European tree frog found in organic food in Devon

Riverford the tree frog
Image caption Riverford the frog is believed to have come from France

A European tree frog is being given a new home at a zoo after hopping out of organic stock at a business in Devon.

The green frog was found in a sorting bay by staff at Riverford Organic, but they were unable to detect which box and what country it had travelled from.

Paignton Zoo identified the frog. Staff were unable to sex it, but said it was likely to have come from France.

The zoo said Riverford, as it has been named, would join its other 300 frogs after a period in quarantine.

The packing staff were dealing with a variety of fruit and vegetables when the frog was discovered.

Boxes it could have arrived in included bananas from the Dominican Republic and lettuce from France, the company said.

Rachel Lovell, from Riverford Organic, said: "The guys were packing when out it popped.

"We have seen snails in past, but they [animals] don't normally make it is this far."

Riverford is the first European tree frog at the zoo.

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