Dinghy boy, 10, rescues yacht pair off Brixham

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Media captionStuart Crang rowed his 8ft dinghy to rescue Richard Brown and Sue Taffler

A 10-year-old boy is being hailed a hero after rescuing a couple whose boat capsized in the sea off Devon.

Canoe instructor Richard Brown, and his partner, Sue Taffler, got into difficulties when sailing near Brixham.

Stuart Crang rowed his 8ft (2.4m) dinghy to their water-filled yacht and towed them back in a trip that took 30 minutes, sometimes against the tide.

Mr Brown said Stuart was an "absolute star". Stuart's parents said they were "very proud".

Mr Brown's boat filled with water and capsized when he and Ms Taffler were sailing off Brixham at the end of July.

He said they were both wearing life jackets and did not believe they were in life-threatening danger.

But he added they did spend about 45 minutes in the water and were in danger of losing their boat.

Stuart said he went to their aid "because I was there, and I care about people, and they were in danger".

"I just put them on tow and brought them in."

Stuart's father, Nigel, said: "All he had was a bit of rope about 4ft long, which he tied to the front.

"The couple didn't want get in his boat in case they capsized him out, and he towed them for 30 minutes for about half a mile."

He added: "You normally see him towing something around the harbour. I just didn't expect him with a boat and two people in the water.

"We're very proud of what he's done."