Dorset Olympic torch bearer recalls games of 1948

A 90-year-old man from Dorset has been recalling the day he carried the Olympic torch in 1948, the year the Games were last held in Britain.

Alf Barrett, from Dorchester, was chosen to carry the flame 63 years ago on a two-mile leg through Shaftesbury with another runner.

In 1948 the torch travelled from White City in London to Torbay, Devon, where the sailing events were then held.

Mr Barrett said: "It will always be a treasured memory."

Mr Barrett, who was 27 years old and a member of a local athletics club at the time, added: "I felt very excited... particularly because it happened to be during the night time, so it was more dramatic to see the approaching light.

"It was a memorable occasion which I recorded in the Dorset Yearbook."

Mr Barrett still owns a replica torch, which all torch bearers were presented with at the Games in 1948, inscribed with the words "London Olympia 1948".

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