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Luton man jailed for court photo loses dog

A puppy left at a flat in Luton after its teenage owner was jailed for taking photographs of court proceedings has been rescued.

Paul Thompson, 19, was spotted taking pictures on his Blackberry phone at Luton Crown Court on Friday and jailed after admitting contempt of court.

His brother Lee said he broke into the flat to rescue the dog and returned it to the seller who arranged a new home.

"I think it's terrible what has happened to my brother," he said.

Thompson, of South Road, was watching proceedings when he said he got a message on his Blackberry phone from a girl asking where he was.

He said he took a snap of the courtroom to send to her.

He was jailed for two months by Judge Barbara Mensah and is being held in Bedford Prison.

Lee Thompson, 22, also from Luton, said: "We had to get into his flat on Friday afternoon to get Paul's puppy and I had to return it to the person he'd bought it from.

"He'd only just got it and he paid £150 for it. Paul loved that dog and now when he comes out of prison he won't have it because it's been sold on."

He added: "He'd left Bedford and he'd got himself a flat and with the dog - it was a new start.

"He only went along to the court on Friday because he knew someone who was appearing - it was just out of curiosity.

"He only got the keys to his flat last Wednesday and now there is some doubt about whether he will have a flat to go back to when he comes out."

Mr Thompson said he did not know if his brother planned to appeal against his sentence.

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