Bryce Wilby: Report into former Scilly head teacher postponed

Bryce Wilby
Image caption Bryce Wilby has made two formal complaints

The publication of a report into alleged financial irregularities by a former Isles of Scilly head teacher has been postponed at the last minute.

Bryce Wilby, 46, former Five Islands School head, made a formal complaint last week insisting the report, by auditors from Cornwall Council, did not include all his evidence.

Mr Wilby's wife Maria said the allegations were "manufactured pieces of evidence to get rid of my husband".

The complaint is being investigated.

The media, who had gathered at the Town Hall on St Mary's on Tuesday for the report's publication, were told that due to the complaint made by Mr Wilby they would not be given a copy.

'Evidence not included'

Isles of Scilly Council said it would now be investigating the complaint before deciding when the report should be published.

Mrs Wilby said the account presented in the report "bears absolutely no relation" to what happened and "it also does not include evidence that we had presented".

She said they both had "real issues with the report" which is why they had made two complaints, "one to the Isles of Scilly Council and one to Cornwall Council".

Mr Wilby was suspended from his post on the Isles of Scilly in May 2012 and the final audit report was released to him on 15 January.

He said his complaints question "the process followed by the auditors" during their audit and the "actions and conduct of the Isles of Scilly Council officers, elected members and governors of the Five Islands School".

Chairman Mike Hicks said: "There has been a great call in the community for the report to be released, and it is a shame that we have been stopped by the former head teacher from doing this.

"We will ensure a thorough and independent investigation is conducted before making a decision on a new publication date."

Mrs Wilby said: "The fact that the report has already been seen by councillors will have to be taken up by our solicitors, because I don't believe that those people should have been able to see a report that has not yet been approved."

Cornwall Council's audit team denies an accusation by Maria Wilby that it did not conduct its investigation properly.

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