Permanent post office for South Gloucestershire village

Residents of a South Gloucestershire village are to get their first permanent post office in 15 years.

Cromhall post office and shop has been based in a portable cabin for years but the building now needs to be replaced.

The services will move to a new building as part of a project which will also see three new homes built.

The scheme is being funded by South Gloucestershire Council and Merlin Housing Society and cost £500,000 to complete.

Merlin has yet to find a contractor but estimates the work will start this summer and take 12 months.

The council, which owns the land, is giving £100,000 towards the construction of the new post office building.

'Very loyal'

Postmistress Sue Baines said the portable cabin had "had its last days".

"We've been there 15-16 years and it was second hand then," she said.

Ms Baines estimated that 100 to 150 people used the post office every week.

"We're one of the lucky ones," she said.

"People are very loyal and very faithful to the shop and the post office.

"It's such a vital place for the community. Our bus service is very limited and we don't just offer a business, we do other things, like people have their prescriptions delivered to us.

"If we lost our shop and post office there would be so many people that would be affected, especially the elderly that haven't got transport and can't get from one village to another, let alone to the nearest town."

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