Umphf at the Lamb & Flag, Worcester - 07.07.11


Well besides Skewwhiff, the outfit I have most difficult spelling is the much-revamped Umphf, who've advanced in leaps and bounds recently since frontman Luke recruited the talents of ex-Donns guitarist and drummer Joe and Pokey to the lineup and touch wood - he may just have found the right formula.

I caught the last few numbers from this bunch at the wonderful Lamb & Flag on Worcester's Tything last night - now this historic venue is simply too small to fit a full PA into - so practice amps and a cut-down drumkit are the order of the day and it's great to see a bunch of talented musos like these playing a totally minimalist-volume set yet still delivering the quality they showed at last week's Bunker gig. It's fair to say that plenty of Umphf's material is pretty-well X-rated but there's a couple of numbers like Perfect Love Song and Brazilian Sun that I can at least name-check - but I'm afraid the two big songs are simply out of bounds for this family-friendly website - in other words if you want the full Umphf experience, well you'd better catch them live!

Andy O'Hare

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