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Parkinson's Disease-imitating nurse cautioned for misconduct

A nurse who impersonated a patient's Parkinson's Disease symptoms and told a colleague to "wind up" another patient has been cautioned for misconduct.

Judith Hurleston was found guilty of mistreating residents at Norton Grange Nursing Home in Coventry.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) also found she put a resident at risk through inappropriate use of a hoist.

The panel said her behaviour "was at the lower end of the spectrum" and concluded a suspension was not needed.

The caution will remain on Ms Hurleston's record for four years.

The NMC panel heard that alongside the imitations of the shaking movements, Ms Hurleston also copied the clicking noises that was another resident's only way of communicating.

The panel also found that Hurleston told a nurse to "wind up" an elderly patient to induce an agitated state when a community psychiatrist visited.

In addition, the NMC agreed Hurleston put a patient at risk of injury by the inappropriate use of a hoist.

The panel's judgement said it considered her behaviour, particularly in imitating patients and directing a member of staff to agitate the resident, was "wholly unacceptable".

However, it was added that her behaviour "was at the lower end of the spectrum" and concluded that a caution order, rather than a suspension, would be appropriate.

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