Essex drivers who filmed M11 crash may face prosecution

A police force has said it may prosecute drivers who were spotted filming the scene of a motorway crash as they went past at rush-hour.

The emergency services were called to the accident between two cars on the M11, near Loughton in Essex, at about 08:30 GMT on Monday.

No-one was seriously injured but drivers were slowing down to see the victims being treated and the damage.

PC Paul Marks said: "We were amazed to see people filming the scene."

The force said it had the vehicle registration numbers for some of the motorists who would be served notices of intended prosecutions for using their mobile phones while driving.

Mr Marks, who attended the crash, said: "Slowing down to a crawling speed while others behind you are travelling at motorway speeds is obviously dangerous to those with common sense, but sadly not to a number of motorists who were more interested in capturing us at work on their mobiles.

"We were trying to get the cars out of the road and ensure the casualties were taken away safely."

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