Titanic: Devon and Cornwall surviving passengers

The Encyclopaedia Titanica shows the Titanic passengers from Devon and Cornwall who survived included:

Survivors (in alphabetical order)

Agnes Davies, 48, St Ives, Cornwall: Settled in Houghton, Michigan, where she remained until her death in 1933.

John Davies, 8, St Ives, Cornwall - Agnes Davies' son who died in 1951 and is buried in Houghton, Michigan.

Eliza Hocking, 54, Penzance, Cornwall: A widow emigrating to Akron, Ohio, to live with her sons. She was killed in a streetcar accident two years later in 1914.

Nellie Hocking, 20, Penzance, Cornwall: Eliza's daughter, who lived in New York until her death in 1963.

Annie Hold, 29, Porthoustock, Cornwall: Annie and her husband Stephen were returning to Sacramento after a holiday in Cornwall to visit relatives. Stephen lost his life and although Annie went back to Sacramento, she later returned to Cornwall where died in 1960.

Alice Phillips, 21, Ilfracombe, Devon: Alice and her father Stephen were emigrating to Pennsylvania to live with relatives after the death of her mother. Her father did not survive and the trauma of losing him, combined with homesickness resulted in Alice returning to Ilfracombe within weeks. She later married and moved to Manchester, but died during a flu epidemic in 1916.

Jane Quick, 33, Plymouth, Devon: Jane emigrated to Detroit, Michigan in 1910 with her husband Frederick. She and her daughters Phyllis and Winifred returned to Plymouth two years later to visit relatives. All three were rescued by the Carpathia from lifeboat number 11 and Jane remained in Michigan until her death in 1965.

Phyllis Quick, 2, Plymouth, Devon: Jane's daughter. Phyllis, who lived all her life in Michigan, married and had four children, but took her own life in 1954 at the age of 45.

Winifred (Winnie) Quick, 8, Plymouth, Devon: Jane's daughter. Winnie Quick married at the age of 19. She and her husband Alois Van Tongerloo had three sons and two daughters and although they travelled extensively, they continued to live in Michigan. She died in 2002 at the age of 98 - one of Titanic's oldest survivors.

Emily Richards, 24, Penzance, Cornwall: Emily was joining her husband James who had emigrated to Akron, Ohio. She and her two young were put into lifeboat number four and were rescued by the Carpathia. The family returned to Cornwall in 1914 and lived near Penzance and Emily died in 1972.

William Richards, three, Penzance, Cornwall: Emily's son. William spent the rest of his life in Cornwall. One of William's sons was named George Hocking Richards, after his father's uncle Samuel Hocking, who drown when the Titanic went down. He also named his bungalow Carpathia after the ship he was rescued by. He died in January 1988.

Sibley George Richards, 10 months, Penzance, Cornwall: Emily's son. Sibley lived in Cornwall after the family returned. He died in Penzance in December 1987, one month before his brother.

Maude Sincock, 20, St Ives, Cornwall: Maude was travelling to Michigan to live with her father, Frank, who had emigrated the previous year and was working as a miner in Houghton. She spent her 21st birthday on board the rescue ship Carpathia and recounted her Titanic experience in various theatres in Houghton. She never returned to England, but married and settled in Michigan until her death in 1984.

Susan (Susie) Webber, 37, Bude, Cornwall: Susie was emigrating to Hartford, Connecticut, to act as housekeeper for her nephew and his wife. She never returned to England and died in January 1952.

Addie Dart Wells, 29, Heamoor, Cornwall: Addie was moving to Akron, Ohio, to join her husband and brother who had emigrated two years previously. She and her two young children, Joan and Ralph, had originally been due to travel on the Oceanic, but due to coal strikes the sailing was cancelled and they were transferred to the Titanic. Addie remained in Akron and died in 1954.

Joan Wells, four, Heamoor, Cornwall: Addie's daughter, who lived in Akron until her death from blood poisoning in July 1933 when she was aged 24.

Ralph Wells, two, Heamoor, Cornwall: Addie's son, who remained in Akron until he died from a stroke in 1972, aged 62.

Ellen Wilkes, 47, Penzance, Cornwall: Ellen was travelling to Akron, Ohio with her sister, Eliza Hocking and niece, Nellie. Although the sisters were on the same ship, Ellen travelled on a £7 third class ticket, while Eliza travelled second class with her daughter. After being rescued Ellen continued to live in Akron for the rest of her life. She died in 1955.

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