The Bunker at Keystones, Worcester - 20.05.2011


I've missed my Friday night fix at the sparkling pure local music night at the Bunker in Worcester for the last couple of weeks so it was a pleasure to pop down after the show last week to catch three new acts testing the waters. First up was Aeonian Dog - and it's great to see another pure Hereford act keep the Marches revival on track. The Dogs are Ledbury's Alex (of Reinforced and Incident Support Unit) on guitar with Kington's Mart on bass and vox with Ross-On-Wye's Blom on drums - how these lot got together will for now remain a mystery. But boy do they click together - the sound is a ZZ-Toppish cocktail of blue-collar rock'n'roll - with maybe some pink fingernails thrown into the mix. Totally classy originals like Poledance Fiend and closing number Nightmare mean good times ahead I think.

Seems like indie-rocking trio Koda had brought half of Evesham along with them tonight and I was not-so-quietly impressed with their great riffs on numbers like Anything Goes and their energetic and altogether crowd-pleasing presence.

O'Hare's Rule number 19 of promotion (I have not yet formulated the other 18) is that you always put the outfit which brings the biggest crowd last on the bill - a rare glitch then from the Backstage Promotions crew as there was a disappointing showing on this usually bustling night for closing outfit The Pull - who probably should have filled the supporting slot to Koda. Still good to hear what is effect the Tyler Massey band provide a rounding-out of great Malvern originals like Clarity and Supergirl with the consummate assistance of Rob Murray-Mason on drums and Colin Bentley on bass - but maybe a bit too laid-back for the prime Friday night slot maybe.

Andy O'Hare

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