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    Good morning, it's Karen Slater in the BBC Derby newsroom today. I'll be bringing you the latest news, sport, travel and weather stories from across the area.

    Weather 0807:

    Temperatures dropped as low as -6C (21F) in Derbyshire last night so freezing fog and mist may be slow to clear in places. Generally dry though but very cold.


    Report an incident on 0330 123 0184 and keep up-to-date with BBC Travel News.

    Travel 0814:

    Delays on M1 southbound between J30, A616 (Sheffield) and J29, A617 (Chesterfield). Average speed 30 mph.

    Ofsted 0823:

    Derby is one of several "underperforming" areas in England that will be subject to "concentrated waves of Ofsted inspections" the watchdog is announcing.

    Latest updates
    Helicopter crash 0833:

    The pilot killed in a helicopter crash in London yesterday trained in the East Midlands.

    Captain Peter Barnes has been described as "a great friend and a very good pilot" by a colleague at the East Midlands Air Ambulance Service.

    Capt Pete Barnes
    Ofsted 0845:

    Derby councillor Martin Rawson told BBC Radio Derby: "Historically, there are some schools in Derby that have not done as well as they could have done but I think things have moved on.

    Martin Rawson

    "We have an aspiration for all schools in Derby to be good or outstanding."

    0855: Ian Skye Presenter, BBC Radio Derby

    I'll be live from Derby's main police station, at St Mary's Wharf, at 10:00 getting an insight into the teams who work to keep the city safe.

    From crime scene and murder investigation to tackling gangs and identity parades. I'll also be meeting the force's working dogs, visiting the cells and talking to the top brass. Listen Live


    Derby County Council tweets: Another icy morning. For latest info on roads, gritting and all things snow related, check our website

    Travel 0929:

    Slow traffic still on the M1, but clearing. Report an incident on 0330 123 0184 and keep up-to-date with BBC Travel News.


    The parents of a young woman from Derbyshire who was killed by a landslide, will collect her degree later.

    Charlotte Blackman

    Charlotte Blackman, from Heanor, died last July when a cliff collapsed on her in Dorset. She had achieved a first class degree in Educational Studies from Derby University.


    Derbyshire Police tweet: Listen to Radio Derby from 10am to meet some of the officers working at the city's busiest station

    Derby art 1004:
    Travel 1011:

    Still some slow traffic on the M1. Roadworks continue in Burton. No problems reported for public transport. Get the latest on BBC Travel News.


    BBC Radio Derby's Mid-Morning Show tweets: Ian chats to Superintendent Gary Parkin at St Mary's Wharf. @DerbysPolice

    Ian Skye chats to Supt Gary Parkin
    Weather 1037: Charlie Slater Weather Presenter, BBC East Midlands Today

    We could see 15cm of snow for Derby tomorrow, possibly as much as 20cm on higher ground. Snow set to arrive by mid morning.

    Farm virus 1046:
    Travel 1053:

    A52 Derbyshire - Animals on the road on A52 Ashbourne Road in Mackworth near the Brun Lane junction. Approach with care.

    Police station broadcast 1106:

    Det Insp Mark Knibbs tells presenter Ian Skye on BBC Radio Derby: "BB guns and replicas are just as dangerous in a reverse way."

    Ian Skye with a Baikal gun police seized from gang members

    He explained that police could shoot someone using one because they think it's the real deal.

    Derby art 1122:

    Derby Museums has already collected £111,000 to buy the portraits of industrialist Francis Hurt and his wife Mary by 18th Century Derby artist Joseph Wright.

    Portraits of Francis Hurt and Mary Hurt The two portraits show industrialist Francis Hurt and his wife Mary

    The Museum Trust has until 31 March to raise the remaining £11,000 needed.


    Derbyshire Police tweets: Custody Sergeant Sally Turner is taking to Ian Skye from @bbcderbymidmorn on a tour of the cells here at the Wharf.

    Custody Sergeant Sally Turner and Ian Skye
    Police station broadcast 1156:

    Esther texts: I used 2 be a matron at the wharf. best job I ever had.

    Listen online as Ian Skye talks to the teams at Derby's main police station at St Mary's Wharf.

    Football 1207:

    Derby County chief executive Sam Rush says the club's £8m loss over the last financial year is "in line with expectations".

    Travel 1217:

    A52 Derbyshire - Cleared - Animals on the road earlier on A52 Ashbourne Road in Mackworth near the Brun Lane junction.

    Cancelled bingo 1233:

    The bingo sessions at Mackworth Community Centre, Prince Charles Ave, and Millennium Hall, Hulland Ward, in Derby, have been cancelled due to the weather.


    Derby City Council tweets: GRITTING: we're gritting all routes at 630pm tonight & again at 3am in light of forecasted risks of snow & ice.

    Watch 1305:
    1312: Kylie Pentelow Presenter, BBC East Midlands Today

    Coming up at 13:30 - the poorest performing schools inspected in Derby and find out if the snow is due to return this weekend.

    Travel 1346:

    A6 Derbyshire - Slow traffic on A6 Higher Hallsteads in both directions in Barmoor Clough around the A623 junction. In the roadworks area.

    Football 1353:

    Derby County chief executive Sam Rush tells BBC Sport the club's near £8m loss for the last financial year is "in line with expectations".


    Terry Claxton took this photo of a Waxwing in Mickleover, Derby. Wife Denise says: "Just shows you how cold it is."


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    Snow 1439:

    With snow predicted, here's some advice on how to prepare your car for winter driving if you have to make a journey and what to do should you be caught out in bad weather.

    Coming up 1445:

    After 15:00 listen live to BBC Radio Derby's Rob Watts to hear about plans to reopen the city's Industrial Museum which closed almost two years ago.


    Simon Hare, BBC East Midlands Today reporter, tweets: Jury now considering its verdicts in the case of a Belper couple accused of killing their two-year-old son with heroin substitute methadone.

    Football 1509:

    Derby County goalkeeper Adam Legzdins recalls his Rams debut in an eventful East Midlands derby against local rivals Nottingham Forest last season.

    Adam Legzdins

    Derby County tweets: #dcfc are confident that Saturday's local derby with #nffc will go ahead as planned. Read the full story here

    Coming up 1603: Dominic Heale Presenter, BBC East Midlands Today

    We are talking to the city councillor responsible for Derby's schools at 18:30.

    He says he's not concerned or embarrassed about Ofsted's decision to send in a team of inspectors to investigate the authority's poor educational record.


    The parents and fiancé of a woman killed in a landslide at a beach in Dorset have collected her posthumous degree from the University of Derby.

    Charlotte Blackman Charlotte Blackman achieved First Class Honours in her Education Studies degree
    Travel 1623:

    Some slow traffic, as is normal at this time of day. Nothing major to report.

    If you know different, let us know on 0330 123 0184 and keep up-to-date on BBC Travel News.


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    We asked for your captions on this picture of BBC Radio Derby presenter Ian Skye at the city's main police station earlier.

    Ian Skye at Derby police station
    Travel 1657:

    A38 Derbyshire - A38 in Alfreton partially blocked and delays southbound between Watchorn Island and the A610 junction because of a broken down lorry.


    Simon Hare, BBC East Midlands Today reporter, tweets: The jury in the Riley Pettipierre methadone case has been sent home for the night. They will resume their deliberations in the morning.

    Ofsted 1716:

    Several schools in Derby have been visited by Ofsted inspectors today.

    Ofsted says it's looking at five schools and a further six within the coming week to find out why the city has such a poor educational record.

    School closure 1736:

    BBC Radio Derby reports: Ravensdale Junior School in Mickleover is closed tomorrow due to a problem with the heating.

    1745: Kaye Forster Weather Presenter, BBC East Midlands Today

    Snow is on the way again. There will be some light flurries around tonight, but it will be generally dry.

    There is the chance of up to 20cm on the Peak District, but generally 2-5cm elsewhere.


    That's the end of today's live updates. Watch BBC East Midlands Today for more news for Derbyshire at 18:30 and 22:25 and listen to BBC Radio Derby.

    Live updates will start again at 08:00 on Friday.


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