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Key points

  • Long waits were reported at some petrol stations in the area, with several shutting
  • Queues were especially bad earlier on to Asda forecourt at Cribbs Causeway shopping centre
  • England and Wales Cricket Board visited Gloucestershire's ground ahead of planned revamp
  • Artistic director of St Pauls Carnival resigns saying the event does not have the community's trust
  • Lib Dem MP Steve Webb said Oldbury Power Station would have been "monstrosity"
  • A man becoming a British citizen at Bristol Register Office said: "This means everything to me"

    Good morning everybody and welcome to Minute-by-Minute - a day of live reporting from Bristol where we are aiming to find out what makes the city tick. We have reporters out at locations including police and ambulance control, the Bristol Royal Infirmary and many more.


    We'd love to hear from you today - you can email, send a message on Twitter or contact us through Facebook.


    We are hearing about queues forming at some petrol stations in Bristol. Matt, who sells motorhomes, says there is a long wait for fuel at Tesco in Brislington. "There's no fuel at all at Tesco in Whitchurch because of people stockpiling," he said as he hunts for petrol to fill his American motorhome. We're trying to contact Tesco to confirm this.


    Sam on Twitter, in response to our story about whether Bristol accents are "gert lush", says: "As a Yorkshire man, living in Bristol, my headphones are a lifesaver."


    We've just spoken to Tesco in Whitchurch and confirmed they have no fuel at the moment. What is the situation where you are? You can get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.


    BBC reporter Ian Parker is spending the day at police control in Portishead. He says: "It's an open plan office here. It's very calm and business like but police are warning the warm weather is pushing up crime levels with people leaving doors and windows open."


    Our travel news service is reporting the M4 is closed eastbound between J20 (Almondsbury) and J19 (M32/Bristol) because of an accident involving a lorry and three cars.


    Looking at the traffic cameras, we're seeing queues as far back as the M5 slip on to the M5 at Almondsbury. On the M4 it looks as if the queues are just short of the Almondsbury Interchange, if you're heading here from Wales.


    Our first news story of the day is about Fairfield School, where a pupil fell from a stairwell and was injured in February. A BBC Freedom of Information request has revealed that parents were complaining about safety as far back as 2006.


    L_Bazley on Twitter says: "Panic fuel buying all over Bath today. Traffic jams galore. People need to chill out."


    The BBC's Ian Parker at Avon and Somerset police control says: "Force aims to answer 90% of 999 calls within 10 seconds. When big incidents happen "hundreds" of people can call in to report but call centre staff can be redeployed quickly to cope."


    All lanes on the M4 eastbound have reopened following the earlier accident but traffic is still very congested in the area.


    A decision over the judicial review into the potential town green at Ashton Vale will be made on Monday, the BBC has learned. Bristol City Football Club wants to build a stadium there but campaigners want the land protected.


    Alistair Lindsay, says on Twitter of our "gert lush" look at Bristol accents: "Yer, its mint innit! Proper luv fer anyone what speaks proper brizzle."


    Felicity Crump, a Bath Chronicle reporter, says on Twitter: "Traffic horrendous in Bath this morning. Crawling back from Culverhay."

    Avon and Somerset Police control room

    If you've ever wondered where your 999 calls to the police are answered - here it is. The BBC's Ian Parker, following events there, says: "When 999 calls come in callers are asked a series of questions the answers of which help grade what response is necessary so anything life-threatening gets immediate priority."


    The police say there were no injuries in the earlier crash on the M4 and the cars and lorry were moved to the hard shoulder.


    On our story about the Ashton Vale decision being imminent, Atyeo Service says on Twitter: "Heard that before!"


    Trendsmap Bristol, says on Twitter @bbcbristol is now trending in Bristol


    Looks like traffic on the M4 from Almondsbury to the M32 has returned to normal.


    Bristol City Council has released a statement on our story about parents complaining about the design of Fairfield High School, where a boy suffered head injuries after falling from a fourth floor stairwell. The council says risk assessments were carried out when the school opened, including an independent look at the circulation space and stairs.

    Minute-by-minute graphic

    BBC Radio Bristol is reporting Minute-by-Minute about how we live and what people in the city are doing today. Listen live on BBC Radio Bristol to how the West is Done.


    CCTV footage obtained by the BBC suggests the alleged role of Bristol man Shrien Dewani in the murder of his wife while on honeymoon in South Africa may not be as clear-cut as investigators say.


    A laboratory that tests food, water and the environment for microbiological contamination is leaving Bristol to move to Wiltshire.


    Plans for a new nuclear power station at Oldbury, near Bristol, have been shelved. RWE Npower and its partner E.On have said they will not develop new nuclear power projects at Oldbury and at Wylfa on the Isle of Anglesey because of problems raising finance for major power projects. RWE has also been hit by costs associated with decommissioning nuclear power plants in Germany.


    BBC reporter Ian Parker is at the Avon and Somerset Police control room in Portishead. He says at present there are 55 ongoing incidents which either require an immediate response (officers must get there within 10 minutes), or a priority response (must be dealt with within an hour).


    Nick Workman says on Twitter his favourite Bristol phrase is: "'ow be on 'en".

    Liam Balloch People have been queueing for fuel in Bath

    BBC Radio Bristol's Ali Vowles took this picture of Liam Balloch at Radway Service Station, Bath. He said there were queues until 11:15 BST on Wednesday and again this morning.


    Lib Dem MP for Thornbury and Yate, Steve Webb, tells BBC Radio Bristol presenter John Darvall that Oldbury Power Station was "going to be a monstrosity\u2026 it was never going to be the right site".


    BBC Radio Bristol's Robin Markwell interviewed North Somerset Councillor, Jeremy Blatchford, about his job, which he described as "highly addictive".


    BBC reporter Ian Parker at the police control centre says: "Most of the call handlers are civilian police staff. They take the calls from the public and enter this on the 'Storm' call handing system. From here the calls are graded and passed to the control room upstairs at Portishead where officers are dispatched. Accidental 999 calls from mobiles in pockets can be a problem and a lot of these get received here. There's also a problem with malicious calls but mobile phones can be barred from accessing the 999 system after 'three strikes'."

    Petrol station queues in Bath

    BBC Radio Bristol's Ali Vowles took this picture of more queues at a petrol station in Bath.


    The BBC's Clare Forestier has been talking to a 22-year-old man from Kurdistan who is about to become a British citizen at the Bristol Register Office. He said: "This means everything to me\u2026 I feel amazing."


    Tweet from First Bus: "Buses temporarily withdrawn from Sainsburys, Emersons Green, due to large queues at fuel station. Use bus stop at the library."

    Ed Hadwin interviewing Bristol City groundsman Craig Richardson

    Reporter Caroline Chapman took this picture of Ed Hadwin interviewing Bristol City groundsman Craig Richardson. Craig walks eight miles a day working on the pitch.

    Training session with Avon Fire and Rescue

    Reporter Jack Killah sent this dramatic picture of a training session with Avon Fire and Rescue.

    Reporter Susannah Streeter with the group at Bristol Airport

    Reporter Susannah Streeter, based at Bristol Airport, encountered a group of 24 men off to Barcelona for a stag do.

    Minute-by-minute graphic

    Minute-by-Minute you can listen live to everything that's happening today on BBC Radio Bristol. Tell us how the West is Done!


    The BBC's Michelle Ruminski is enjoying the sunshine at Weston-super-Mare beach. She's been speaking to Richard Spindler, the Beach Ranger for the past 40 years, whose last shift is on Saturday. "I'll be very, very sad for leaving it all - this is the best job in the world," he said.


    The BBC's Lucy Grey reports live from a home in Redcliffe where a 23-year-old woman is in labour, waiting to give birth to her second child. Paramedics are taking her to the hospital now. "There is no air of panic, everyone is very calm," reports Lucy.

    Mary Roberts and Jim

    Reporter Ali Vowles met Mary Roberts taking Jim for a walk at Oddown, Bath.

    Postman Philip

    Postie Philip started his deliveries at 05:45 in Bath. He hopes to finish his round at 14:30.


    Reporter Robin Markwell tweets from a council meeting: "Laughter breaks out at North Som youth scrutiny after a cat is heard meowing in chamber. No sign of the feline though."


    Reporter Ross Pollard tweets from the magistrates' court: "At the moment 115 defendants due before the court today. This is about average for a normal day at Bristol mags."


    The artistic director of St Pauls Carnival resigns saying the event does not have the "trust or co-operation" of the community.

    Petrol station in Clifton

    The Esso station at the top of Whiteladies Road, in Clifton, closes.


    Ed Hadwin is at Ashton Gate talking to Bristol City's grounds manager Craig Richardson about cutting the grass: "It's a lovely task on a day like this," he said. City will be playing Derby on Saturday. "We really need three points," he added.


    From Bristol Airport, Susannah Streeter says there has been no impact on flights heading out to Spain despite the Spanish general strike.


    Reporter Chris Kelly says the Tesco Express petrol station in Henleaze High Street has now closed.

    BBC Bristol newsroom. Photo: Tom Vaux

    Tom Vaux captured this image of the busy newsroom at BBC Bristol.


    Reporter Ian Parker has the latest from the police control centre:

    • Officers are helping ambulance crews in Yeovil break into a house after fears about a woman on the ground with tablets nearby.
    • An incident involving a swan which landed on the M32 is graded as an immediate risk to the safety of other road users and passed on to the Highways Agency to deal with.
    • A bank panic alarm in Bath was an accidental activation.
    • Man in central Bristol covered in blood and acting erratically is arrested after being "red dotted" with a Taser which was not fired.
    • And another man is held following an assault at a women's refuge in Bristol.

    Matt Morris on Twitter warns motorists: "Queues for petrol and Tesco Extra Bradley Stoke are very bad. Avoid!!"


    The Esso on Whiteladies Road has reopened but is very busy.


    Radio Bristol's Ross Pollard is at the magistrates' court and has been talking to the security guard. "We had someone try to come in with a hammer last week," he said.


    Reporter Liz Roberts has been speaking to motorists queuing at a petrol station: "It's sheep following sheep," says one Bristolian.


    Presenter John Darvall has been speaking to Bristol resident Linda who is tending to her allotment today. She's a paramedic in her day job. "I must get this asparagus growing - it defeats me year after year," she tells him.


    Ian Parker, at the police control centre, has spoken to Insp John Hex, head of collision investigation and casualty reduction. He says the first priority is to secure the scene, gather evidence and ensure the safety of those involved and nearby. He says there is a lot of pressure to keep roads open but "you only get one chance" to get evidence.


    Beds for Cyclists tweets: "Rumour has it, volleyball match very shortly to commence on College Green. Bring your aviators..."


    Reporter Sophie Sulehria tells John Darvall there have been 435 calls since midnight to the Great Western Ambulance Service.


    Cars have been queuing at Sainsbury's in Winterstoke Road since 06:00 BST. The station has run out of diesel but, according to BBC reporter Liz Roberts, they are expecting another delivery this afternoon.


    The Bradley Stoke Journal tweeted us to say: "Big queues at Tesco Bradley Stoke and half of the pumps dry."


    BBC Radio Bristol presenter John Darvall has been speaking to local undertaker Austin Williams from Thomas Davis Funeral Directors, whose company is carrying out five funerals. "The media portrays funerals in a better way than they did 10 years ago," he tells him.


    A group of women who were living in a home for mothers trapped in the sex industry in Bristol have moved into their own accommodation.

    Shrien Dewani

    A spokesman for Shrien Dewani's family has reacted to Panorama's story which suggests his alleged role in the murder of his wife while on honeymoon in South Africa may not be as clear-cut as investigators say.

    "Shrien is innocent and is determined to return to South Africa to clear his name and seek justice for his wife Anni," says the statement. "This can only be done when he is well enough and when his personal safety can be guaranteed."


    Richard on Twitter says: "Shell towards Cribbs out of diesel. Morrisons at Cribbs still going 2 hours ago but very busy."


    BBC Points West, on BBC One at 13:30 BST, is going to be covering the current fuel shortage story. There will also be reports on the nuclear power station at Oldbury being scrapped and on a pair of Somerset brothers who are hoping for Olympic gold playing hockey.


    The GMB union has reacted to the news that the planned nuclear power station at Oldbury has been scrapped. "It is really bad news in terms of construction jobs and the potential employment that would have been created in the UK manufacturing supply chain," it says. The current power station there was turned off in February after 45 years of use.

    An artists' impression of how Bristol City's new stadium could look

    On the Bristol City FC Fans' Forum, one contributor has reacted to our earlier story that a decision over judgement in the Ashton Vale town green judicial review will be handed down on Monday. The judge is deciding whether it should go to a full hearing or not.

    "I would be surprised if the judge didn't let it go to a judicial review given what's at stake. He could reason that by allowing it to go to JR, a full and final decision on the legality of the due process can be made, and both parties would then know one way or the other."


    Referring to the fuel situation, Ann Clutterbuck on Twitter says: "Weston super mare... queues all day causing absolute havoc."


    Adam Heath on Twitter says of the fuel situation: "Queues at the east Filton Sainsburys petrol station were stretching right out to Great Stoke Way! Few pumps closed too."

    Ken Bennett

    Reporter Jack Killah says: "Just interviewed Ken Bennett about dogs used by our emergency services. Amazing abilities."


    Steve Webb, Liberal Democrat MP for Thornbury and Yate, thinks the announcement that the plans for Oldbury Nuclear Power Station are on hold is "very good news".


    Mark Hutchings, at police control, says: "So far today there've been 1,700 non-emergency and 185 999 calls to Avon and Somerset police."


    Craig Sharples, on BBC Radio Bristol's Facebook page, says: "Minute by minute is fantastic. Shame about all the people panic buying petrol. Some of us who live in the countryside need the petrol to get to work. People in Bristol could use public transport which is regular. Where I live in Leyhill there is a bus an hour if I'm lucky and it would increase my journey time from half hour to at least 3 hours each way."


    Paramedics have been called to help a 23-year-old woman in labour in the Redcliffe area of Bristol. Paramedic Scott Gibbs talked to presenter John Darvall.


    BBC reporter Andy Howard at Cribbs Causeway shopping centre says cars are queuing five abreast at the Asda filling station trying to get on to the forecourt.

    View of the atrium

    The new South Bristol Community Hospital opens on Friday and we've been in for a look around. The hospital will feature an urgent care centre for minor injuries, inpatient beds for rehabilitation and day surgery facilities.

    Paramedic Debbie Porter treating Catherine

    Reporter Lucy Grey is with the ambulance service in Portishead speaking to the son-in-law of an 89-year-old woman who accidentally overdosed. Lucy says she was "full of trepidation" as she entered the house with the paramedics. Catherine's son-in-law John called the ambulance service after he found she had taken extra morphine tablets. She's just been given the all clear.

    Asda at Cribbs Causeway

    The scene at Asda at Cribbs Causeway where motorists are queuing to buy petrol. Reporter Andy Howard says First Bus is now not picking up passengers at the Asda stops because of the queues.

    Minute-by-minute graphic

    Listen live to BBC Radio Bristol as reporters across the West Country tell us what's going on Minute-by-Minute.

    More Adsa queues

    The queues at Asda at Cribbs Causeway are getting worse, with drivers back to the roundabout. If you don't know the area you have to come in off a roundabout and turn further down the road to get into the petrol station.

    Fred Hart

    Radio producer Fred Hart has written about Minute-by-Minute on his blog. On BBC Radio Bristol's Facebook page he says: "I don't live in the Bristol area, but I'm enjoying listening to Minute-by-Minute today."


    The Bradley Stoke Journal reports: "Tesco Bradley Stoke has sold out of unleaded petrol. Diesel only until next tanker delivery."

    Duminda Weerathna

    Duminda Weerathna, working at a Murco filling station: "It has been busy but we've not had very big queues. It's the newspapers and media that cause panic. We normally sell \u00a39,000 of fuel per day but yesterday we sold \u00a322,000 and today it's likely to be more."


    Reporter Andy Howard on Twitter says he has spoken to three drivers in a queue for fuel at the Asda petrol station on the Cribbs Causeway Retail Park. "They maintain it's not panic, it's just because they're on empty," he says.


    Political reporter Robin Markwell says: "Councillors gather in Thornbury for planning meet. Two barn conversions, two traveller pitches and 60 solar panels could get the nod."


    Matt Reeve on BBC Radio Bristol's Facebook page on Minute-by-Minute: "Just seen the team back at base pics. What a horrendous waste of licence payers cash. This is a laughing stock here at work!"

    Misha Law

    Misha Law, 35, from Stroud in Gloucestershire: "I'm filling up because I'm out of fuel. I think it's all a lot of hype. I even thought it could be a conspiracy theory to test how quickly we respond to a panic situation. I saw on Facebook that a friend had said they'd tried three petrol stations and then they ran out of petrol and had to be rescued."


    Reporter Ian Parker at police control says officers have dealt with some nuisance calls today: "Some are very obvious, asking for things like pizza or a taxi, so easy to deal with despite being time wasters.

    "Police always try to follow up abandoned 999 calls. There was one about 30 minutes ago when a young child called 999. The call handler spoke to the parent and was eventually reassured it was all clear after checks on the address."


    Political reporter Robin Markwell says: "2,000 tonnes of South Gloucestershire Council road gully waste will soon be treated in Aust. Councillors approve a treatment facility using reedbeds."


    The Bradley Stoke Journal has posted some images from the Tesco Extra petrol station in the town showing long queues towards the entrance. The online publication is saying the store is out of unleaded and only has diesel.


    Rich Wootten tweeted this about Minute-by-Minute: "Really enjoying it. I doubt I'll be listening overnight though. This should be an annual event."


    On BBC Radio Bristol shortly we'll be talking to Bristol City Football Club manager Derek McInnes, and Clare Forestier will be at Avonmouth where she's finding out what happens at the city's docks.


    Reporter Ross Pollard says: "Long traffic queues affecting the roads in Yate as people drain petrol stations of fuel."


    The family of Peggy Jennings have gathered at Bristol Crematorium for her funeral. Her son, Dan, said a "family summit" had been called where his mother shared her wishes for the funeral, before losing her fight with cancer.


    A North Somerset councillor was taken to court by his own authority for not paying his council tax, it has emerged. Conservative Carl Francis-Pester is also the chairman of Clevedon Town Council's finance committee.


    Sport reporter Caroline Chapman says: "The England and Wales Cricket Board are in Bristol today visiting Gloucestershire Cricket Club to see how plans to redevelop their ground are progressing.

    "The club are looking to make Nevil Road a 17,000 capacity stadium and improve their existing media and business facilities, meaning it would be suitable to host international cricket."

    An artists' impression of the new Gloucestershire County Cricket Club

    Caroline Chapman adds on the ECB visit to Gloucestershire Cricket: "The club recently submitted a new planning application to Bristol City Council - following on from one that was rejected in January - and the plans will need to be approved in order for Gloucestershire to hold on to their category B status, which will secure them international games in the future."

    Jon Edwards, general manager of Cribbs Causeway's shopping mall

    While thousands bask in spring heat, some are already thinking of winter. The boss of Cribbs Causeway's shopping mall, Jon Edwards, told Radio Bristol: "Next week I'm talking to our suppliers about Christmas would you believe - we're heavily involved with our preparations already."

    Luke Hanrahan

    Points West reporter Luke Hanrahan has been out today trying out some new gadgets at the MoD centre at Abbey Wood near Bristol. Find out what this amazing headgear does later.


    Avon and Somerset Police Deputy Chief Constable Rob Beckley tells reporter Mark Hutchings about "long-standing contingency plans" to deal with fuel shortages.

    Edmund and Christine Prideaux

    Bristolians have been speaking about the city's hidden gems. Edmund and Christine Prideaux, from Keynsham, are keen members of the Bristol Savages - an artistic group which meets at the Red Lodge in Park Row.

    Edmund says: "The Bristol Savages was founded more than 100 years ago so it's a fairly select group. It's quite a unique club - I don't think there's anything quite like it in the rest of the world, but, unfortunately, it's only open on open days and when they have their annual art show. Not very many people go there, but it's very special."


    Mr Beckley said Avon and Somerset Police had "dusted off" its plans to deal with a possible fuel strike. "It is always a possibility that there will be pressure put on some of our infrastructure because of strikes or problems."


    Of our earlier story where a 23-year-old woman had gone into labour expecting her second child - we can happily report the arrival of a boy called Joshua.


    Baby Joshua was 7lb 4oz and was born at St Michael's Maternity Hospital in the city centre.


    More on the birth of baby Joshua: Michael, the father, told Radio Bristol that he fell asleep and missed the event, just as he did with his first child. "I think it has become a habit," he said.


    Wessex Water says work on Lower Bristol Road in Bath that it was carrying out today is complete. The firm warns that traffic lights will be in place until 20:00 BST so Tarmac can dry. That might cause some delays during the evening rush hour.


    At St Michael's Maternity Hospital there have been nine births today, including Joshua.


    Seven firms have bid for three national rail lines - including the Great Western line which links Bristol with London. FirstGroup, National Express, Stagecoach, Arriva, Abellio, MTR and the Go-Ahead Group are among the bidders. First has run the Great Western franchise since 2005 but gave it up hoping to renegotiate better terms.

    ECB members stood outside the Council House in Bristol

    Earlier we said members of the England and Wales Cricket Board were in Bristol meeting with Gloucestershire Cricket Club over its ground redevelopment plans. They've also met with Simon Cook, the council's deputy leader (centre) at the Council House today.

    Minute-by-minute graphic

    BBC Radio Bristol is continuing its coverage of Minute-by-Minute during the night, including an overnight inspection of the runway at Bristol Airport.


    So far today at police control there have been 300 calls to the 999 service and 1,360 to the non-emergency numbers.

    The force monitors Facebook and Twitter during big incidents, such as the recent crash on the M5 at Taunton. On a normal day, some 5,000 people visit the Avon and Somerset Police website but during the hours after the crash in Somerset it had 60,000 visits.

    Lamnbs in Congesbury

    Bridget Heal tweeted her photo of lambs on a Congresbury farm called "not a queue to be seen".


    The Health and Safety Executive has released a statement following our earlier story on Fairfield School. We reported that parents had expressed concerns about the design of the school in 2006 - a pupil fell from a staircase there in February.

    "The police are investigating and there is also an internal investigation being undertaken by the local authority. The incident was reported to the HSE but at this stage are not taking any further action."

    Michael Ford

    Proud father Michael Ford spoke earlier to Radio Bristol. Baby Joshua and mother Kelly Ballard are doing well.


    More on our earlier Fairfield School story. Avon and Somerset Police say they carried out a "fact-finding" exercise after a boy fell from a stairwell but it never became a criminal investigation. They passed their findings on to the education authority.


    Bristol City Council's cabinet is meeting from 18:00 BST with potential enhancements to Filwood Broadway on the agenda. They will also be discussing the city's social care system, which we have previously reported on. There are several options on the table which could see nine council-run care homes and at least four day care centres close. No final decision is expected until July. Our reporter Robin Markwell will be there.


    At 18:30 BST Points West will be covering the news that Horizon has pulled out of plans to build a new nuclear power station at Oldbury, as well as the rush to buy fuel today and the latest military gadgets on show at the MoD's Abbey Wood base in Bristol.


    Bristol West's Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams has tweeted that he was out with Bristol City Council's transport boss Tim Kent today. Both were involved in the ECB visit to Gloucestershire Cricket Club but he says they were promoting the potential reopening of Ashley Down railway station.

    Joshua Damien Ford

    We've been following the story of the birth of Joshua Damien Ford today - and here's the first picture of the new Bristolian.


    It has been a busy day on the paediatric intensive care unit at Bristol Children's Hospital. Speaking to Radio Bristol, William Booth, matron at the unit, said there had been three emergency admissions and 17 out of the 18 beds were now occupied.


    Eileen Read, 88, is at Bristol City Council's cabinet meeting to campaign to keep her care home open. She's been in Bowmead care home for four years and tells the meeting she loves it.


    Mushrooms are being fried, tomato sauce simmered and bacon added to the vat of spaghetti bolognese being cooked up for the firefighters at Temple Back station. Tonight's chef, Damian Griffiths, said his secret recipe was "a bit of bacon and a bit of love".


    Local MP Steve Webb tells Points West: "Oldbury was the wrong site for a new nuclear site. This project isn't dead. Somebody else could come in but the economics are hard. It wasn't good for local jobs - people would have been bussed in for construction."


    Firefighter-turned-chef Damian Griffiths has downed his spatula and is now speeding up the M32 with a fire crew which is responding to a call about a brush or grass fire at Lockleaze. There has been a report that it could be due to young people setting fire to things.


    The pupil who fell from the stairwell at Fairfield School last month is making a recovery and "gradually returning to lessons," reporter Sarah Jane-Bungay says. She adds a council invesgitation into the incident should be complete by May. We reported earlier about safety fears raised by parents as far back as 2006.


    A 20mph speed limit was imposed today east of Bath Spa Railway Station because newly-laid track was - according to Network Rail - less resistant to the warm weather than regular track. Apparently it is adding three minutes to journey times.

    Burned hedgerow in Lockleaze, Bristol

    The fire crew has located the scene at Lockleaze - a 14sq m (49sq ft) area of bushes and hedgerow in a field. Two fire engines drove across fields to access it. One of the crews is exploring another possible site that has also been damaged by fire. The cause is not yet known.


    The debate over care home services at Bristol City Council continues, with councillor Jon Rogers saying there are "fantastic facilities" but "the flexibility perhaps isn't there" in terms of times they can be used.


    Sean Spearing, from Avon Fire and Rescue Service, said the fire at a Purdown field - next to Lockleaze - was a result of a couple of youths deliberately starting small fires. "The problem is that small fires and dry areas lead to larger fires. It places a lot of people at risk for a mindless act from very silly individuals," he said. Once the area has been damped down the crew will return to the station.


    "We're genuinly looking at all the options," councillor Jon Rogers, who is in charge of the city's care service, says at the cabinet meeting. The council agrees that further consultation will continue on the proposals until the summer.


    Kevin Burden, a first response paramedic in Hengrove, just took an emergency call about a young girl who is reported to be bleeding. Within 30 seconds of his siren being turned on and him speeding off, he was stood down. Another paramedic has taken the call. Now to park up once again and wait for another call.


    Portishead Police HQ has received 380 emergency (999) calls so far today and 1,692 non-emergency calls. Operator Julian Squires said the calls had included reports of harassment, drunk drivers, burglaries and even a report of a group of youths chasing a peacock across the roofs of some properties.

    Tesco Extra in Bristol

    At the end of a day of reporting what makes Bristol tick, the biggest story of the day was the continuing struggle to find petrol. Stations across the city began to run dry after ministers called for people to top-up their tanks in case of a tanker drivers' strike.

    Elsewhere, Panorama obtained previously unseen footage of Bristol newlyweds Shrien and Anni Dewani just hours before Mrs Dewani was murdered and we reported on a Bristol councillor who has been taken to court for not paying his council tax.

    BBC Radio Bristol will continue to report during the night on the latest news from across the city.


    Reflecting on the day's coverage, Jon in Fishponds writes on BBC Radio Bristol's Facebook page: "I have been listening to Minute-by-Minute from the first minute. It is really, really interesting, to that point I am currently watching a film with subtitles so I do not miss anything."


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