Crantock campers rescue five from carbon monoxide tent

Trevella Park near Newquay
Image caption The two adults and three children are now back at the camping park

A family of five were rescued from their tent after being overcome by carbon monoxide fumes from a barbecue.

They were taken to hospital after emergency services were called to Trevella Park at Crantock, near Newquay, Cornwall, just after midnight.

The two adults and three children have now been released from hospital.

Firefighters warned of the dangers of having a barbecue inside a tent and said the outcome could have been very different.

The family were rescued by two men from a neighbouring tent, who helped to pull them from the tent.

'Serious situation'

One of the men, Tony Woodward, from Nottingham, said: "I heard a bit of a commotion. We didn't quite know what was going on.

"The father was trying to take his family out one by one. But then he didn't have enough strength as the carbon monoxide took hold.

"One of his daughters was unconscious in the far side of the tent. We had to physically carry her out of the tent."

Another of those involved in the late-night rescue, Mat Stone, from Derby, said: "We got some air into their lungs. One of the girls in the opposite tent phoned the emergency services."

Shaun Taylor, the watch manager at Newquay Fire Station, said: "We found that the occupants of the next tent had helped in rescuing the family from the tent.

"We discovered they had a lit barbecue inside the tent. Any item that produces heat or vapours can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. That was our concern.

"If the dad hadn't woken up and the people in the next tent hadn't got the people out we would have been looking at a very sad and serious situation this morning."

Barry Templeton, the general manager at the camping park, said the family arrived back at the site safe and well at about 07:00 BST.

He said it was the first incident of its kind on the site which had "welcomed thousands of customers over the last 50 years".

"The well-being of people at Trevella is our concern. I think our first response would be to put a warning notice in the welcome pack highlighting the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning."

At the end of July a group of holidaymakers was taken to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after an incident at another campsite near Padstow.

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