hard getting tired when I have fresh troops who can help out," he says.

    Boat in lane near pub 18:36:

    This boat was in a flooded lane leading to the Camp House pub, Grimley, Worcestershire.

    Boat in flood water in Grimley, Worcestershire
    Levels stable 18:41:

    Dave Throup, from the Environment Agency, tweets: Worcester live - Croft Road, water levels stable most of day.

    Croft Road, Worcester
    Army 'to stay for two weeks' 18:46:

    About 100 troops are in Worcester, with 300 more on standby ready to be deployed across Herefordshire and Worcestershire to help the flood relief effort.

    Army vehicles

    They've been sent from 1 Royal Irish regiment from their base at Ternhill in Shropshire.

    The Amy confirms the troops will remain in the West Mercia Police force area for the next two weeks at least.

    Listen: Boy tracks flood history 18:57:

    A 10-year-old boy who lives on a narrowboat in Worcestershire says the water has nearly risen to the level it reached in 1828.

    The water levels in Diglis Basin

    Charlie, 10, is currently moored in Diglis Basin.

    He phoned the Andrew Easton show on BBC Hereford and Worcester to tell them how he had been monitoring the water levels.


    That's the end of today's updates. We'll have more on the floods from Friday morning.


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